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  1. StaxX28


  2. Another title screens serie: StaxX_Rastan.xex StaxX_Nemesis.xex StaxX_ChaseHQ.xex as usual, all pics were captured from a real hardware (600XL PAL)
  3. This is a really nice console, love it ! I got mind last week for 151€ ($175) with no games or overlays. I just bought a Multicart V2 and 23 overlays repro kit. I can't wait to play it
  4. Yes, C64 sources I don't know for the number of colors, I deleted all "output.png", sorry... @MrFish, Thanks
  5. Hi Again, some games title screens: StaxX_BlinkysScarySchool.xex StaxX_Commando.xex StaxX_PinkPanther.xex StaxX_Warhawk.xex as usual, all pics were captured from a real PAL HW
  6. StaxX28


    Please, put me down for 1 unit, if there is a list of course Thanks!
  7. maybe doable by mixing a sound with the drums, but it's really boring to do for me That's one of the reasons I prefer 8 tracks tunes
  8. Hi 2 C64 title screens: SideWInder II and Spellbound: Original A8 conversion: StaxX_SidewinderII.xex StaxX_SpellBound.xex Cuphead : Original: A8 conversion: StaxX_CupHead.xex ps:All A8 pictures are from real hardware (600XL PAL)
  9. What about Out Run and Dungeon Monsters? Abandoned?
  10. Same thing happened to me when I tried to flash FJC bios U1Mb V1... You need to reprogram the original Candle ROM on the PLCC chip with an EPROM burner. Attached file works on U1Mb v1 U1MBv2.rom
  11. A software that allows to add RMT music with the RC pictures would be great!
  12. Hi SainT, Just received my card, thank you !
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