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  1. I have: ATARI atari 2800 atari 7800 Atari 2600 vader Atari 2600 wood atari 2600 jr atari 5200 NINTENDO nes snes models 1 and 2 n64 gamecube gameboy gameboy pocket gba gameboy color virtual boy Wii ds lite SEGA gamegear saturn models 1 and 2 dreamcast sega genesis models 1, 2 and 3 sega master system pico nomad OTHERS: 3do magnavox cd-i playstation ans ps one http://coleccionjuegos4u.blogspot.com/
  2. Sundays Finds, all for about $55 US dlls: N64: Castlevania Legacy of Darkness with box and manual SNES:Top Gear 3000 and War of the Gems (carts only) NES: Console + 4 controllers + Satellite + plastic game Holder + Cleaner + 30 Games some with box Panic Restaurant (cart only) Felix The Cat (cart only) Vice (cart only) Menace Beach (cart only) Wally Bear (cart only) Double Dribble with plastic case Tetris (cart only) Indiana Jones Temple of Doom + plastic sleeve Mafat Conspiracy + manual + plastic case orb 3d (cart only) silent service (cart only) burgertime + plastic case silius + plastic case super spike v ball/world cup + sleeve Nes control deck manual footbal + box muppet adventure + box little league baseball + box fast break + box flight of intruder + box mission imposible + box castlequest + box f117a + box tetris + box boluderdash + box batman returns + box + manual bart vs the world + box cleaning kit + box + manual super C + box laser invasion + box megaman 4 + box + manual gi joe Atlantis + box + manual GENESIS:Earth Worm Jim 2, Castlevania Bloodlines,Streets of Rage, Comix Zone and B.O.B. (carts only) Photos in my blog (the text is in spanish) http://coleccionjuegos4u.blogspot.com/ Regards
  3. Here's my find on March 7th: Myriad 6 in 1, crappy label, I found it at a flea market, paid $0.66 cents for it =) Here's My blog but the text is in spanish but lots of photos of my collection http://coleccionjuegos4u.blogspot.com/ Regards
  4. Already went for it and it does say ATARI 2800.
  5. Ok, Thanks for the info =+
  6. Yes it's the one that is on the link you gave me, so I'm going to buy it, BTW how much is this worth if sold on Ebay or another auction site?
  7. I have been offered a 2800 for $20 dlls just the game console (no controls or power supply) it's in good condition but should I pay less? and how rare is the console? Thanks
  8. Update: The seller backed out on selling the games, Offered him about $350 us dlls for the lot (he gladly accepted at first) but afetr a few days e-mailed me that he was keeping waterworld and quadrun , and then he put the other games up for sale on Mercadolibre.com.mx, but didn't tell me and now he only has: Double dunk Off the wall Secret quest Rubiks cube and selling them to me for about 40 dlls What should I do?
  9. I live in Juarez, Mexico and games like quadrun and asterix and other rare ones have been showing up recently on Mercadolibre (Mexico's ebay counterpart) at really low prices cause people selling them don't know the value of these games and then the Ebay Sellers that live in Mexico buy them up really cheap and re-sell them on Ebay, for example: There was a CIB asterix that was bougth for about $10 dlls on Mercadolibre http://articulo.mercadolibre.com.mx/MLM-19...leccion-ma8-_JM And re-sold on Ebay for about $400 dlls, http://cgi.ebay.com/Rare-atari-2600-asteri...1QQcmdZViewItem And those quadruns they have also shown up for about $5- $10 dlls and then re-sold on Ebay by two well known collectors from Mexico Theres also a seller that only buys ISS deluxe and non deluxe versions of the game for SNES for about $20 dlls on Mercadolibre and re-sells them for about $80 -90 dlls on Ebay Anymore info please let me know Bye =)
  10. OK thanks, and yes they are all from Mexico and there not in bad shape except for HERO
  11. I have the opportunity to buy: Quadrun Swordquest waterworld Asterix (ntsc version) Hero Off the wall Gravitar silver label Rubiks cube Double dunk Secret quest Smurf rescue in gargamels castle What is the market price for all of this games (carts only)?, and how much should I offer? Thanks
  12. Thanks, I'm just starting to collect atari games and consoles, and here in Mexico it's real hard to find games in good condition, but even in bad shape games are really are expensive ( I saw Pac Man and ET for $10 us dollars) so just asking for prices to see if i did get a good deal =)
  13. Just bought another 5 games paid about 9 us dollars: Moon Patrol Missile Command Frogger II Venture Crystal Castles carts only no boxes or manuals did I overpay?
  14. Thanks, glad that I didn't overpay for these two games, but yet I thought that Obelix was a bit more expensive
  15. yes it doesn't have the P in the label and its cart only no box no manual same for Gravitar
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