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  1. Yes, the Love Theme From Superman kicks ass! It's why it was on a 45 and was to be found in Jukeboxes of the day.   :love:



    1. save2600


      Same with Close Encounters... have both of these on 45, pulled from our jukeboxes BITD:



    2. masschamber


      why does it seem that adaptation of super  man can be done right once, then never again, or atleast not for like 50 years.  Cartoons 40s ones are great, trash till the 90s one, then trash again, video games, the 2600 game is a bit cryptic, but a good representation of superman and a good game, the rest trash, movies, 1979, fantastic, the rest trash (well 2 is a bit of a grey area, but that was really like the other half of the first one butchered by coporate idiocy)

  2. Bumper Bash is another that seems to have been primarily sold in Canada. It's where mine came from long ago too. The Columbia House Record Club had a Video Game Club as well. I remember reading that many/most of the later Spectravision games could be had from them. Wouldn't be surprised if they had been the primary or exclusive outlet for some of these titles in America as I didn't see any of them in stores BITD: Bumper Bash Gas Hog Mangia Master Builder
  3. ...an all time classic! Especially on the Vic-20, C64, VCS and ColecoVision! A 7800 version was even done recently.
  4. Frisbee Golf. Not Disc Golf. That "variation" is for people that can't throw a real Frisbee. 🤣
  5. Love the music, sound effects and physics of your fighter! Fat sprites and squished playfield again though, like so many of these (impressive, don't get me wrong) brews of late. Must be an IntyBasic thing... is there no higher resolution available? Legit question, not trying to be an ass.
  6. ProTip: never send jewel case media in a bubble mailer.

    1. Tickled_Pink


      But I ordered bits of splintered plastic.

  7. Jethro Tull is one of those bands where compilations or "greatest hits" just don't cut it. Gotta go for the individual albums to get the best stuff! 

    1. eddhell


      imagine if they tried to cram Zappa's life into a single 'greatest hits' cd (over 50 studio albums, countless live bootlegs) - you can't even start to describe him with just one album...

    2. Atari Smeghead

      Atari Smeghead

      I agree, Save2600! I'm a big fan of Jethro Tull, but it's partially because of Flat, Black, and Circular. Every time I would go to our local used record store (East Lansing, MI) back in the day, I would always find one new JT vinyl album. (and ONLY one new one each time, kinda weird.) It became a game for me. I ended up with 12 records, including the Thick as a Brick version with the fold-out newspaper. 


  8. I'll let you look, but don't touch my custom machine

    1. save2600


      ...especially the Stereophonic speaker set with Vibrosonic sound

  9. By the time they turn amber, they're damn near rotten. 🤣
  10. Golden Axe was fairly big and popular here in the Midwest. Released 2 years later than Shinobi, was a nice upgrade to the stiff 2D side-scrolling formula, and a great quarter muncher for sure. Saw more Golden Axe cabs than Shinobi myself BITD. Think Golden Axe is a superior game as well IMO. Neat to see Arcade 1UP pursue and replicate this one. Some more alt art...
  11. (pursuant to post #34) Re: not having a Quadtari, but wanting to use a Savekey or Atarivox to save high scores when using both joysticks... isn't there a potential risk hot swapping those peripherals in and out? Can sometimes be bad news with passive stuff like joysticks obviously, but would think there would be an even greater chance of damage with powered peripherals.
  12. In no particular order: Flying Tiger Borzork Rasmus 8-in-1 Cart - is this cheating? Turmoil Pengo ...honorable mention to Legend of TIlda when finished.
  13. Flashcarts for the masses, SD WiFi for the classes! 🤣
  14. To those with Good Deal Games 'brews... curious: how's the turnaround time on them, from ordering to delivery? Quality of carts... generally good shape and clean? Label quality nice?
  15. Any chance for a Body Slam: Super Pro Wrestling re-release someday? Could see that as being really popular as well.
  16. Like most modern products today... cool concept, but poorly executed which makes it "defective" right out of the box. Besides all the legitimate concerns stated above, only comes in one color? So not for original PCE owners either. Yet another oversight and wasted opportunity if so. Cute, novelty factor aside - that's okay. Didn't need an excuse to play my PCE on a tiny lag-ridden and stretched LCD screen anyway.
  17. Okay... I don't have a TIPi yet, but damn does this look slick. TIPI and 32K inside of a working speech synthesizer? (and I have a gorgeous speech synthesizer) ...how much??
  18. Are you eating it, or is it eating you?

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    2. GoldLeader


      ^Is that what that's from?


      I always wanted to see that movie!  Didn't that guy do other movies (I have seen) like...Off the top of my head (So this may be wrong)...Maybe the movie Q?



    3. save2600


      Yes, The Stuff! Great 80's horror flick that's still pretty good today.  :P

    4. retrorussell


      Larry Cohen did Q-- The Winged Serpent and the It's Alive movies as well.

  19. But he's willing to pay $35 for ROM's - so there's that.
  20. Thanks for the cross-post! Imagine I'd be more inclined to pay attention to 7800 homebrews if I had a flashcart. Game looks neat... and had to do a double take at the title as upon first glance, well...
  21. Hacked .roms via emulation, UnoCart, Harmony, Harmony Encore, some other flashcart or a modified Atari Flashback unit. Oh, and you can also use paddles or a ColecoVision controller with your original Omega Race cartridge!
  22. Wow, thanks for that! Here I thought it was just a fairly good Contra/Commando exclusive run 'n gun for the TG-16 all this time. Looked it up and sure enough, an arcade game from 2 years prior! *guess the arcade game is known as Battle Rangers in Europe, but doesn't look to be ported to any other game systems.
  23. Yes please! Suspect a Stadium Mud Buggies re-release might just be the most popular of all the titles just listed.
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