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  1. Love to see a vintage machine brought back from the dead! Great job!
  2. IIRC pulsing/flashing drive activity light on power up is a logic failure. The electronics failed self test. Try reseating the ICs and after that it’s probably a swap out game with known good parts.
  3. Hi Peter. I think if you could tell us which “sd/cl” device you’re using and maybe post the ATR file here someone will probably be able to help. In general most of devices that allow us to use SD cards on our Ataris act exactly like a real floppy drive once you’ve mounted an ATR image. So if the ATR file is bootable you should be able to boot it in exactly the same way you would a real physical disk. It sounds like the ATR you have is formatted as SpartaDOS 3.2 but again, if you post it up here so we can see it that would be helpful.
  4. Hey Peter What kind of device are you using as a drive? You shouldn’t need to ‘un-atr’ the file. Depending on the device, mount it in drive 1 and boot it. It should respond exactly like a real floppy drive.
  5. Hmm - I must admit given the age, value and fragility of these things I don’t think I’d like to send my 800 to Ayrshire and back and I doubt anyone else would either. Is that seriously the only way a fix can be progressed? I’m happy to test bench any proposed solutions here however 👍
  6. BUMP I still have two of the replacement mylars and 800s waiting for them. Was the issue ever resolved satisfactorily? The keyboard on my daily 800 is starting to go bad so it would be nice to be able to use these mylars.
  7. Thanks for the replies folks. I guess yesterday was just a bad day in the office. I've just redone the J6 connections to the timing circuit and its working fine! I've got nice solid VBXE and legacy output. Just waiting for my Cool Novelties cable to turn up so I can add a 13 pin connector in place of the RF modulator.
  8. Thanks for that. I knew I wasn’t going crazy. The PAL / NTSC point tests continuous on the PAL side, so I’m guessing it’s pre jumpered. I’ll redo the timing hookups and see what happens. If it’s still no go I guess I’ll dig out the scope and see what’s going on.
  9. Hey all. My current VBXE install is being a pain and it’s been a while since I did this. Can anyone confirm that once VBXE is installed the stock video should remain available? I installed one in an 800XL at the weekend and get nothing from the VBXE video or the native monitor port. If I restore the timing circuit components, the machine runs fine (but obviously no VBXE video). I checked the pickup points against the install instructions and FJCs video and all seemed good. Guess I’m missing something …
  10. The only place I’ve seen them recently (though I haven’t looked hard) is an eBay seller from Germany. But the price for two is pretty steep: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2-X-Ink-Ribbon-Group-628-Atari-1000-1029-Commodore-Msp-801-GP-550-GP-500-Ribbon-/224584357605?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286&mkrid=710-127635-2958-0 If you find anything more reasonable please do post a reply!
  11. Thanks Allan. Is the software for Proto’s Graphics Machine in the preservation thread? I’ve had a physical copy of the manual for years but no software.
  12. @flashjazzcat (amongst others) routinely adds a DIN13 as found on the ST line when installing VBXEs, so it’s perfectly possible, but it does require physical modification of the PCB. It would be fairly trivial to hook up stereo there. Check out his YouTube channel for more info
  13. PokeyMax is an FPGA solution which neatly gets around the growing scarcity of original POKEY chips and adds many more features besides. I think version 2 boards are also still available.
  14. Thanks! Yeah one board resting on the open case of another machine rather than another board so nothing touching anything conducive👍
  15. Spent the day with this board today. I socketed and replaced the RAM, swapped out the 4050 and tried a known good MMU - all no change. Swapped in tested ANTIC and GTIA chips - no change. Strange thing was I could here it booting, and if I plugged in a cart and pressed start I could hear game sounds, it would even boot from my 1050! Cue much head scratching. Just before I called it a day I remember someone having an odd problem with a 1200XL a white back and it coming down to bad sockets. GTIA and ANTIC were indeed sitting in the original sockets so I removed them and replaced them with new machine sockets and guess what? It booted right up! Lovely! Another Atari saved! Thanks to everyone for the advice and help.
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