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  1. Oh wow, I totally did not put two and two together with your book Lapetino when I just read this post today... Oh my, when I first saw it at Books-A-Million during my Christmas vacation, talk about impulse buy! Then after I read the whole thing it made me appreciate Atari even more for what they were and what Atari Age lives on here. Truly one of the few books in a long time I have actually sat down to read cover to cover, much less admire the amazing artwork from all Atari's super talented art staff from back in the day. Thank you Tim, thanks for writing that book! (and all the amazing pictures and photos!) It is yet another testament to the legacy of Atari and the culture of it's day, a legend in our time. It will always be a treasured piece in my home, a piece of history I grew up with.
  2. Ohhh right, right... Sorry, I must have gotten lost between levels and wandered in here... Anyone know a shortcut to Berthilda's castle by chance? :D
  3. Blah... Blah I say. BLAAAHHHHH...

  4. WHOA, horrible circumstances and situation without a doubt Curt! I'm praying you'll pull through this with flying colors though. I'll keep you and your family in my prayers man, in the meantime, here's to your full and quick recovery! The XM stuffs can wait and will still be here when you're able to return and completely healthy good sir!
  5. INSANE!!! Keep up the awesome work Joe and you too Iesposta! Just when I think I've seen the apex of programming games for the 2600 here, you guys go and raise the bar AGAIN a little higher haha! Awesome!
  6. All I want for christmas is my two rear tires? *sigh*

  7. Hey a man can dream can't he? You're smashing my dreams good sir, SMASHING THEM TO PIECES! (LOL )
  8. Awesome work Iesposta, keep it up! I'm looking forward to a playable alpha or beta build with baited breath! THIS is how DK for the Atari 2600 should have been!
  9. Awesome, awesome fun little dungeon crawler! The ending is cute too. I usually can beat it on a good day.
  10. Hey Rushguy, you'll want to use the latest Prosystem emulator for 7800 games. http://home.comcast.net/~gscottstanton
  11. Look for my Double Dragon walkthru on Youtube, username, "Rkanum". In a nutshell, master the elbow punch! Good luck! Awesome updates as usual KevinMos3, thanks man! I'll have to redo my walkthru sometime with your updated hack one of these days!
  12. I SECOND THIS!!! It's an awesome version of not only the most arcade-like Asteroids for the 2600 I've ever played, but ALSO, Asteroids Deluxe with the right options! All in one game!!! Thank you mucho Spiceware! Hot damn I can't wait to see you whip out a Space Duel version for the 2600! I wonder and hope you'll be able to get a working tether mode for 2 player on this one!
  13. PIMP ME!!!! LOVE ME!!!! <3 <3 <3 (we'll talk about IRL costume appearances later... haha) Seriously though, awesome, awesome work Bob! :-D Thanks for all you've done man, you're a one-man retro-gaming indie software company!
  14. I dunno man... Mr. Do!'s a pretty good port for the 2600, given it's capabilities and the timeframe it was released in IMHO. Perhaps a little sprite work is all it really needs... Now Burgertime... I know it could seriously use an overhaul. Starting from the ground up would almost be necessary to fix it's problems and drawbacks. Regardless, unless you want to dive off into the world of Batari Basic coding, getting one of the over-worked, overloaded but very talented 2600 coders here to work on either of these would be a crapshoot at best I'm afraid. Maaaayyybe Nukey Shay could hack these things into something better... Hard to say though since I have no clue about coding and I don't know what kind of schedule he currently has or whether he'd be interested in these two games enough to try to tackle them. Maybe you could PM him and ask or hope he chimes in here to give his thoughts on the matter? Anyway, I wish you the best of luck in your noble efforts sir!
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