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  1. That's so sad. I know he was really looking forward to this game like me the first time you even hinted on porting it. RIP, DracIsBack
  2. This worked on my Atari 800 CORE for the MIST FPGA! I changed the name of the file to ATARIXL and renamed the .BIN to .ROM and I was able to run everything so far without changing to OSB. I was even finally able to get MULE to run on MIST. For some reason I could never get past the character selection screen before.
  3. Yea I saw your last link from another guy who asked the same question. I do not see it there. I believe someone was referring to the 5200 Emulation page. But it only has one set of BIOS.
  4. There is only one set of BIOS in the 5200 Emulation page. Are those the 4 port Bios? I have games like Kstar Patrol, Pitfall, and Mountain King where the joystick acts like it does not want to go up or down. I am using the MIST FPGA.
  5. Kevtris, Could you possibly add 5x or even 6x vertical scale on the atari 2600? I think that the 2600 resolution is low enough for that type of scaling IMO
  6. After all these years I finally got a emulator to work with this! I just used the "adv2_demoA_1mbit"and ran it as "Atarimax 128 kb flash cartridge". I guess I gave a few tries back in the day and must have gave up. The Rasberry PI has got me back into the emulation scene once again and I am just glad to demo this in 960P windowed on a 1080p display. I love how the dragon can bite chunks off your square. I thought it was a glitch at first. The tapping the button twice thing to change how you carry a item worked out really well CafeMan! I am glad I was able to toss that idea at you years back. Anyways I was wondering if this is ever going to be completed? It would be just awful for this game to never see the light of day. Well hopefully you will either finish this or at least give us a newer demo in the mean time! Anyways take care Cafeman!!! I might be back in another year to see what has happened.
  7. I am 42 years old CAFEMAN... I hope I dont turn 50 when this game comes out. What are ya doing? How long of a break do you need? Get the molasses out of your ass!!! LOL! Come on Cafeman.... Make this happen!! Been waiting for years now!!!
  8. Mr Cafeman!!!! I think we are all waiting to see a Adventure 2 release soon. How is everything going?
  9. You can buy mine! :-) I play it on my Atari 5200 review.
  10. Please let this happen soon! I can't wait to play this!!!
  11. CAFEMAN... Have you abandoned this game??? I hop not, I have been waiting a long time for this game. Hope you plan to release this soon :-)
  12. Thought I would share this my new video about retro gaming on a Sony PVM...
  13. I wish I could try it! :-( I have a MAC using Atari800MacX and it crashes when I start it.
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