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  1. Very cool, were you in the article or the video? Come on, dox yourself!
  2. How much for a H.E.R.O., since I just saw another related thread about that one? Also, what about that kitchen timer along with the Sesame Street aliens next to it?
  3. Tons of free play arcade, pinball, pretty much every gaming console that ever existed, and a big collection of old computers in the museum area, all set up for gaming on.
  4. Not well known, but the official active ingredient in Viagra is "Mycoxafloppin"

    1. GoldLeader


      Besides, there's no law saying you can't retell a joke you found funny.

    2. Atarian7


      That reminds me of the suicide drug: "Effitol".

    3. Razzie.P


      I'm gonna retell this a few times and see if anyone accuses me of stealing it from thanatos

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  5. So who's going? I've got my hotel booked, hopefully nothing crazy happens to prevent the trip this time. Can't believe it was 3 years ago since the last one I got to go to. As usual, I plan to have my CoCo 3 on display which usually just runs the Donkey Kong emulator most of the weekend. Though with current fads I might have the Wordle game running, kind of reminds me of the year all the different systems had Flappy Bird ports.
  6. Ah crap, guess I missed out on March, my order says April 19th in it. Missed that on the banner since I saw the "in-stock".
  7. It's actually my most played MAME game by count, so amazingly I don't think so!
  8. Heh, previous comments helped me make my list. Civilization 1, or maybe 3 (PC) Tempest 2000 (Jag) Burgertime - Arcade version So many tough decisions though. I debated Tron or Spy Hunter arcade for the list.
  9. I think we just reached a new opportunity, we make a History Channel show called "Grading Wars".
  10. Fresh Thyme Market's 2% milk has an orange cap and label.  Chaos, I say!

    1. Cebus Capucinis

      Cebus Capucinis

      Is 1% green? I feel like my 1% has always been green.

    2. thanatos


      @Cebus Capucinis I've always thought it was light blue for 1%.  And I just discovered this handy chart via Google images, which seems to confirm my expectations, for me it has always gone red, blue, light blue, and pink.

      OC] What color are our milk caps? : r/dataisbeautiful 

    3. Cebus Capucinis

      Cebus Capucinis

      Checking my fridge now. That chart gives me Berenstain universe vibes, if ya know what I mean.

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  11. Putting it on the internet OUTSIDE the firewall is bad. Inside is fine, just browse carefully. Though most of the browsers aren't going to load many modern websites anyway.
  12. I'm not sure I can trust the grading authenticity without some sort of hologram sticker on the grade label.
  13. A friend of mine wants to donate some older games (Wii, PS2) to charity and make sure needy kids actually get them, any suggestions?
    I mentioned how Goodwill cherry picks and just puts the good ones on their auction site.

    1. Cobra Kai

      Cobra Kai

      That's a dilemma I face as well, as I have some old board games I'd like to give away in the same way, but just HOW do you find actual kids that would love to have them? A couple of options I've considered but haven't tried, 1) talk to some local  churches, they may have a good handle on some families that would appreciate such a gesture,2) local boys/girls club?


      Do not give them away to Goodwill, or Salvation Army type of store, unless you don't care what happens to them. 

    2. thanatos


      Had what might be a good idea, calling the local children's hospital.  They probably have some sort of gaming setups.

    3. Tempest


      Please keep things civil people.

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  14. Main PC crashed tonight.  I was ticked, that never happens!  Then I look at the uptime - 450 days.  Guess that's not too bad for Windows...

    That also tracks back to the day we had our breaker panel replaced so the power was off half the day!

    1. Charlie Cat

      Charlie Cat

      When my computer crashes, I always wanted to do what Garfield is doing bro. :D


      Garfield... Compute This! | Garfield cartoon, Garfield and odie, Garfield  cat

    2. ColecoGamer


      Unfortunately, Windows dislikes running for prolong periods of time (I’m talking from my own personal experiences here). 420 is a record! Lol I’m surprised your BillyBox didn’t sue you for excessive abuse! Lol

  15. I saw another method where you spray expanding insulation foam into garbage bags, it will form fit around the monitor in the box.
  16. Yeah, looks like I missed out on one too, can somebody post some game screenshots as I don't use Facebook?
  17. Also, for any of them to have true 80's ambiance, they need to allow smoking. :D
  18. Ben Heck 3D printed some of the parts to make this Atari 2600 bar top: https://www.aftershockclassicarcade.com/drink-menu
  19. Might be worth a shot contacting the seller and at least asking what they paid. Not everyone on the internet are a-holes, thought it is a pretty high percentage. Otherwise, since it has your name on the tag, try the local police, you might have a case if you weren't compensated by Greyhound as @jhd mentioned.
  20. You should glue the box back shut and send it in to get re-graded and see what happens. Might be a fun experiment! Hell, I'd probably pay for the game and the grading if I get to keep it! I know a local video game store owner who thinks grading is stupid - but he does it on stock that comes in because he said "I can spend $50 to sell this $20 cart for $500 on eBay."
  21. Not sure, I don't think so. Mine was from an ancient news article about a destroyed apartment. But his living room looks amazing!
  22. I'm not hoarding. I'm just waiting until I have enough to make the trip to the recycling center worthwhile.
  23. High of 60 today.  Then tomorrow through Thursday night, up to 10 inches of snow and a low of 5.  Weather here is bipolar.

  24. Smashing good video sir! I hate game grading, it's a stupid scam.
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