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  1. Upgrading to a new phone tonight.  I know I'm going to hate it simply due to old man syndrome. Had the current one for 5 years, which is definitely a record.

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    2. jd_1138


      What kinda phone you going to? I usually keep a phone 2-3 years max. $200-$300 Android phones usually are only given security updates for a couple years and only get maybe 1 OS upgrade if you're lucky.


      I did have a Moto E ($120) for a year then upgraded to a Moto G ($200) and had it 2 years. Then I bought a refurb Google Pixel 2 that I thought I'd be able to use a couple years, but it was a lemon and had to return it. Then I went back to a Moto G for a year or so before getting this Nokia 4.2 2 years ago. It's on Android 10 and sadly last Security patch it got was 8 months ago. 


    3. thanatos


      I went from a Galaxy S7 to a Galaxy S20 FE.  

      I don't really worry about security update availability, because I don't install many apps, and don't go browsing unknown sites. 


      And yeah, I was heavily annoyed last night while in old man mode just due to all the notifications that started streaming in for all the apps I hadn't yet uninstalled or disabled.  And of course all the needless UX changes that aren't needed.  <shakes fist at cloud>

    4. GoldLeader


      I love my Samsung Galaxy (I'm too lazy to go look and tell ya which one) almost as well as my previous Samsung Galaxy.  I need a sticker for it that says, "Don't laugh.  It's paid for."  My goal is to hold onto it until the sun explodes.

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