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  1. spookt


  2. Not going to be challenging for the top spot due to lack of time (getting married on Friday!) but wanted to get a score in: 48,690 only got as far as Jumping 101.
  3. One of my favourite games of all time and I have been soo busy I haven't had time to play yet! 😢 Maybe tomorrow ...
  4. Thanks for that. Looks like it's something about me! If I don't log into Facebook and hit the above link I can see the "Join Group" link. When I click it, Facebook prompts me to log in. As soon as I do I'm thrown back the "Sorry this content isn't available at the moment" message Same thing happens if I'm logged in already and follow the link to the page above. Guess I'll have to PM Curt and ask if he can sort it. EDIT: Tried two different browsers, all pop up detection off, cookies allowed etc, etc, still the same so I guess it doesn't like something about my Facebook ID.
  5. Hey! I've never been asked 3 questions and I'm not a member of the page. I guess that's what I mean below: Do you have a link to the group page so I can request to join - couldn't see it when I searched.
  6. Hmm, maybe I'm not part of the audience?
  7. Thanks! Enjoying getting in some Atari time again and very excited to be playing BBSB in the next round!
  8. Here's version D of the software plus a utils disk which seems to have more programs on than one in a previous post. (Courtesy of Andy Barr over in the Facebook thread) CCV420D.atr CCUTILS.atr
  9. Hey mattskilondon it was me who replied to your post on Facebook asking for pics of the board. Thanks GreyHobbit for the disk images. Hope we can get the others recovered somehow. There are plenty of folks here who have the skills and kit required. Before the disk images were posted here I reached out to Dean Garraghty of DGS Software as I found a very old (1990's) review he wrote on the Controller Card. I asked if he'd ever imaged the disks and amazingly he replied within a couple of hours with the attached files. One is side A and B of the DMS Master Disk which I think may already have been posted now. He also took the time to scan his printed manual and send it over. For completeness I've attached both below. The manual is just a series of jpegs which need a bit of tidying and cropping and compiling into a PDF. I'll look at that next week when I get a bit of time. I'm glad I finally figured out what this board is. When my new keyboard mylars from Simius arrive I'll have a proper play with it. EDIT - Just noticed together with the image posted above there are three different version numbers of the software v4.20 A, B, & C. CH-Manual.zip CompuerHouseSW.zip
  10. Looks like this is in fact the ComputerHouse OS Controller Card: Currently following up a couple of leads on the software for it. Heres a review from a while back: https://www.atarimax.com/freenet/freenet_material/5.8-BitComputersSupportArea/10.ProductReviews/showarticle.php?61
  11. That link returns a content not found message 🙁
  12. Is that an open group? Tried searching but my search skills must be poor tonight.
  13. Hmm, I've had a couple of hibernations. I went from ZX81 to 600XL to 800XL and then got really frustrated because when I finally could afford a disk drive (huge expense in the UK) I couldn't get one. It was right between the 1050 disappearing and the XF551 being available. So (ashamedly) I moved to a C64C with a 1541-II just because they were available. That didn't last long TBH and I moved on to an Amiga 500 and then a 1200HD with a Blizzard 1230 accelerator and that lasted until I switched to PCs in the late 90s early 2000s. I got back in to Atari around the same time when I bought a huge collection from a guy at the other end of the country and got my mate to drive it up to the North East. There was literally piles of stuff and I got bitten by the bug again. I collected an attic full of stuff but then due to a huge life change and house move I sold almost everything off and packed up what was left into storage. I've sold off some other stuff in the last couple of years Atari and Amiga when I've needed finds, some of that I regret, but needs must. Still have my original 600XL which was a Christmas present back in the 80s. (Though now much expanded). A couple of months ago I dug it all out and hooked it up and am back in Atari business. I've never really missed the other stuff (C64 / Amiga etc) - Atari is the one that has the deepest hooks into me I guess.
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