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  1. Yes, here on Atariage
  2. @Richard H. Look your PM, please !
  3. Hi, One for me, please ! Thanks
  4. Salut I don't have time for A8 anymore, but for an A8 event in France, maybe I could come... Here is the french solution of F.R.E.E that I posted on YT:
  5. Mr Robot, I used this three PLA filaments : Eryone - Silver Chromatik - Chocolate Eolas - Beige
  6. I just finished to print the 1010 case Thanks you Mr Robot for this excellent works
  7. I just tested on real hardware (original tape version) and I had the bug.
  8. It also happens in the original version
  9. StaxX28


  10. Another title screens serie: StaxX_Rastan.xex StaxX_Nemesis.xex StaxX_ChaseHQ.xex as usual, all pics were captured from a real hardware (600XL PAL)
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