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  1. A couple things to consider is that Edladdin looks to be coming close to releasing 5200 controllers which alleviate that hurdle for you. Also, regarding the 8-bit computer, check out some of the SD card solutions to avoid having to worry about disk drives.
  2. I would go with: - Ms. Pac Man - Commando - Ikari Warriors - Food Fight But it is pretty difficult to pick four for the system. Especially with all the great homebrews.
  3. Atari has the release date as April 30: https://www.atari.com/games/pong-quest/
  4. I was just watching the Rifftrax for the movie, "Martial Law." I was shocked to see a familiar site in the background of the police station. The movie is from 1990 so it would be appropriate for the time.
  5. Being in the US, I was totally unaware of the Dragon 32 until I stumbled upon a video from Retro Man Cave: He does a restore of one. Pretty interesting.
  6. Just placed my order for Volume 1. Looks great!
  7. I saw that the notification for more in stock went into my Spam folder. NOOOOOOOOO!!! Looking forward to being able to order some.
  8. I know that I have been unable to find more than a couple scanned issues of ST Informer. I used to subscribe way back when and wish I had hung onto my issues - though I had never seen that tabloid newspaper format, only a more traditional magazine style.
  9. It would be really cool if someone did a mock-up like some people do when imagining what a new version of macOS or iOS will look like. I also regret selling my Falcon. I had a TT at one time as well *sigh*. Those, along with a Jaguar CD were, in retrospect, really dumb to let go of.
  10. When the Falcon came out I was in college at UMaine which had a huge AppleTalk Network on campus. I remember thinking how cool it would be to be able to connect to the network and print to the laser printers at the library. Instead I made due with trying to configure software to get online using my 2400 baud modem. I never got it working reliably.
  11. It always seemed weird to me that a company known so much for cost-cutting would have added ports to these machines without any plans to use them. I have no idea what cost the ports would add to each unit but it has always just struck me as odd.
  12. Hey there. I had an XEGS with XF551 disk drive (the Atari-made drive that cosmetically matched the XE series). I had the system with gun, keyboard, Bug Hunt and Flight Simulator. The game I played the heck out of was Micro League Baseball. Of course, one would need to be a baseball to enjoy that - and it is a strategy game, not an action game. Some other games I remember really liking: Ultima IV, The Eidolon, Star Raiders, Lode Runner, Telengard. I used AtariWriter for my writing needs and had a disk subscription to Antic, so I looked forward to exploring those disks.
  13. Congrats! My main computer up until high school was an XEGS, which is essentially a repackaged 65XE as you're probably aware. I would think a great peripheral to get would be an UNO cart or other SD card solution. Then you could try out a lot of games. What types of games do you like? The games you mention are classic arcade games so in that vein I would say the following are well done arcade ports or arcade style the Atari 8-bit: Joust Blue Max Pac Man Dig Dug Donkey Kong Gyruss There are really too many great games to narrow down too much! Check out Antic and Analog magazines online to get good reviews and some fun programming projects to do. Enjoy the new machine!
  14. Please put me on the list for a cased version of the card. Thanks!
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