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  1. http://www.caextreme.org/2006-show/2006games.html
  2. More bump. Game prices are easier to determine via recent sales history. I'll undercut eBay prices.
  3. Now with bump. All reasonable offers considered!
  4. Sorry about that. Updating the list to be more better.
  5. I got the Disgaea items autographed when I attended a press event held by NISA in San Francisco in 2008. The newsletter was being passed out there. I had a silver pen with me and I went up to each of the staff and got autographs. The Darkstalkers poster was given to me by an employee of Capcom in appreciation of the work I did on the instruction manual for the game. I will consider lower offers on the Joust poster. It's hard to value that one. After trying to find some recent sales history and finding none to go by, I have to base my price on rarity, condition, subject matter, and aesthetics. I think this one scores very high in all of those categories. However, I may have priced it too high. So I'm putting it on eBay to let that market have a go on it. If you make an offer I am happy with and there are no bids yet, I will pull it off eBay to sell it to you here.
  6. These original Joust posters are pretty hard to find especially in this condition. It's an original from the 80s. It's at my office but I won't be returning to work until Tuesday or I would look at the signature and see what I can find.
  7. All sealed and in VG condition: PSP Generations of Chaos $45 Prinny: Can I be the Hero Japanese $35 Prinny: Can I be the Hero US $24 Spectral Souls $18 Wii Tales of Symphonia $15 Sakura Wars $22 PS2 Disgaea 2 opened to have cover sheet autographed by original Japanese designer, programmer, and artist (3 autographs) $100 La Pucelle Tactics $22 Sakura Wars $40 Mana Khemia $30 DS Disgaea $29 Rhapsody $19 A Witch's Tale $40 sale pending Non-RPG: X360 Namco Museum Virtual Arcade $12 Posters Joust arcade $250 shipped in a tube sale pending Darkstalkers PSP autographed by the Darkstalkers artist $125 shipped in a tube sale pending I also have a Prinny plushie autographed on it's tummy by Yoshitsuna Kobayashi (Disgaea designer). The autograph is faded. $30 I also have a "Netherworld Times" newsletter-style press thingy, autographed by the entire staff of NISA. $60 sale pending Specific pics available upon request.
  8. Quality softs with manuals. First $100 shipped (USA) takes it. Int'l shipping extra. obo
  9. Its to dump and Flash X360 dvd drive firmwares. with ease.
  10. I gotta get a Tron Mario Bros. You can't not like everything about it.
  11. "Suspect" and "feel free" are key words. I would be pleased to be shown that my suspicious are incorrect but he is under no obligation to do so, of course.
  12. You certainly don't have to prove anything. I was happy that you were honest in refunding me, thank you. If you'd like to complete the original deal, I would be happy to do that still, and would report back here once it was complete so others might feel safer buying your other goods.
  13. I'm saying I suspect someone else may have offered you more money for the carts I bought so you may have used this as a way to back out of the deal. Feel free to prove my suspicions unfounded.
  14. I gave him the correct address and he ignored my questions about how he addressed it and what address was actually on it when he got it back. The address being incorrect seems fishy. I'm not sayin' it was definitely hijacked, I'm just not getting the answers I'd expect to get.
  15. He refunded me. I'm feeling more like I got my deal hijacked then that I got scammed by the OP.
  16. Package was no show. Tracking says not deliverable as addressed. not good.
  17. I asked for pics of the ones I was interested in (the good ones, of course) and he sent good pics so I sent money. The package is "out for delivery." Should be here any minute.
  18. Heh, thanks! The kids are super great so life is good. There will be more time for hobbies later.
  19. Looking for any Brazilian PAL versions of Miner 2049er such as the one in the attached pic.
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