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  1. Hmm. 800 Runway Sweeper! Tough game and I’ve not really played it before. 1450. Gravity sucks!
  2. 169,520 might have time or another session later.
  3. I’ve got a couple of these replacement molars waiting to be installed. Is it better to hold of for and official fix? I didn’t realise there were issues until now.
  4. 137,830 - enough for tonight. I’ll be dreaming about dots 😂 Can’t get past level 16.
  5. I’d love a simple way of getting VBXE into my 800. I am a daily 800 driver - it’s my main machine and I have absolutely no issues with a card in slot 3 to provide a simpler VBXE solution. 100% would buy.
  6. I’d buy one. I had one of the first run but then sold it before I’d installed it due to circumstances. Still wish I’d been able to hang onto it.
  7. Not in the big league but getting slowly better. 136,620 round 16. Anyone else hate how fast it gets but then get really frustrated with how slow level 1 is when you restart? 🤣
  8. 128,180 - finally beaten 100K! Woop!
  9. Wave 11 59,200 Seriously with some of the scores on here and the speed of this thing, some of you are robots for sure 🤣 Edit - Just realised that my first posted score was higher than this. Way LONG day today ...
  10. I believe Fujinet only needs the external power on a stock 800 because the OS boots faster than the Fujinet and so the 800 will be up before it on a cold start. if you have an Incognito the BIOS splash screen should delay the OS start enough even in Colleen mode for Fujinet to come up first so it’s ready to boot config or whatever you’ve got mounted in slot 1.
  11. 61,190 wave 11. Gets pretty fast doesn’t it!
  12. Thanks again for this. One of the reasons I love this forum! That’s very helpful. I had wondered if there was an alternative that I’d be able to burn with my programmer. In case anyone is thinking of buying I have the new version of the Minipro (the TL866II+) and the VPP is limited to 18V. I didn’t know that when I bought it 🙁 There’s a fair bit of moaning around various forums about that design choice!
  13. Hi Folks Would anyone (in UK or Europe preferably to keep postage down) be able to burn the 1050 Rev L ROM to a 2732 EPROM for me? I have a dead 1050 with a bad ROM and my programmer won't write 2732s because it's limited to 18VPP. I guess if anyone had a spare mask ROM to sell that would be as good and I could just change the jumpers. Happy to send a couple of 2732s your way and cover reasonable costs Thanks
  14. Ah - I rejoined a little while ago and have received the last magazine and disk but didn’t receive a new card. Is the membership number still printed on the envelopes too?
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