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  1. Looks like there's some other weirdness going on here so I need some time to sit down and do some proper testing. The machine will boot into SDX from the U1Mb and reads the CF card fine. It passes IDEDIAG with no issues, but now reports no media in the loader whether I use the stock PSU or the USB supply. I've tested with two different CF cards, one pulled straight from the Incognito in my 800 which works fine there. We're about to head out to see friends for diner so I'll have to play more tomorrow. Thanks for all the feedback so far.
  2. Thanks Paul. It’s a 600XL so no lack of SIO power. My understanding on the amps rating of a PSU is that it’s the max supply so should only matter if it’s under rated rather than over rated. The PSU won’t supply ‘too many amps’ in other words.
  3. Apologies - typo. It is indeed 7 pins. 3 tied to Vcc, 3 to ground and 1 unused. Interesting that others are having no issues with this kind of thing but I’ve tried several USB supplies of varying manufacture and rating and have the same results with all of them, yet the system is rock solid with the original PSU.
  4. HI Folks Since I have exactly one original UK PSU (which I'm getting a little concerned about) I decided to look into alternatives. Given that I'm (always) on a budget I thought I'd look at USB power since I have a large number of adapters / chargers lying around and USB is a standard so getting replacements should be plug and play, right? I made up a couple of cables, wiring USB Vcc and GND to a 5 pin DIN and connecting the three pins on each side together so three pins are tied to Vcc and three to GND. Checked the polarity and finally tested on an 8 bit. All seemed fine, the machine booted and seemed to function well, until I tried IO and in particular my SIDE cart. Running from USB power the machine refused to recognise the CF media, showing "no media". I guessed this might be a lack of power so ordered up a couple of beefier USB adapters (decent brands not cheap Chinese crap), one a 2.4A until and one 3A. When they arrived I got exactly the same behaviour. SIO to SIO2PC or straight to floppy has issues too. I decided to measure the volts coming into the machine from the rear of the power jack, and found that all of the USB supplies I have on hand sit at about 5.2V until the machine is powered on and then all immediately drop to about 4.3V once under load. The original legacy PSU sits at about 5.2V once the machine is running. So a lack off volts would appear to be the issue. My question is that I've seen / read / heard accounts of other folk using USB power and so if you are, what are you using as a PSU and have you noticed any issues with instability or malfunction using a USB supply?
  5. Wow! 10 year necro bump! I booted up Kolony 2106 again tonight for the first time in a long while. Still a great game. Got 2 rounds in and managed to get up to just short of 40,000,000 in the second. I’m still a way off but I’m determined to beat this thing! Any tips from the masters?
  6. So the PAL 800 listed against my name (BK 014072 452 spookt 45/82) isn’t in my possession any longer. I sold it (complete with original candle Incognito) some time ago. However I do have this one: which now has a Lotharek Incognito installed.
  7. Hi Having been away from Atari stuff for a few years and recently returned, I’d still love to get these properly archived. I managed to get hold of the cassettes for issues 1,2,3,3,4,5,6 and 9. I did download all the links here (and indeed contributed some) so I need to go back through my archive here to see what’s missing. I note you have issue 7, might be worth hanging on to it for now as I don’t have a physical copy of that one. I’m still on the lookout for the issues I’m currently missing so if anyone has any not in the above list let me know.
  8. Yeah - I updated to the latest release of your firmware as soon as I put the battery back in and I was sure my wiring was good and I haven't seen any more issues.
  9. Yes - I saw some odd behaviour on first and second boot. Straight to SDX and issues getting to the setup screen. I figured it was crap in the NVRAM so I pulled the battery and let it sit while I checked all my wiring and all was well afterwards.
  10. Thanks! The mat came from Amazon. They have a few different versions but the one above is here.
  11. Today’s work: All working nicely (after a bit of keyboard TLC). Decided to make up a DuPont connector for the signals. I just didn’t like the fit of the connector that is supplied. Haven’t decided weather I’ll add the swap button and activity light yet. I’ve never used the button on my SIDE cart. Just flashed with @flashjazzcat’s firmware - Jon as ever thanks - I’ll hit the tip jar payday next week
  12. I’m in the UK and I bought a rebuild kit from a US eBay seller. Managed to miss any import fees. It was a really great replacement. Here’s the link to the item on eBay UK. The seller has other items such as cables too.
  13. Thanks! That 600XL is actually mine from back in the day. My first Atari computer, received as a Christmas present along with a 1010, CX40 joystick and pole position cart. After the ZX81 I’d previously owned it blew me away!
  14. Replacement belts arrived yesterday and so after some messy time with cotton buds and IPA removing the sludge that was the old belts from the board and the drive gear, and a bath for the grubby case, this 1010 lives again. Just loaded up a couple of cassettes for nostalgia's sake - can't honestly say I'll be using it often but I love the XL styling and had a 1010 back in the day, so happy to have it in the collection. I can happily recommend Dataserve Retro as a UK source for belts. As xrbrevin pointed out above, they also sell via eBay.
  15. Thanks for the heads up. Turns out the site I’d found on the web was that guy’s website. I’ve ordered a flat belt and a counter belt so hopefully it’ll be back up and running soon.
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