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  1. I realized the only time I watch 3D movies at home is when my wife is out of town, because they give her headaches.


    And yes, I am one of the three people that liked the 3D TVs, and thankfully mine still works.

    1. Flojomojo


      I have a 3D TV, and some glasses I've never used. What are the best titles? Are they readily available, or stupid expensive?

    2. thanatos


      Tron Legacy is probably my favorite.  Ready Player One is good, Pacific Rim, while kind of a dumb movie, has really good 3D.

      Just check Amazon, most don't look overpriced compared to normal.  The used media stores around here put the 3D Blu Rays in a separate section so they're easy to find.  Oh, and they're plentiful on eBay too.

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