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  1. By request, Cinemaware titles. (Defender of the Crown for C64, Rocket Ranger for Amiga)
  2. By request, Broderbund Sky Blazer and David's Midnight Magic, both for Atari 8-bit. (Midnight Magic is the "thick" box, not the folder/album style box).
  3. Sold list is updated (at top of first post). More pics from people's wanted lists.
  4. Couple of updates: Now Sold: Nova 9, Tachyon The Fringe, Tapper, Operation Wolf, Fairlight, Mr. Do, Beyond Castle Wolfenstein. And here are more pictures of new things on people's interest list: More Activision: (Zenji is sealed) And Oil Barons (not complete. Missing disks and original manual, and one black and one white token):
  5. That's it for tonight - thanks to those that sent offers, I haven't had a chance to think about your offers/prices yet. Some of this stuff is really rare, so pretty hard to judge. And one mistake earlier - I thought AR Dungeon was the Atari version, but the disks are C64. And one more - BC Quest for Tires was listed as an A8 cart, but it's the C64 Cart.
  6. Alright, here come detailed pictures of things on people's wanted lists (post or pms). I tried to take pictures to show off any flaws: Datasoft: Activision: Hero and Pitfall, both C64 disk, both sealed. Tapper (cart C64) Cosmi: Professor IQ is still sealed. Potty Pigeon box is pretty rough. Both C64. Fairlight (Mindscape): Muse: Quicksilva and Clamshells: Bugaboo is still sealed, although the plastic has a tear at the front. Sirius: Operation Wolf (taito): Nova 9: Broderbund titles: Cauldron is still sealed. (C64) Whistler's Brother: And some more Broderbund - but these four I don't think I want to sell yet (unless you make me an offer I can't refuse):
  7. Thanks for all the inquiries and Pms so far - I'll start getting some pictures of individual request up tomorrow.
  8. Alternate Reality The Dungeon is the Atari Version. [Correction, both the City and the Dungeon are C64] Serpent Star and Genesis are sold already. I won't get a chance to think about prices right away - but feel free to send me an offer via pm, either for the remaining lot or for individual titles. Cauldron btw is sealed.
  9. For Activision, the games are: C64 Cart: Zenji (sealed), Pitfall (sealed), Beamrider, Zone Ranger, Toy Bizarre C64 Disk: Hero (sealed) Park Patrol (sealed), Decathlon (sealed) Designer's Pencil (sealed), Mindshadow, Pastfinder, Tracer Sanction, Ghostbusters, Pitfall II, Space Shuttle Atari Cart: Dreadnaught Factor, River Raid, Kaboom
  10. Already Sold: Serpent's Star, Drol, Mancopter, Genesis, Hideous Bill, Flip and Flop, Deuteros, Nova 9, Tachyon The Fringe, Tapper, Operation Wolf, Fairlight, Mr. Do, Beyond Castle Wolfenstein, Castle Wolfenstein, Zorro, Potty Pigeon, Professor IQ, Bandits, Dragonworld, Rendezvous with Rama, Amazon, Below the Root, Alice in Wonderland As mentioned in a few previous posts, I've decided to reduce my collection quite a bit. I've sold a few things here and there so far, but it's tough to make the decision as to what to sell and what to hold on to. So I'm going to try something very different. I'm posting some pictures of my collection here, and will open it to offers. Have a look through, see if you find any game(s) that are on your wanted list, and let me know. A few ground rules: 1. There will be games on the list that I decide not to sell - but I may not know that until the moment comes! You may be able to convince me with a great offer, or I may just say no. There are also a few things that are already sold. I will edit a list of these here and try to keep them current. 2. Most of the games in these pics are Commodore 64 or Atari 8-bit, but there will be the odd Atari ST/Amiga title in there as well. Feel free to ask if it's not clear from the box. 3. This is not "First come first served", I expect this process to take weeks, not days. So please be patient with me (I'm saying good bye to my babies here!). Pricewise, I'm not looking at eBay prices, but I'm also not willing to give these away for cheap. Make me a decent offer. Obviously, I prefer selling multiple games rather than single games. I will also give preference to Canadians who are able to buy via e-transfer, otherwise Paypal gift payments please. International is fine of course, but shipping is from Canada which can get pricey! 4. Generally my stuff is in really nice shape, but there are exceptions (e.g. Conan/Datasoft looks like a dog literally took a bite out of it, but it's the only copy I got my hands on). I will definitely give you details and pics of your wants once we get talking. Thanks and happy hunting! Broderbund, etc: Datasoft: Hard Clamshells: Commodore: Various: Bristles: Cosmi: Activision and Sirius: Atari 8-bit Carts: Atari 8-bit various: Album style: Atari ST: PC Games: AtariForce Comics (only interested in selling complete set): a
  11. I'm continuing to reduce my C64 collection. Up next are my Commodore Brand cartridge games. 16 titles in total. See pictures for details. Notes: * All carts were tested and working. * Half of the games are Canadian box variants (with the insert and "Cartridge" on the sides), the other half are the US versions. * Solar fox is missing the front insert. Tooth Invaders and Omega Race have one bad box side. Solar System and Music Composer have a rip on back. (see pictures for everything). * Six of the Canadian games had the game title written on one side with pen. (Not by me, of course). I would prefer to sell as a lot - $200 US / $260 CAD plus shipping takes them all. Paypal gift payment. Canadians able to pay via e-transfer will get another 10% knocked off their total. Thanks for looking!
  12. Weird thing... I just saw this movie (at least I think it was this movie) on an Air Canada flight in their documentary section. But it had a different title, "Game Change" or something like that (no, not the Sarah Palin movie - that would be a weird crossover). I cannot find any mention of an alternate title anywhere. Anyways, the documentary was well done. The final part (with Nintendo/Sega) felt like an odd tack-on.... most of the movie was about Atari, and then 30 minutes on the battle of 1990s. But still, good stuff in this.
  13. One quick bump... a day to go and everything still has zero or one bid. Could be some great deals here!
  14. I've repackaged items that I had up individually on AtariAge and ebay into lots at reduced prices. Have a look: https://www.ebay.ca/sch/mepaddy/m.html
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