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  1. Hi, I was a bit skeptical at the first look, but it plays pretty nice and it really takes only couple minutes to start enjoying this version. Key animations were not my favorite, but I got used to them. I have found another place where 2 spiders acted weirdly (switched to vertical animation even they were moving horizontally only)... but I would need to try rev2 whether it is ok now. My only suggestion would be to tune up the floor colors, sometimes they are causing numbers to be weirdly fluffy (for example the light green in your very first screenshot). Nice work!
  2. Looks like a clone of bit trip runner:
  3. @phaeron I simply love the possibility to customize memory view window. I wanted to ask for this feature and before I did so it is already implemented. ...however it has bug 😕 When I type an address to the editbobox and define the bytes/per row value, then it is displayed correctly. However once I scroll the memory window the address is somehow changed..so it breaks the alignment: 1st setup: then I click scroll once up and down, expecting the same result as above, but: BR, M.
  4. Do not forget that if you have 2 RMT modules, you need to "merge" rmt_feat flags in order to play both modules correctly using single RMT player... so it is not very easy to do this anyway. If you need to dynamically move RMT module here and there, you can use one of examples from MADS archive ... rmt_relocator.mac , which is the macro that allows you to relocate RMT module anywhere you want w/o need to export again - but honestly I have not used it so far.
  5. it is of course possible, but you would need to find someone who can finalize it in RMT. BTW, I tried some quick hack... to run the game on PAL, then switched to NTSC during gameplay and put RTS,NOP,NOP to $3006 to disable cmc play routine execution.... however the game crashed the moment I left current room. So this game cannot be patched easily, it may need some serious rewrites ... it looks it is strongly dependent on the timing.
  6. I created cmc2rmt (Chaos Music Composer to Raster Music Tracker) converter as a bi-product during my work on Lasermania 2020. It is a windows command line tool that can be downloaded here: https://sourceforge.net/projects/cmc2rmt/files/latest/download The tool is written using .NET Core, and it is OpenSource, so you can grab the sources and build/modify your own executable for other platforms as well. If you are willing to code new functionality and participate on the project just let me know, I can grant you write access to the code repository. Usage is pretty simple: Download the tool - it requires additional runtime libraries of .NET Core, however when .NET5 gets released the runtime should be embedded in Win10. Run the tool with input cmc file as parameter, for example: cmc2rmt.exe Lasermania.cmc > Lasermania.rmt.txt If you do not redirect output to *.rmt.txt file, then it will be flushed into console window. Open RMT, select File->Load... then change file filter to "TXT song files (*.txt) and open generated *.rmt.txt file Instruments are not converted, so you have to assign them manually in RMT Enjoy.
  7. Hi all, my latest project is finally out: You can read the story behind it and download the game here: http://matosimi.websupport.sk/atari/2020/05/lasermania-2020-rebirth-of-avalon-classic/ Enjoy!
  8. There is no documentation, I consider if quite self explanatory. If you need some hints, send me PM. Regarding the window being small... (im also using fullhd resolution without problems) .. you can try to press WIN and + key
  9. I just tried Madstudio today, because I was looking for some PMG editing tool. Unfortunately the editor is not as versatile as I would expect. I agree with @Mq.'s feature request. I would especially welcome possibility to set PM height, i'm missing 16 pixels height. And additional nice feature would be some additional manual import option of "raw" PM data. The best would be showing the input raw data similarly as in omnivore, where you could select 16 bytes and drag them to Player0 ... then select next 16 bytes and drag them to Player1.... and so on... something like this: This way would be very useful for PM animator as well.
  10. Yes i know, that's why was I asking ... i have checked too many executables these days so I had no energy to check once more since I already found the solution. ...however I was curious if the check was completely removed or just inserted required value compared with the checksum.
  11. It's ok now. Could you get the info what did the trick? Maybe $240 ?
  12. Heh, funny the file statistics does not show there is an update, however I tried the previous version from homesoft (still saved in download dir) so I can see there is different CRC of the zip file (even the xex modification date is set to 1.1.1980). This version contains Wilheim's NTSC fix and level 02 is NOT working
  13. Here is my version with NTSC fix you provided by PM: Lasermania_r06_ntscfixON.xex , I have played up to level 16 without issues. (note, this is wip version running in emulator only - rewriting whole memory) BTW it is flickering (on NTSC) during gamplay, try this: ingameNTSCflicker.altstate -just push the nearest block left or right
  14. I spent 2 days looking at the code of this game. This is a nutjob. There are several checks of hacking there and it behaves quite nasty - by altering behavior of game items. I can see it is possible to pass to level 1 on your v3, same for level 2... however in level 2 there are new gameplay items introduced and in case of hacking they just explode on touch instead of doing the desired action. So still there is something missing in this v3 version. Super weird code is starting at $9857 checking DOSINI and some other stuff and then loading something from 3rd memory page - based on my investigation... so if there is something not ok, it saves RANDOM number to level ($AE) instead of jumping over to $987e. (this happened in my own attempt to crack this game) -however this is not an issue in your v3 version But if you jump to level2 (put #$02 to $AE) you will see that switch does not open the door, but rather explodes on touch. BTW: im not sure if you checked how is the titlescreen animation done, but it is the stuff from other world...
  15. Sorry for hijacking the thread, around week ago i have done some tests regarding RMT stereo modes and built this experiment: It is 4 channel mono song played stereo with dynamic panning. It would be superb to be able to enhance RMT with additional stereo modes (in the editor) and parameters to allow set effect like shown in the stereoexperiment.xex (requires headphones). @PG: that final fantasy tune sounds great, I can imagine that Poison may switch to RMT after listening to your FF5 tune
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