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  1. I agree, in case of the a8 keyboards it fits nicely. including your "cheap" feel. That's true Oswald Baby: 'my keyboard is bad, but YOUR keyboard is worse'..... That's all you care about don't you? My computer is better than yours even when it's not. Give up, whilst you still got an ounce of (un)credibilty.
  2. Was this comment really necessary? How do you think insulting FastRobPlus in any way contributes positively to this thread? It doesn't. Further comments of this nature from anyone will result in immediate removal from the 8-bit forum. If you can't discuss this topic in a rational manner, then please stop posting in it. Thanks, ..Al iirc I have already reported this FastRobPlus guy for personal insults. yet he is here. May I remind you of your personal insult towards emkay? Something along the lines of, what was it, oh yes: SHITTYBOY. That truly was the worst personal insult. YET YOU ARE STILL HERE.
  3. how to argue with people that prefer interactive graphics- and sound- demos, instead of bigfun-playable GAMES? you're doing quite well. dont give up But you're doing worse, time to give up.
  4. Hey I played Ghost Manor too, it is one of my favorite games for the VCS. I played it on all 4 difficults, it's getting kinda hard in 'dark' mode, but I managed it. I love how you can chose being a girl or a boy, very forward thinking back in the days. I didn't keep score though :-( maybe I try again soon. I love Spike's Peak too, very good game, and the eagle animation is still tops nowadays.
  5. I collect boxed VCS, because it looks nice on my bookshelf, and I just like them complete.
  6. But... you can't play the box! Well that's just silly, you would never try 'playing' a video cassette box, DVD case, or a CD jewel case now, would you?
  7. Commodore 64 sold better in the UK than Atari 8 bit computer, still majority of the games are not better because of more talent, etc blah.
  8. and Klax boxed (ResQsoft), and 32 in 1 7800 version, which is unboxed (just like the 2600 version though).
  9. He's like a baby, 'Oh it wasn't me who started it, it's always others', 'My C64 has more colours than your computer, but I love the games on ZX Spectrum' GROW UP, OSWALD CHILD. You cannot even argue properly.
  10. I will just do so, and ignore posts about what can be compared and whatnot. cheers Hmm, ignorance is bliss, welcome to Oswald's world.
  11. Who don't you just go away. 'Who don't you just go away?', that doesn't even make sense. Learn English. (Found time to check me out though, didn't you?) And anyway, I love my Atari 8 bit computer, this is ATARI Age, if I'm not mistaken?
  12. Yes, very civil of you, Oswald does name calling and you telling ME I will be banned? (I regard your answer was directed towards me, if not I accept your apology). And you even replied towards emkay: I have not paid very close attention to his posts. I suggest you'd better. (Oswald started calling emkay 'shitboy' or shittyboy, something like that, it's pretty nasty anyway, but if you can't even bother reading posts, I won't backtrack to find out exactly). I only told the truth about Oswald as he never even coded an Atari 8bit computer and seems to know better, but YOU BLAME ME?
  13. YES: BAT Goblins, 1, 2 Operation Stealth probably more, need to dig out my UK Atari ST magazines to check.
  14. I was just turning back emkays argument on him. I like that bunny, but dont tell him I was gonna say... The Spectrum pictures show a lot of effort, but they also show that the hardware is very simple. The worst thing is having those squares around all of your game graphics if you try to do much color or when objects get too close. The system is best suited for text or tile-based games. you can do suprisingly nice stuff with the speccy tho, r-type, chase hq, the isometric games. check them on youtube Loser.
  15. on the other hand we can upload code into the drive and have it act as a co-cpu if we like thats why sio2pc stuff doesnt works, this kinda stuff needs ms exact emulation, and not even a dos machine can handle it without multitasking. dont the speccy stuff is very impressive for what the machine can do: argh no direct link: http://gfxzone.planet-d.net/frames.html click galleries then theme, then zx specturm on this site Loser
  16. Oswald now clearly lost it, I mean.....Bullshitboy? Resorting to this kind of abuse are the clear signs of a loser. Especially ones who cannot even code an Atari 8 bit computer like he admitted to.
  17. Now that schoolboy is obsessed with calling emkay a 'Speccyboy' (you losing it fast, schoolboy): I was always glad that in UK the C64 was compared/schoolboy fighting with the Spectrum. The Atari 8 bit computer was WAAAYYY above those. I'm going to quote Retro Gamer again: Compared to the more popular home computers of the day, such as the ZX Spectrum and the Commodore 64, Atari 8 bit computers were often regarded as high-end.
  18. Well, thank you very much, you are very sweet.
  19. buhahaha c= pet had a serial bus before a8, and there was an industry standard for that before the c= pet. Yes, but the Atari serial is the grandfather of USB, not the PET. Who cares about the PET serial, not one person. And the MSDOS floppies is based on Atari DOS, read Retro Gamer, schoolboy.
  20. I read in Retro Gamer that the PC owes the Atari 8-bit computer a great deal, USB ports etc..... (RG issue 47).
  21. And Oswald never even coded an Atari 8-bit computer, probably never even touched one either. Those guys are the worst for just mouthing off. Schoolyard mentality 'my Speccy is better than your BBC'.
  22. I got 40 without cheating, and I typed in Wonderswan like 5 times and it didn't come up, and I used PC Engine, of course it didn't recognise it. And I tried C64GS and XEGS, both don't come up. Forgot some obvious ones: 3DO, N Gage, Neo Geo. But SMS II, and those Magnavox Pongs, surely they are the same.
  23. The green is the Horace character, some Spectrum 80s rubbish (all three actually, with Chuckie Egg being the best of the lot).
  24. Finished River Raid? Does it end, or does it loop? -John Exclamation marks come up instead of a score.
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