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  1. Tearing problems, low FPS ? Other problems ?
  2. How good are the emulators for the Atari & Arcade ? Can I play H.E.R.O. with this device ? 😊
  3. israelg

    z26 4.x

    Hello, Nice to see your post (and a new version) after so many years...! 😊
  4. The same also on the latest Android core...
  5. The problem is only on android with the new version (just Stella NOT Stella2014), I don't have problems on windows...
  6. You can download latest cores from here: http://buildbot.libretro.com/nightly/ There are two Stella cores: old one stella2014 and a new version stella...
  7. It is NOT part of the core options (not exposed), it is in the global video section, I had the same problem in libretro Android, and found this helps... I don't know why.... I don't have this problem in Windows,
  8. Try to turn on the multi threaded rendering in libretro...
  9. http://atariage.com/forums/topic/287000-flashback-9-special-buttons/ Just found this, sorry...
  10. Very nice, I installed the firmware for the SD card, then the official firmware (better scanlines), Works good with 2gb sd card, played with original wired controllers, Only when you are wired to to the old joystick the menu button is missing, so you must use the button on the wireless stick or reboot the console...
  11. Can you play Atari 2600 games ? How good or bad is the D-Pad ?
  12. When will you have the bittboy ?
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