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  1. So how do you hack the sprites? I was interested in messing around with this.
  2. I thought whoever found that said it was homemade.
  3. Aren't there at least a couple of far less complicated cart dumpers out there? Earlier this month he said he had it: Yes, I still have Red Sea Crossing! Someone should tell him about alex_79's cart dumper http://www.atariage.com/forums/topic/185932-my-2600-cart-dumper/
  4. Backpack+laptop+scanner=win
  5. Wow. Only one solid Tecmo Super Bowl vote. Crazy. TSB is far and away the best sports game of all time.
  6. Just told him. Let's just say AtariAge will profit greatly from these cartridges. Same guy won both lots. Who was it. He bids on a lot of Atari and Amiga stuff? A little motorcycle stuff too.
  7. I never saw any that were sold separately in stores. I only saw a couple that came packaged with the plug and play. I wonder what others they actually made?
  8. I didn't forget that. I just don't really think it has anything to do with what I was saying. Does that mean that his repros are better than others? Maybe, that is a matter of opinion. Does that mean he has any more right to make a reproduction of a particular game than somebody else? Not in the least. The guy obviously bought it originally from RetroUSB, so he got his money and I don't see how he would have anything to gripe about.
  9. $70. $.50 a game plus $20 for the system.
  10. I agree ethically/morally but at the same time, the seller likely bought them from the proper source so that creator made their money, one never knows the reasons the buyer chooses to turn around and sell them on Ebay, even if the intention was profit all along well anyone really into obtaining the NES carts either is not informed or ignorant either way buyer beware. I don't see much wrong with it at all. The only gripe I might have is that he didn't put the word "reproduction" in there somewhere. As far as buying it from the "proper" source... well that is opening a can of worms. It is a reproduction. Aside from the original company that designed the game there is no proper source. There is nothing wrong with selling reproductions (reproductions are great), but the fact is that unless you created (homebrew) or bought the rights to a game nobody is the "proper" source to be getting the money. It is rare that somebody has exclusive rights to make a reproduction. There are times, however, when somebody buys an unreleased proto and makes a run of carts. They are going to be the only one selling the game because they are the only one with the ROM. They anted up the coin for the proto so more power to them.
  11. Value of a good Ewok repro is about $25 ($15-20 for normal repros). Without a label maybe $15.
  12. I honestly just don't understand. Why would any gamer want to do this? If they are getting the games with the intention of trading them back in for another game why would they use this service over Gamefly? Gamefly is $8 a month and I can't imagine it will cost somebody less than that to buy and sell 2 or 3 games a month with this service. Am I missing a key element here? I have no intention of being mean or anything here, I just want to understand.
  13. I wonder what they did with their inventory. There are not enough buyers of Atari games to support 1,000,000+ carts. Hopefully they didn't destroy them. Telegames told me years ago that they had 300,000-400,000 games in inventory. I figured that they never would be able to sell all of their games either. O'Shea definitely sold all but 25,000 units for scrap. Those 25,000 are now gone too. Not sure if he scrapped those. Whatever happened to the Telegames inventory.
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