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    Dintar's Pac-Man (4k and 8k) for Atari 2600. My all time favorite game past and present for Atari 2600!
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    3rd in the world at "Runecrafting".

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    If you play runescape also, let me know.

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  1. 154 here, freezing myself. -southpark
  2. Being patient here. Making sure I haven't missed the invoice tho.
  3. XBOX CLASSIC XBOX Program: Ninja Massive I have made an install for this wonderful game for this program. NINJA Massive.zip
  4. Donkey Kong Arcade.binStay Frosty 2.binPacman26008kv8c.binPrincessRescue.binMr. Roboto.a26
  5. My current favorite Atari 2600 games: Dintar's Pac-Man: Pacman26008kv8c.bin Followed by these: Stay Frosty 2.bin Donkey Kong Arcade.bin
  6. This is an awesome pack. Here's an updated rom for "Dintar's Pac-man". Just posting it here, if people wish to play the most recent version which features 'fast cornering': I used the naming convention of this rom pack: Pacman26008kv8c.bin
  7. I keep losing the page where the most recent version is. I'm just attaching it here for convenience. This one features cornering. This was posted on page 60 of this thread. I named it similarly to the "Flashback Portable" post on atariage, in case that helps with compatibility. Atari Flashback Portable FAQ and Compatibility List - AtGames Flashback and Portable Consoles - AtariAge Forums Pacman26008kv8c.bin
  8. Are there any other cores for this besides atari 2600 and coleco? I've googled everywhere, I can't find an answer.
  9. I am having this exact issue also. I have had carnevil working in the past in other versions of mame. It is such a cute game. mameui229: I cannot fire using the left mouse button. I can get the mouse to move around the screen. (I couldn't fire in area 51 either). I don't think corruption is the issue. Ride all the rides, then eat your heart out on a sesame seed bun! I used to have to open up some sort of config menu inside the game I think. Had to press some f key to calibrate. Might be this game, or some other.
  10. By the way, I like reading about the comparisons of analogue vs pi vs mister. This info is useful and interesting tbh.
  11. What exactly is garbage on the mister? Atari 2600 core has a few minor bugs. I would never call it garbage. Edit: some have been fixed even in the last couple months. I was trying to help with the compatibility sheet. I wanted dintar pacman to work well. But other cores seem incredible and accurate. I dont like the lag on a pi. I cant go back to that.
  12. Fix for [Mister FPGA] (Atari 2600 core): To get Dintar's pac-man to work in 'mister', you need to use this special .rbf file. Just replace the existing .rbf for Atari 2600. It has vblank options in the core. This is an 'unofficial' build (adjusted just today in fact). If you don't, it will not show video output, just sound. A new challenge perhaps. Here is the mister forum post discussing it: https://misterfpga.org/viewtopic.php?f=24&t=764&p=9916#p9916 It also fixes various other games. I also tested 'princess rescue', and it also works. ------------------ Edit: While not 'authentic' I really like using the setting: 'scandoubler fx': HQ2x Edit2: Dintar's pac-man works in 'mist' fpga. Atari2600_20200824.rbf
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