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  1. A new interview with Ray of Wolfenstein 3D fame : https://www.atarilegend.com/interviews/interviews_detail.php?selected_interview_id=41 Enjoy.
  2. In the latest episode of AL TV we talk to Lotek Style / Stefan Benz and his latest synthwave release : https://youtu.be/TvHkbVtVtpU
  3. For those interested, a new interview with Stefan Benz / Lotek Style was added to the Atari Legend database : https://www.atarilegend.com/interviews/interviews_detail.php?selected_interview_id=40 If there is one man who has done his share of contributions to the Atari ST scene, it must be Stefan Benz / Lotek Style. He is the founder of projects like Fading Twilight and Fujiology, main Atari ST archivist at demozoo.org, full time YM Rocker and member of The Sirius Cybernetics Corporation. He has been creating chiptunes since the early 90's and has recently released his first synthwave album called Laser Days. If you are a fan of Atari ST demos, the scene or music, this has got to be your cup of tea!
  4. New channel and collection update video added : https://youtu.be/y-LRy7kz-Wc
  5. In the latest episode of AL TV I'm sharing my top 10 Atari ST moments. We will be talking about some serious software, lots of games and a dash of retro synth wave. Hope you like it. Please consider subscribing, we need your support
  6. For those interested, I started an Atari Legend YouTube channel. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCN7ePamELHkBVAHwXa4cubg Currently i have taken a look at new boxed releases. And a closer look at the Atari PC1. I hope to bring more interesting Atari (ST) related content in the near future. Cheers, STg
  7. Hello all, I though some of you in here might like this. Our latest interview contains a ton of info on Unique Developments and the Atari STe classics Obsession and Substation. http://www.atarilegend.com/interviews/interviews_detail.php?selected_interview_id=32 Cheers, Maartren
  8. My review : http://www.atarilegend.com/games/games_reviews_detail.php?game_id=7244&review_id=139
  9. Hello, Was wondering if there is anyone out there who has an SF354 for parts? I know this drive does not get much love because it is a single sided 350kb drive. Was wondering if anyone has the drive itself perhaps for sale (when swapped with a double sided perhaps)? I'm looking for a working one (WITH THE SMALL SQUARE BUTTON) to replace my broken drive. Anyone? Thanks, Maarten
  10. Gadget, Thanks for trying to help me. I did another check in the STe, but the drive was connected correctly. I read your posts again, stared at the chips and switches but I just don't have the know how or skills to do any PCB testing. Too bad. I guess this thing will stay unusable for me for a while :-s Anyway, thanks again, and I will be following you on youtube Maarten
  11. Thanks for the feedback Gadget. I hope to have some more time tonight to do some more tests. I'll keep you posted. About your last remark. Could be I did not connect them correctly, because when I wanted to put the STe internal drive into the external SF354 casing, I noticed both the ports on the internal drive were switched from position compared to the external drive, so who knows ... I will do that test first again ... Cheers, Maarten
  12. Hello Gadget, Our analysis (when looking at the AF thread) is also a problem with the motor/head. The head doesn't move at all when booting. The humming noice continues constantly when I reach the desktop, it doesn't stop. I've made some pictures of the drive : top : https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10204048212138886&set=a.10204042542637152.1073741832.1031601749&type=1&theater Bottom : https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10204048212178887&set=a.10204042542637152.1073741832.1031601749&type=1&theater I'm looking through the service manual, to the motor and head diagrams, but I can't seem to find the worm.tooth you describe : http://info-coach.fr/atari/hardware/fd-hard/ST_SF354_ServiceManual_v2.pdf Any help is very much appreciated. Thanks, Maarten
  13. I see you have an interesting youtube channel ... will check that one out ...
  14. Thanks a lot for the feedback GadgetUK, really appreciate it. If you browse through the thread, you will notice I have 3 more movies posted. Please have a look. I did move the drive's head manually. I tested the drive on a 520 ST and today I switched the drive in my STe. I will get back to you with more photo's tomorrow, but please keep in mind I am no hardware or electronics guy, I'm a beginner and I would just love to have this original SF354 working again ... I will also try and put the STe diskdrive in the external unit ... Thanks again. Maarten
  15. Hello all, Anyone of you have any idea what could be wrong with this SF354? I would just like to have it working again. I started a thread over at Atari-Forum. If anyone is willing to have a look and has any idea, please let me know. http://www.atari-forum.com/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=27116 Thanks, Maarten
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