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  1. One more bump: Added PC game lot, Atari Force comics, and Commodore Super Sketch.
  2. Bump: Adding new items over the next little while. Up now, a small set of boxed Atari ST games.
  3. Oh cool! You know, I don't know why I didn't think of listing on AtariAge first. Could have saved me a lot of work with those individual listings. But all's well that ends well.
  4. After many years of (lovingly) staring at my collection in bookshelves around me, I've decided that I need to thin things out a little. I will add to this thread as things go along instead of making new threads each time. I'm hoping to sell things in smaller lots to minimize shipping costs and hassle. Looking for Paypal gift payments to reduce fees. I think these are attractively priced, but also open to offers. Shipping is from Saskatchewan, Canada - that unfortunately does mean that shipping to the US especially is pricy (but tracked). Atari ST Boxed Lot: Deuteros, Fire & Ice, Typhoon Thompson, Populous II, Midwinter 2 - Flames of Freedom. All look to be complete with box, disks, manuals, etc. Fire & Ice also comes with huge fold out poster. If you need any specific details, let me know. Asking $60 (US) plus shipping for the lot. Shipping is $18 (US) within Canada and $49 (US) to the states. Commodore 64 Super Sketch Complete in box with cart and starter kit. In nice condition. This is another item I've had for (at least) 15 years, and always thought to myself "one day I'll try this out". Never have - so time to go to someone else Asking $70 (US) + shipping. Shipping is $18 (US) within Canada and $49 (US) to the states. Atari Force DC Comic Lot Complete run of issues 1-20, plus "special" #1. All in really nice shape. I must be honest, I don't even know why I bought these so many years ago. I'm not a comic reader. Haha - time to put the shelfspace to better use. Asking $25 (US) + shipping. Shipping is $18 (US) within Canada and $49 (US) to the states. Big Box PC Game Lot Secret Weapons of The Luftwaffe (Lucasfilm), Tachyon The Fringe, Nova 9, Microcosm, Steel Panthers II, and Panzer General II. The latter two don't have the "inner" cardboard, just the flimsy outer cardboard. Steel Panthers II has both the game CD and the extra campaigns CD. These things are heavy - Luftwaffe alone weighs a metric ton (almost). So I'm honestly not sure how best to offer them. As the entire lot, I'd ask $50 (US) + shipping. Shipping is $26 (US) within Canada and $70 (US) to the states. Open to offers on individual items or sub-lots. (Edit - SOLD) Decided to sell my entire Retro Gamer collection. I currently do have them on eBay, but am happy to end listings and sell individual issues or lots to fellow AtariAge users for discounts. Send me a PM if you're interested in any issues. For direct Paypal gift payments from Atariagers, I'm happy to do $10 US or $13.50 CAD per issue plus shipping, less if you buy several issues. Do note that they are heavy (~375 g per issue), so shipping is high both within Canada and from Canada to the US (and as of two magazines they have to go out as packages, not lettermail). Shipping to Europe is pretty crazy.
  5. Sorry no, long gone. So long, in fact, that I can't remember selling them. And I look at the picture and think "why did I sell that one??".
  6. I recently introduced my son (11) to the Infocom games (started with Wishbringer). He loves it - so yes, I still think they have charm today.
  7. Thanks for posting the video, feldhamer - very neat to see it all laid out like that. Would have been fun to be there (alas, too far away).
  8. Only two... ouch! I'd say Toyshop Trouble and Medieval Mayhem Runners up: Dungeon, Stay Frosty 2 Special Mention: Boulder Dash Ok, that's five. I better stop before I name five more!
  9. Nice setup! Are all the consoles/computers plug into a switchbox or do you switch plugs manually? (Also: you don't happen to be "discgolfer" from the Wonderland game forums from long ago... probably not, but thought I'd ask)
  10. Bought two tabletop mini arcades from him. Both arrived in mint shape as described, very well packed, fast shipping, and good communication. A+ seller!
  11. And Dark Crystal arrived in great shape. Thumbs up for Klotz and recommended guy to deal with.
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