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  1. Stay home if you want.  You can find me at the bar.

  2. I had no idea Rayman got that high. But even 4 years ago it was going for $100.
  3. Holy cow, 800? I just checked, I'm at 82 in front of me on Saint's list. Sooo close. :) Being in the US it would probably be counterproductive to have SainT fill it anyway. Aren't overseas shipping prices still crazy because of the pandemic?
  4. So what does it look like? Got a pic? I have a few things from Crazy Climber, one of his Rareware logos and a sweet metal Major Havoc sign.
  5. New album released by Alestorm.  Whom I would have never discovered if it wasn't some random youtube link here in the forums around 2 years ago.  So whoever it was, thank you!  Made me a huge fan, they are hilarious!

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    2. GoldLeader


      Sweet!  I Love those guys!!

    3. Curious Sofa

      Curious Sofa

      NICE!!! THANK YOU for this discovery, they rawk!  


    4. thanatos


      @save2600  Quite possible.  I think it might have been in the Tacobox thread.  Too lazy to search.  :)

  6. Worst birthday ever.  Was supposed to be Derby Day and a party at the bar with music from Steve Ewing (of The Urge).

  7. I hope that base is way thicker material than the cabinets, otherwise I'd be afraid to sit on it.
  8. Yeah... Jag SD cart - oh wait, more Jag and 2600 games too! I can see that happening.
  9. That's kind of why I asked earlier. I was under 200 on the original list and the current status says 101 ahead of me.
  10. Should I use the "contact Us" form here on AA that is linked in the store posting I just saw on Twitter, or is there a way for us with forum accounts to be added to the announcement list? Don't want Albert having to deal with a bunch of unnecessary spam. But I also have an existing preorder. Just want all my bases covered! :D
  11. Interesting! I loved playing that game back in the day. The "to each his own" theory stands I guess. My personal worst would just be Pac-Man. Not that we didn't enjoy playing, but getting it for Christmas, and seeing it was not even close to the real arcade was disappointing.
  12. Ah, I remember the simpler times when flame wars were just random faceless internet people yelling at each other via USENET posts. Now the random internet people post videos of themselves complaining about each other.
  13. No, they are evil a-holes! But yes. And again, no. Evil. A-holes.
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