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  1. Milk Nuts is not a port. It was coded from scratch w/o knowledge of the developer that it is an existing NES game (kinda funny story)... so it is remake and not a port. Port must contain core logic (code) of the original game. All the BBC MICRO games that were converted for Atari XL/XE are ports, running original code written for BBC MICRO, but with presentation layer specific for Atari XL/XE hardware. That is the way how I converted Castle Defender. As far as I know only @Rybags was working/experimenting with real NES port of SMB.
  2. 20 bytes in zero page and no buffer? do the 16bytes (except _src,_dst) have to be initialized to zeros on run?
  3. It is nice, i remember trying some early versions that had no STAT screen. some suggestions: 1. space, return, tab - too confusing, it would be nice to simplify 2. I would suggest joystick controls. You can assign 2 actions to single joystick button.. so the short click could do attack/use..and long click (hold) could switch between game/stat. (In His Dark Majesty, long click caused next game round). Of course this would require some indicator (progress bar) that fills up when you hold fire. I used long click in my Roxblox to reset the round. 3. Am I correct that RETURN key causes attack? I was not even able to kill first spider, tried 3 times (on 4th try I killed him). If I understand well CLUB has some reload time, so I have to wait until I can use it again (it would be nice to replace "inverse" reload indicator with progress bar). It would be also nice to see how many health points each of my attacks took.
  4. @Wilheim is there a reason for using Exomizer? I am using deflate/inflate in my recent projects (depack on the fly) and it is pretty convenient. I'm sure there are faster decompression routines out there, but I think the compression ratio and ease of use is best here. I have been using zopfli https://github.com/google/zopfli (which allows you to force compress more) to compress my data into header-less deflate files directly on PC... and inflate https://github.com/pfusik/zlib6502 to unpack on Atari. Whole process is described on the page linked above. By using this I was able to put 4 full screen narrow hires images (levels) in game Castle Defender (link in my signature), so there is no need to load each level from disk individually on demand... everything is stored in stock 64kB memory. Just FYI: 35kB of data compressed to 17kB; + you have to reserve 8kB for unrolled (uncompressed) current level. ... so 35 + 8 = 43 whereas 17 + 8 = 25 ...that is 18kB saving opposed to having all uncompressed. That is just example, there are lot more compressed data under OSROM,BASICROM in the game: https://sourceforge.net/p/castle-defender/code/HEAD/tree/trunk/data_relocator.asm
  5. you will see that towards completing the game the quick control responses are vital
  6. Hi Phaeron, I'm trying to compile latest source and I'm having troubles with Kernel part (worked in 3.90): I had to change Kernel makefile (add label) like this: ..now whole solution can be built.
  7. Hello all, Detonationix is now available for download here: http://matosimi.websupport.sk/atari/2020/08/detonationix-abbuc-swc-2020-entry/ Note that game has one bug that I could not fix due to lack of time, so there will be an updated/fixed version released in "couple" days.
  8. No problem. Honestly I'm still quite not over the fact that my mdcmc is the same as dmc, it took me couple of hours to analyze the sources and code the mod. ... So no problem with the hijacking, really
  9. Do not use embedded player in the CMC editor, but use the one in the repository instead (linked in original post)... it was already ok, only composer had this bug.
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