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  1. Cool video! I'm glad somebody is enjoying it even if it's unfinished. If you haven't already, check out Scott's other games in the AA store: Astro Invader, Spectar, and Terra Attack. All 3 are good stuff!
  2. Tunnel Runner-Great colors and the monsters marching at you chomping is just cool looking Demon Attack-Great colors and the "whoosh-in" effect when the enemies appear is one of my all time favorite video game effects. Mountain King - I love the simple minimalist look.
  3. I was disappointed by quite a few but here's two: Miner 2049er - The VCS version is god awful. Made especially worse because my first exposure to the game was the CV version. I know many people think the CV version is inferior to the A8's or the 5200 but i prefer it. James Bond - Why did the ads have a cool climbing a side of a train screen and the game was a bad version of Moon Patrol? The game itself is OPK but I wanted to run around shooting guys and nailing chicks with suggestive names.
  4. Recently, the arcade ROM has been made available for free at http://www.mamedev.org. In the version of the ROM I have been playing in MAME, the stage ends when the ramcars are eliminated, as well as when the energy stars are collected. According to this comment from the review, it sounds like the stages keep going in the CV when the ramcars are destroyed, allowing for the Smuggler's to be milked. Is this accurate, or has this been fixed? The stage does end when the ramcars are all eliminated. I think the reviewer is mistaken.
  5. is constantly working these days and misses his Atari brothers and sisters but it can't be helped at the moment.

  6. is constantly working these days and misses his Atari brothers and sisters but it can't be helped at the moment.

  7. Scott does great work. I'm honored he let me do the art for the boxes/manuals for his games. I have to admit though it breaks my heart to see Frantic lie around unfinished. I'm biased about the game for obvious reasons but I think it would have knocked people's socks off if had been finished. Oh well, Three Cheers for Scott Huggins, good CV programmer and a hell of a nice guy.
  8. Yeah that's what I thought. Well, I assume the "in progress" rom is still in the old thread if anybody wants to play it.
  9. I would be surprised if it were Frantic. He and I were working on that for a while but the last time Scott and I talked about it, he seemed to have lost interest in that one. Shame too, I really enjoyed designing the graphics and levels for that but ultimately it's up to him since he's doing the hard part of actually coding it. I could be wrong though, maybe he revisited the idea.
  10. All right got a deal in the works for HERO and SD and it looks like there's a DF for me too. Thanks guys!
  11. Does anybody have a 5200 Space Dungeon, Dreadnaught Factor and or HERO for sale? PM me if you want to sell. Thanks!
  12. Hey, just wanted to say "hello" and I hope you are well.


  13. Odyssey 2. Without a doubt. I spent a good amount of money on getting a working one and a multicart only to find about 4 playable games in the whole library. I sold it at a loss just to get the space back in my game room.
  14. I just put them on their side in alphabetical order on a shelf. Seems to work fine. At least most of their labels are readable that way and it's easy to pick what game you want.
  15. ND is quick fun. It's not the kind of game you're going to play for 3 hours but for a a few rounds to cleanse the palatte between other games, it's great. I've noticed that it seems to be one of the better remembered games too. People always want to give it a go when they are in my gameroom.
  16. I was playing that last night. I hadn't played it in like a year so I forgot how awful the sound is on that game. I like the game and I like that I can choose what level to start at but man that music is like chewing on tinfoil.
  17. I have it, it's an OK game but nowhere near the greatness of the original coin-op. I have more of a problem on the triple jump than any other event. It feels liek there's a delay between hitting the button and actually jumping so I fault all of the time.
  18. I don't think that's a glitch. I'm pretty sure the CV and 5200 versions do the same thng if your inventory is filled. It's been awhile since I fired up MR on any system but I think that's just the way the game is.
  19. That is a very impressive man cave except you're missing a key ingredient: Alcohol. Where's the beer fridge?
  20. If you've got all of the screws out, you just need to pry at the front edge a little and it should separate into top/bottom/front plate.
  21. I have it and really like it. It seems easier than I remember on the C64 though.
  22. The 5200 and the Gamecube. I dig the 'cube's minimalism.
  23. $45 which is great because it's helping to keep the costs down on this new machine I'm building so I can take bigger freelance gigs at home until I find full time work again.
  24. As usual somebody from the AA community has saved the day. Thanks for looking, I guess this can be locked.
  25. Does anybody have a sealed, non activated copy of XP for sale? I don't care if it's Home or Pro. I'm building a new machine and want to start totally fresh rather than installing my old drive. I can get it from New Egg for about $95 shipped so I'm looking for a deal cheaper than that if possible Thanks!
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