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  1. Hi, sorry they're both long gone. I'm going to be posting a bunch of stuff coming up - probably within the next few weeks.
  2. Thanks for all the interested and purchases over the past two months. I'm just posting with a quick updated for now. I won't really have much time to think about this in the coming weeks (nor will trips to the post office be deemed "essential services" ). But once I get some time (I'm hoping in the next 3-4 weeks) I'll start putting together a definite "for sale" list with prices - now that I have a bit of a better sense of what I want to sell and what I want to keep. Stay healthy, folks!
  3. Update with a few more picture requests. Mask of the Sun has a very rough box with water damage. Sentinel Worlds I is so-so. The others in excellent shape.
  4. Still taking offer on anything. (see the first post). If you mean 8-bit carts, note that some of them sold.
  5. Thank you for the feedback! I'm glad that they're going to good homes. Here's the set of remaining Album Style games I'm selling at this point. All C64 except for Hardball (Atari ST) F/A18 Interceptor (Amiga). PHM Pegasus is still sealed. Guard cat not included.
  6. By request, Cinemaware titles. (Defender of the Crown for C64, Rocket Ranger for Amiga)
  7. By request, Broderbund Sky Blazer and David's Midnight Magic, both for Atari 8-bit. (Midnight Magic is the "thick" box, not the folder/album style box).
  8. Sold list is updated (at top of first post). More pics from people's wanted lists.
  9. Couple of updates: Now Sold: Nova 9, Tachyon The Fringe, Tapper, Operation Wolf, Fairlight, Mr. Do, Beyond Castle Wolfenstein. And here are more pictures of new things on people's interest list: More Activision: (Zenji is sealed) And Oil Barons (not complete. Missing disks and original manual, and one black and one white token):
  10. That's it for tonight - thanks to those that sent offers, I haven't had a chance to think about your offers/prices yet. Some of this stuff is really rare, so pretty hard to judge. And one mistake earlier - I thought AR Dungeon was the Atari version, but the disks are C64. And one more - BC Quest for Tires was listed as an A8 cart, but it's the C64 Cart.
  11. Alright, here come detailed pictures of things on people's wanted lists (post or pms). I tried to take pictures to show off any flaws: Datasoft: Activision: Hero and Pitfall, both C64 disk, both sealed. Tapper (cart C64) Cosmi: Professor IQ is still sealed. Potty Pigeon box is pretty rough. Both C64. Fairlight (Mindscape): Muse: Quicksilva and Clamshells: Bugaboo is still sealed, although the plastic has a tear at the front. Sirius: Operation Wolf (taito): Nova 9: Broderbund titles: Cauldron is still sealed. (C64) Whistler's Brother: And some more Broderbund - but these four I don't think I want to sell yet (unless you make me an offer I can't refuse):
  12. Thanks for all the inquiries and Pms so far - I'll start getting some pictures of individual request up tomorrow.
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