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  1. You didn't mention the TG-16 version. That one seems to look and play well enough.
  2. save2600


    So far, I'm really liking the FB9. Its updated scan line filter looks great and the SD card slot makes it so much more useable. Hate the mushy controllers with long throws though. Wish they would have stuck to the build quality of the controllers back several incarnations ago. Of course you can use real Atari sticks, but then you lose the menu button. Oh, and bummer about lack of paddle support. All in all though, seems like a great little system for the money.
  3. ...said he'd post pics after enough inquiries. Location's pretty important for this kind of deal, so inquiring minds want to know!
  4. Where in this great wide world are you located? Your profile isn't filled out...
  5. They must have figured simply labeling a cartridge 'Pong' wouldn't have sold as well. Video Olympics is more exciting, has more personality and tells the consumer they can look forward to some variety in gameplay in the form of different "events". Soccer, Foozpong, Hockey, Basketball, Handball, etc. 'Video Olympics' as a title and cartridge was pretty clever in dressing up plain old Pong. Good progression if you ask me.
  6. Gotta scroll down. There's lots of double-sided frames on offer there. Al pointed me to a bunch way back when too: https://www.sendaframe.com/s30/ItemType:frame/category:245
  7. https://www.amazon.com/double-sided-picture-frame/s?k=double+sided+picture+frame
  8. Yes, assuming you have good working ones, the power supplies are compatible. Here's a nice little write up: https://dfarq.homeip.net/atari-2600-power-supply-specs/
  9. Electrolytic capacitors and possibly the voltage regulator need to be changed. Lots of info about this stuff here and take a look at www.console5.com for restoration kits.
  10. Yes, those were to be for speakers that they never incorporated.
  11. Double-sided posters now? Great idea for those of us who have run out of wall space. Time to finally get some double-sided frames and start suspending these from the ceiling! -edit- oh yeah, that's right... Dungeon has maps and info on the back.
  12. Some people just read way too much into things. Speaking of which, nice Gyruss glory hole! 🤣
  13. I had ESB way back then and even as a kid, thought there was not enough variety graphics and gameplay wise. Always wished there was a little something more to do or see. A totally different level, boss ending, something... seemed a bit incomplete to me.
  14. I have a system saver on my C= power supply now, but curious how much for that fancy commodore4ever supply?
  15. If you end up shipping, you'll want to go FedEx ground on something like this. Probably 1/3rd the cost of USPS, and a little cheaper than UPS - which I wouldn't recommend for things you want to show up intact.
  16. Wow, thanks for the update on this. Glad you were able to get your money back!
  17. All that's left still exist. 🤣 (Sorry, bad joke)
  18. The TI does indeed have a killer "app"... it's called Tunnels of Doom!
  19. I bought a pair a while ago, but have yet to install them. Haven't run across an original pair of paddles that I couldn't restore with a bit of cleaning using DeOxit.
  20. Red squirrels you say? Look more orange or gold to me!

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    2. jd_1138


      they're actually Cincinnati Reds fans -- hence the name

    3. Wally1


      I used to feed a squirrel in my backyard.  I'd leave the kitchen door open and sometimes squirrels would come in the house.

      One time, I was asleep on the couch, and the next thing I know, two little paws are on my stomach, waking me up!

      True story.  Ya gotta love it.


    4. adam242


      Just like my 'red' tabby cat.

  21. I remember and bought all 5 of them. They were $49.99ea. Don't believe the Atari and Williams collections being that much though. Want to say they were $29.99.
  22. Almost bought one several years ago myself, when they were being sold for something like $35-$50 new. Ended up passing because I knew I wouldn't really ever use it - though it might have made a nice (albeit oversized) calculator for the desk.
  23. When I first started seeing the red box re-releases to games like Venture BITD, I assumed that they were enhanced versions of the originals. Was disappointed to find they weren't! 🤣
  24. Look again, you have 9 2600 boxes and 11 7800 boxes! 🤣
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