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  1. If the price will not be higher than the original, then I would be interested in purchasing one as well. Upgraded or not, it would be nice to add to my colletionn of Atari goodies!
  2. I know there's an original of OSS Personal Pascal and Modula-2 in the stash. I'm going through the entire collection of software today and testing it all. From there I'll make a list. I notice that there are several items I have more than 1 copy, so this will definitely be made available.
  3. I've been an avid Atari owner for years, and have several 8-bits and a 1040STF in my collection. I;ve always wanted to add a Mega to my collection, but every time I've seen one on eBay I either did not have any spare change, or they went for more spare change than I had. Imagine my excitement when I noticed not one, but TWO Mega ST 2's for sale recently on the Houston, Texas Craigslist! For $275, I've picked up... 2 Mega ST 2's with TOS 1.2 - both machines are in proper working order and include the Mega keyboard and STM1 Mice. 2 Atari SC1224 Color Monitors 1 Atari SM124 Mono Monitor 1 Atari MegaFile 30 1 SupraDrive 20 And _BOXES_ of ST software and books. I'm still going through everything, and I'll be posting a pic soon just to liven things up! -Brian
  4. Thanks. I had found instructions indicating the Pin 16 connection to PIA, but it did not resolve the issue. I finally decided to replace the 256K chips, and lo and behold, I found a bad chip! ARRRRGGGHHHHH!! So now I finally have my 130XE up and running with 320K (as of this evening), and I just finished a 256K upgrade to one of my 800XL's. I think I'll save the remaining 800XL until tomorrow night! -Brian PS - Thanks to everyone for their feedback and assistance, I thought that I was about to go crazy.
  5. Thanks for the info. MyDOS's config option is asking if I want to configure a 64K ramdisk, so it's not seeing the memory. If I answer "N"o and proceed to config a 256K RAMdisk it creates a nice fat 16MB ramdisk, which I know is not right (but I could wish!). I need a clarification on the upgrade instructions, and hope someone that's done this upgrade can help me out. At the point where I bend up Pin 15 on the PIA it also advises OR remove R286 (closest to Pin 20) and cut the trace going from Pin 15 to the front of the board. Well - R206 is the closest to Pin 20 on PIA, nothing else is even close in terms of matching to the instructed R286. I've got Pin 15 bent up and soldered directly to Pin 2 on the 74LS158, am I also supposed to cut the trace, or leave it intact. The wording makes it vague.... Is it bend Pin 15 or (Remove R286 and cut the trace), or is it bend Pin 15 (or remove R286) and cut the trace? Thanks! -Brian
  6. Hi Folks, Well, I've just spent my evening installing Scott Peterson's 320K upgrade in my 130XE. Now the fun begins! In testing, the 130XE boots up fine, but SpartaDOS 3.2d (and any other DOS I have floating around here with Ramdisk support - MyDos 4.53, Sparta 3.3a, 3.2g) still only sees the machine as a stock 130XE. I've double and triple-checked my connections, everything looks "by the book" - it's a clean install with no cold solder joints or messes left behind. Any ideas what the problem could be? Do I need to patch the RD.COM file to support the new memory? Thanks in advance for your help! -Brian
  7. Once things settle down, if you should decide on a production run of new boards let me know. I'd definitely like to order a few. -Brian
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