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  1. I’m in the UK and I bought a rebuild kit from a US eBay seller. Managed to miss any import fees. It was a really great replacement. Here’s the link to the item on eBay UK. The seller has other items such as cables too.
  2. Thanks! That 600XL is actually mine from back in the day. My first Atari computer, received as a Christmas present along with a 1010, CX40 joystick and pole position cart. After the ZX81 I’d previously owned it blew me away!
  3. Replacement belts arrived yesterday and so after some messy time with cotton buds and IPA removing the sludge that was the old belts from the board and the drive gear, and a bath for the grubby case, this 1010 lives again. Just loaded up a couple of cassettes for nostalgia's sake - can't honestly say I'll be using it often but I love the XL styling and had a 1010 back in the day, so happy to have it in the collection. I can happily recommend Dataserve Retro as a UK source for belts. As xrbrevin pointed out above, they also sell via eBay.
  4. Thanks for the heads up. Turns out the site I’d found on the web was that guy’s website. I’ve ordered a flat belt and a counter belt so hopefully it’ll be back up and running soon.
  5. Thanks both. I'll order up a replacement flat belt and get to work removing the gunk!
  6. Hi Folks Finally snagged a 1010 recorder which didn't cost the earth. As I expected the belts are pretty much gone. What remains is a rather nasty black sticky mess on the circuit board and around the drive gear. The unit is a Hong Kong model and I *think* judging by the drive gears needs the flat belt. I wonder if someone could just take a look a these pics and confirm it is indeed the flat belt variant? I've found a seller in the UK which appears to have stock of the belts, just want to grab the right ones. Also - is the tape counter belt a universal fit on Hong Kong models? And finally, any suggestions of what to use to remove the goop that was the original belt from the board and the drive gear (and my fingers 🤣)?
  7. Thanks mimo - I'll be ordering a couple come payday.
  8. Hi. Do these fit all XL keyboards with mylars or do I need to check keyboard types?
  9. I couldn't agree more. I too am bitterly disappointed that only assembled units are being sold. Having followed the updates and the beta builder's progress for over a year I had this slated as my winter project this year and was eagerly looking forward to getting started. My reasons for preferring a self build option are much the same as those above. I already have Atari 8 bit machines here that do almost everything the 1050XLD will do. Sure it's cool and has some interesting features, but I don't need a 1050XLD to enjoy my 8bits. The pleasure for me in this project would be building it myself and brining it to life and what I'd learn along the way. Plus I already have some parts on hand here and the $700 price tag (which I'm sure is fair given component cost and time spent to build and test) is just way, way too much. It's nearly £600 GBP before shipping and there's no way on earth I can justify that in one hit for a retro project. Building it myself I could use components I already have (VBXE / Spare U1mb / 1050 case / etc) and spread the cost of the rest over several months. I hope that the board design and related files etc might be made available at some point to allow a self build versions to be realised and wish the project every success in its current form.
  10. Great American Road Race - love an excuse to play that again.
  11. The news I’ve been waiting for and my bank balance has been dreading! 🤣
  12. spookt


  13. Not going to be challenging for the top spot due to lack of time (getting married on Friday!) but wanted to get a score in: 48,690 only got as far as Jumping 101.
  14. One of my favourite games of all time and I have been soo busy I haven't had time to play yet! 😢 Maybe tomorrow ...
  15. Thanks for that. Looks like it's something about me! If I don't log into Facebook and hit the above link I can see the "Join Group" link. When I click it, Facebook prompts me to log in. As soon as I do I'm thrown back the "Sorry this content isn't available at the moment" message Same thing happens if I'm logged in already and follow the link to the page above. Guess I'll have to PM Curt and ask if he can sort it. EDIT: Tried two different browsers, all pop up detection off, cookies allowed etc, etc, still the same so I guess it doesn't like something about my Facebook ID.
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