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  1. First episode of Picard impressed me.

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    2. WAVE 1 GAMES

      WAVE 1 GAMES

      I totally guessed who Dahj was LAST WEEK! I mean I didn't know she would be flesh and blood, but I pretty much nailed it! I even watched TNG episode "The Offspring" over the weekend in regards to my theory! I have had a couple of more theories regarding the Borg and the shows' connection to the upcoming season of Discovery, it will be pretty cool if I get those right too! I'm very excited and can't wait until next week! Ready for Seven of Nine! 

    3. thanatos


      Hey hey man,  @WAVE 1 GAMES    that's almost a spoiler!!!


    4. deepthaw


      I loved seeing Jean-Luc immediately run out of breath in his brief action sequence. Like, he didn't even make it up what, two stairs?


      Accepting that our protagonist is old FTW!

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