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  1. Thanks for verifying! (For reference the original is here https://proguitarshop.com/andyscorner/the-mu-tron-iii)
  2. Has anyone ever seen this advert in real life, or is it a hoax?
  3. Hi there! I need to update that page actually - as people have the option to specify a delivery address during the checkout process, I now only ask people to confirm if the address looks wrong. Anyway, all parcels are now packed and will be sent out on Monday. Tracking numbers for people who've paid for insurance will be emailed out on Monday night.
  4. Yes, that final customer was one of the 22.00 crowd from the RGCD mailout it seems Lots of packing to do this week You'll all receive a notification by email when shipped, with tracking info if available.
  5. Now there is ONE copy left for the 22.00 crowd(!)
  6. All seems in order - did a check against names, post codes and emails. All are unique.
  7. 2 (TWO!) copies left... I'll check through the list now - if there are any 'naughty' customers I'll refund and re-add the stock after they have sold out. I'll post here to let you know. -EDIT- All customers are unique
  8. Whoops. Sorry about the 22.00 mix up - I did mean to type 20.00 in my mail-out! Sorry guys, it has been a long day(!) @NinSEGA - if you can tell me the 1st line of your address, I'll check to see if the order went through.
  9. Nice, couldn't even be bothered to take his own photo.
  10. That £5 is after all materials are paid for Kev
  11. I'm very transparent about the way RGCD operates and the fact is that I make £5 'profit' per sale, around 10%. That basically pays for the time it takes for me to handle the payment and accounts, prepare and pack the game and contents, wrap and package the parcel, and take it down to the post office. Now, sure 70 x £5 sounds like a lot of money to make in one day... but in reality it has already taken all my free time (outside of my normal working hours) this week to pack and post 50 or so copies. I'm NOT complaining at all, but for me to work with a 3rd party would just mean more work for me with less reward - and it would ultimately end up with the games becoming MORE expensive for you guys, with the reseller adding a markup. I have exactly the same issue with the C64 carts - I get approached regularly from people wanting 'trade prices', but the profit RGCD makes on each of those is even less (below £2 per sale). Cartridges are not cheap, and hey, devs gotta eat...
  12. Hi there! Just a quick post to say I have now posted half of the orders. Will try and get another 20 done tomorrow, but the rest will be sent out next Monday. I had hoped these would sell out over a week - not in one day!
  13. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.482715658480661.1073741826.314432501975645&type=1 Just to reassure you that stuff is happening All the stuff has come back from the printers, and I've found a baggie that resolves some of the issues. These bags hold the manual and sticker and cart, and fold over into the 'wave space' so they don't add any thickness to the package. It sits a lot nicer in a bag and doesn't fall out of the box easily.
  14. ...or not. Despite this looking like a solution, I have since discovered that it is impossible to trim the plastic level with the base of the box with a dremel, resulting in a box that doesn't shut properly when a cartridge is inside. So, it is back to the 'shoddy' method of having a cart slightly loose in a case that does (however) shut properly.
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