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  1. Don't know if it's an option, but does anyone know if this game can be made available on an AtariAge store cartridge (it would need a special one)? Who should I approach?
  2. Nice job, and great video, Decle. Here's a couple of TV Powww! recreations I've made in the past based on the Fairchild Channel F (aka Grandstand VEC over here in the UK). Geek 2015: SpecialEffect TV Powww! exhibit SpecialEffect 10th Anniversary - very short video here The first effort used a hacked GPO phone with the microphone connected to an in-line amp, then into a PC running vocal joystick software. This was for Bowling on the Fairchild. The second effort worked much better, using a Shout Box and switch interface to a Raspberry Pi running modified code for Shooting Gallery. This may be of interest. 1975 Children's TV show Crackerjack.
  3. Small update to the Bombs Away! ROMS added to the front page: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/269668-bombs-away-vcs-2600/?p=3841791 These fix a cheat bug (hold GAME RESET and START) which would lock the plane in position at start-up. Also a small display issue. Hopes for a physical cartridge release via PackRat in 2018....
  4. Short Atari VCS 40th Anniversary video clip at the BBC: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/technology-41204660/40-years-since-the-launch-of-the-atari-2600 Small update on Bombs Away! Hope to have a physical cartridge via PackRat still, but likely first half of next year. We also have a revised PAL version should anyone need it.
  5. Here's some of William Pilgrim's other homebrew games (all DPC+ based). They're all definitely well worth a play: Kuru Kuru Tsuchinoko: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/260492-kuru-kuru-tsuchinoko-atari-2600/ No Touchy: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/263607-no-touchy-atari-2600/ Hunt the Wumpus: https://atariage.com/forums/topic/262944-hunt-the-wumpus-atari-2600/ Mine Dig: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/260288-mine-dig-atari-2600/ Danny: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/261378-danny-atari-2600/
  6. Hope so! We might be able to squeeze in colour cycling attract/screen-saver and a night-time mode one day. Would love to. https://youtu.be/YJNbhekKShI
  7. We agree with you about the more authentic colour cycling attract mode/screen protection. We did like that idea, but wanted to get a playable game out and were running out of time and (believe it or not) memory. We had some other ideas that didn't make it: 1. Invisible ships / Night time mode: Think invisible tanks in Combat or the invisible invaders in Space Invaders. 2. Play as the ships, shooting at the plane and/or just trying to avoid bombs. 3. Two player modes. 4. Randomising flight-heights. 5. More Easter Eggs. 6. More elaborate peace mode sequence with a dolphin and seagull and stars. 7. War mode music instead of the air-raid siren. Time ran out though this time around.
  8. We kept the non-timer element to keep in more in-line with the original arcade game. We also kept it to allow players of all abilities to play entirely at their own pace (to improve accessibility further). Nothing to stop people setting timed games using a clock/stop-watch. Google has a nice simple one, or this is popular: http://www.online-stopwatch.com/full-screen-stopwatch/. As for chasing high scores, I honestly would be amazed if anyone can score much above 80 on game variation 1, even with Zen patience. You could try the following War & Peace consecutive challenge. 1. This must be your first attempt on a new day. No warm ups or restarts allowed. Agree if this will be game variation 1,2 or 3 - and if Bombs Away! or Drop Zone 4. I suggest game 1 with Bombs Away! if you have no preference. Start... 2. War: Aim for the highest possible score. Then immediately go for.... 3. Peace: Aim for the lowest possible score. 4. Submit your two scores (e.g. War: 63, Peace: 0). I would be amazed if anyone could get War: 0 (aka 100), Peace: 0. But if two players did, you could settle a tie-break with other challenges (e.g. with the timer).
  9. Thought this might be interesting to share, from David Main's old work bench.... ...a stained glass window based on Drop Zone 4. From around 1975. For the Church of the Old Arcade game perhaps.
  10. I'd have thought the classic VCS (circa 1977) attract mode would have been more Air-Sea Battle like, with some (mostly very ugly) colour cycling. That's what we were thinking about. AI a bit of a rarity back then.
  11. Completely brilliant. Love these and like to keep an eye on them for new ones.
  12. Thank you. Are you talking about the colour-changing (screen protection) that Combat, Space Invaders and so on have? We did think about this. You never know, we might add it in an update. There's also an overlay for adding colour to black and white TVs in the full package.
  13. Does anyone know how to get this listed in the AtariAge database? You can hunt for homebrew using the rarity dropdown menu I see. Would love for this to be listed if possible.
  14. Thanks! I love your SEGA mods. Can you score so easily in game variation 1? Can you score over 80? You must have amazing timing skills, or I'm slowing right down. I'm impressed. It's quite possible the "hard" (aka fast) game "2", is easier than game "1". What do you think? If you can score over 80 on game "1" I'd love to see a video. The arcade version is definitely harder than the console version. I'm keen to get that emulated one day too if possible (in the DICE emulator). I suppose the immediate progression in difficulty is onto Atari's official Canyon Bomber. Would love to see that hacked so you can start, play and restart the game with a single button.
  15. Here's a short video of the original Drop Zone 4 and Bombs Away coin-op PCBs running for anyone with an interest in the arcane.... https://youtu.be/45mhBa8zP4k https://youtu.be/ExJwrA5qQlo
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