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    Dintar's Pac-Man (4k and 8k) for Atari 2600. My all time favorite game past and present for Atari 2600!
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  1. I got my Flashback 9 Gold working great with this SD mod. I fired up some Dintar pacman, and some princess rescue. Wonderful. Thanks a ton!
  2. I just want the pac-man made by Dintar to be on cartridge. It is an incredible game.
  3. Paddles will be supported in Atari flashback 13 GOLD DELUXE MEGA ULTRA EDITION v3. I just bought an atari flashback 9 gold because I heard it was able to be modded. I'll just put Dintar's pac-man on it, and call it a day.
  4. Thinking of releasing this on cart yet, Dintar? I'd love to buy it!
  5. Hey Dintar, I was wondering if you would consider submitting your game to "Video Game Critic". http://videogamecritic.com/ I've asked him now twice to review your game, but he keeps telling me to 'have you send him a review copy'. I've even referred to this forum thread. I just want your game to be enjoyed by as many as possible, plus I just know it would get an awesome review. I even told him that Tod Fyre himself played your game and loved it.
  6. I was referring to Opcode's first gradius high score picture. Opcode (I think) is taking the picture, and to his left (our right) there is a young kid in the picture (I think-it is kinda dark). You have to zoom in tho.
  7. I think the next challenge issued should be for donkey kong. I see a reflection in the gradius image, that's you taking the photo, and your kid?
  8. I liked the stories/sagas regarding the bubble-bags. Fun reading.
  9. That's good news, and thanks for sharing that nice pic.
  10. I haven't seen a reply to this thread since July 2, 2016, I was wondering if there is an update about the health status of Oscar's wife and baby. I hope it is appropriate to ask this, I am very interested to know how they are doing.
  11. I just wanted to tell you: good luck, we're all counting on you!
  12. I had the s-video cord going from my atari 5200 to the switch, and then another s-video cord going from the switch to the tv. Thanks for the response...I might try messing with it some more. I didn't use any composite cords.
  13. Sorry for necrobump, I have a quick (unrelated question). I figured this might be a good spot to try to get an answer. I bought a 'composite video and s-video switch' from amazon to try with my atari 2600 and atari 5200 s-video modded consoles. It would not work, no idea why. I hooked both systems directly to s-video, and they both work just fine. I swapped around cords a bunch, and nothing would work. Has anyone had a 'composite video and s-video switch' work with s-video modded consoles before? And if so, please tell me what you bought. And IF switches in general don't work with these consoles, is there a reason? (perhaps they do).
  14. I too came here hoping to watch a giant monster truck running over a colecovision. I leave disappointed. hehe
  15. 'bradhig1', your system will play the cart, but with no sound. It needs the special unreleased atari 7800 expansion module to take advantage of sound capabilities.
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