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    Dintar's Pac-Man (4k and 8k) for Atari 2600. My all time favorite game past and present for Atari 2600!
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    3rd in the world at "Runecrafting".

    Username: Alpha Trion

    If you play runescape also, let me know.
  1. I got my Flashback 9 Gold working great with this SD mod. I fired up some Dintar pacman, and some princess rescue. Wonderful. Thanks a ton!
  2. I just want the pac-man made by Dintar to be on cartridge. It is an incredible game.
  3. Paddles will be supported in Atari flashback 13 GOLD DELUXE MEGA ULTRA EDITION v3. I just bought an atari flashback 9 gold because I heard it was able to be modded. I'll just put Dintar's pac-man on it, and call it a day.
  4. Thinking of releasing this on cart yet, Dintar? I'd love to buy it!
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