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  1. How did you set up your flash card? To use it under SDX you’ll need to partition it on the Atari using fdisk. See Jon’s site here for instructions.
  2. Got mine in the UK yesterday.
  3. So, roughly 7 years after being forced to sell off pretty much all of my retro stuff, I'm now in a better place and have spent the last year slowly building thing back up a little. I still have a 600XL that I owned from new and the A1200 is mine (found in my parents attic - so it survived the cull). Thanks to some lucky finds (the Philips monitor was listed as local pick up 10 mins up the road and went cheap) and buying broken items and fixing them up I now have my very own man cave! Just behind this is my (small) workbench. Just big enough for repairs and upgrades:
  4. The first time I have ever played DigDug! 9060 will play more hopefully but just wanted to get a score in.
  5. Looks like a nice clean install. Great work!
  6. OK - Straight copies of each side of the disk via RespeQT. Confusingly side A doesn't boot. Side B boots and reports version 1.1. Perhaps someone who knows the system can take a look. I don't have the kit to Kryoflux but if someone wants to archive this then let me know and I'll donate it. KYAN_PASCAL_1.3_A.ATR KYAN_PASCAL_1.3_B.ATR
  7. Hi Folks Bit of a necrobump. Is 1.3 still missing? I *may* have a copy on the way to me. Untested obviously but if it’s still needed I’ll try and dump it. If it’s legit and working and someone wants to kryoflux it I’ll happily donate it for archival.
  8. Hmm. 800 Runway Sweeper! Tough game and I’ve not really played it before. 1450. Gravity sucks!
  9. 169,520 might have time or another session later.
  10. I’ve got a couple of these replacement molars waiting to be installed. Is it better to hold of for and official fix? I didn’t realise there were issues until now.
  11. 137,830 - enough for tonight. I’ll be dreaming about dots 😂 Can’t get past level 16.
  12. I’d love a simple way of getting VBXE into my 800. I am a daily 800 driver - it’s my main machine and I have absolutely no issues with a card in slot 3 to provide a simpler VBXE solution. 100% would buy.
  13. I’d buy one. I had one of the first run but then sold it before I’d installed it due to circumstances. Still wish I’d been able to hang onto it.
  14. Not in the big league but getting slowly better. 136,620 round 16. Anyone else hate how fast it gets but then get really frustrated with how slow level 1 is when you restart? 🤣
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