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  1. I’d love to see that. My freezer is here but apart from testing it works so haven’t had time to get to it. A nice tutorial would probably be a good motivation.
  2. Anyone have a good source of ribbons for these?
  3. Very sad to hear this. Rest in peace Curt.
  4. I’ve made them before. I just draw around a disk and add a tab at the front edge.
  5. Hi Pengwin - good to see you back! I've had some success with AspeQT on Mac but eventually ended back on an old XP laptop too.
  6. Thanks for the feedback folks. I'm still sorely tempted so I'll give it some thought over the next few weeks while we sort the new place out.
  7. When I first saw @mytek’s plans for the 1088XLD I got excited. I’d been interested in the XEL but the thought of a pumped up Atari 8bit in a 1050 shell is just really cool. I recently had a little good look and got a small tax rebate. If I chip in a little more I should have enough to buy the boards and components from TBA and the U1Mb etc from Lotharek. My question is, should I? I’ve seen numerous posts here about how difficult the build is, and folks who’s ability I respect having issues with it. I’m not in a position to have this kind of money to ‘blow’ on my retro hobby very often, so before I do I’d like to get an idea of just how tricky a build it is. I’d consider myself pretty competent with a soldering iron. I have good tools and have done SMD repairs (I have a decent stereo microscope) have hot air and a good iron, got an oscilloscope (though it’s about 20 years since I’ve needed to use one!) and all the usual bits of diagnostic kit. I also have an empty 1050 shell which I hung onto for this exact purpose. Having just moved house it’ll be a little while before I get my bench set up (got a bathroom to fit first) but if folks who’ve actually built this thing could give me some feedback on the experience I’d be grateful.
  8. Looks great - looking forward to seeing it progress!
  9. I’d be interested in a couple in the UK.
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