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  1. Wow, a whole freaking hour? So I randomly jumped through it and ran across this gold: 20:48 "Being as someone who has fired a .50 cal... Original...T2 has that same....." HAHAHAHA, holy crap, WTF no. No idea who that guy is, but wow, that's some fantastic BS!
  2. Just realized Kenny Rogers was a Nintendo fan vs. the other handhelds.  From The Gambler: "If you're gonna play the Game Boy, you gotta learn to play it right."

    1. doctorclu
    2. joeatari1


      I've thought of that for years, every time I hear the song.  I laughed out loud when I read this!🤣

  3. Holy cow - I have always had 18+ allowed on Steam and am no prude, but this year's discovery queue has some outright hardcore porno games.


    Game engines have probably just  made it easier for these accomplishments for smaller developers.

    Anyway, back to some demo videos...

    1. Frozone212


      Hardcore porn shouldn't even be ALLOWED on steam. I thought they had higher standards then this. How i miss 2004

    2. Rick Dangerous

      Rick Dangerous

      Which ones are your favorite so far? 

    3. thanatos


      @Rick Dangerous if you must know, the one that made me go "Holy crap!" for the fact it exists and is on Steam was "Operation Lovecraft: Fallen Doll"

      Beware to anyone easily offended!  This ain't no Custer's Revenge!

  4. Dang. I really need to put my Tron together. Looks like I could even make it to the top 10 scores if it plays close enough to the arcade. The major problem is making room for it in the game room. I really have too much crap. Also funny is how so many pictures people have of the Tron are next to the Star Wars - that's the only other Arcade 1up I have as well.
  5. I don't think I ever used a 1.2MB 5.25. Used a CoCo as the main computer for way too long, and they could only support the 360k (there are stories of people getting them to work, but not without heavy modifications). By the time I got a PC, 1.44 was the standard.
  6. As for Packard-Bell hell - worked for a company in '98 where all the offices were independently franchised. They had ISDN lines to the central site. The owners of each office would just buy the cheapest machines they could, so they would go to Best Buy or CompUSA and get a Packard-Bell. I was in charge of getting them online. I basically had to get a rule created that they also had to buy a 3Com network card, because that was the only way to get those things connected. The on-board or included cheap network cards would just not work most of the time.
  7. Love Pegasus on the CoCo! It was a great port. Multiple zone backgrounds as you kept winning.
  8. Ben Heck posted this one recently, made me laugh, even though I have two.
  9. I've typed a similar reply in another thread, maybe I should just find it and copy/past, but let's make a new one! Same as many others here - I was 9-10 when the "crash" occurred. But all us neighborhood kids still played Atari, and I remember getting to pick bargain bin games when the parents took us to the mall. I had a CoCo, but some friends got TI's because they were so discounted, so we played the games on those too. In 86-87 we all begged for a Nintento, and video game playing kept on going. Learned about the crash in the 90's when I was an adult and in college. "Huh. That's why all those games and computers were so cheap." And we all got ET for Christmas, and since we had the instructions, we played it and liked it. I don't ever recall thinking it was terrible. We figured out how to navigate the pits!
  10. I get excited looking at my Atari Karts cart that still has the $4.99 price sticker on it.
  11. Finally got through my post-30+ year playthrough of Zelda 2.  Only 2 games/1 retry.  (Don't ask how many savestates...)  :D

    Now deciding what's next.  Metroid, SM2/3?  Do I dare even try Ninja Gaiden, which I never managed to beat the final boss back then because the 2nd to last was so awful?

    1. wongojack


      From that list, I would pick Metroid.  It's much less annoying than the rest of your list.

    2. thanatos


      Thought of another one I had beaten - Kid Icarus, might do that next.   Metroid seems easy with maps.

    3. Razzie.P


      I've always felt Ninja Gaiden was always pretty easy up until that last bit.  Those bosses, yeah... those'll probably be a pain even with save states.   Maybe rewinds or something might help.   But yep, if you have a map, Metroid isn't hard at all

  12. A seller bumping and updating their own ancient thread is kind of refreshing!
  13. Dear Micro Center, can you stop emailing me about writing a product review?  I only bought a friggen SD card.

    1. jgkspsx


      Oh man, I had the same experience. However, their solid state memory devices ARE pretty awesome...

  14. I have my cell phone number set to 867-5309 in the company directory for obvious reasons.  Someone just sent me a message saying "I tried to call you at 8675309 but didn't get and answer."   OMFG.

    1. joeatari1


      Oh Jenny, you rascal!

    2. GoldLeader


      Now I wanna know more!  Are they a corporate type so into their work they didn't even notice?  At any rate you should send them a video of the song, With a note saying "Maybe this will help you memorize it"...

    3. frankodragon


      Whisper "Tommy Tutone" in their ear and they still probably wouldn't understand.

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  15. Why not make your own for sale post instead of necrobumping?
  16. I'm not sure if that works. I always thought you had to use one of the printer adapters - you can see them in old issues of the magazines, they plugged into the bitbanger and had knobs to adjust the baud rate to the printer. Obviously the Tandy printers just had the bitbanger port on both ends. Then again, I just found this with a quick google search: https://www.atarimagazines.com/compute/issue37/coco_printer.php
  17. I don't remember Zelda 2 being such a M$%^$%#@^&ing B*%^h back in the day.  I remember it being fun.

    My new playthough is becoming painful.  Thank the modern nerds for savestates!

    1. Frozone212


      Nostalgia can be used for good, or it can screw us up so badly that there's no point in reliving the past.


      In my case, Rebuying Goldeneye. Was hyped, so disappointed 

    2. Kiwi


      Select Cancel the first life/magic and go for the attack upgrade.  Those Bubble skulls are killable(Lots a stabbing) and worth 50 exp points.  Find exp bags.  Every 6th enemy you kill will drop a potion/exp bag. Once find a 1up on the overworld, don't collect and remember the location. You'll need it for the Great Palace. Remember where red potion in palace are, they respawn upon leaving/entering palace.  One town folks don't know which way is east or west telling you where Payapa Palace is.  I am not Error.

    3. Frozone212
  18. Cosmotrons has been at MGC for at least 5-6 years I think, I first played it when it was still at the Sheraton. It started as a PC game they were promoting, and just put it in a custom arcade cab for demonstration. Back then they even had a download of the beta you could play on your PC. At the shows their custom arcade cab got so much interest from operators that they decided to instead change it to an arcade product. Great story for them! Somewhere I still have the original beta .exe. Gotta find it, but the game has changed tons since then.
  19. FedEx woes continue.  Now they have my Tron Arcade1Up.  Says to be delivered today.  However this morning it left St. Paul, MN, which is two states away.  What?


    1. digdugnate


      That's so infuriating when that happens.  Hopefully it gets there soon!

    2. Albert


      FedEx is my least favorite domestic carrier, especially FedEx Ground, which is how I assume your package was sent.  Hopefully you have your package soon!

    3. thanatos


      What's funny is that if it's FedEx ground, a friend of mine is the manager of all of the drivers of the local routes - so they'll get immediate feedback if I talk to him.


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  20. So do the joysticks spin like a paddle from when first announced, or did they remove that feature?
  21. FedEx delivered my wife's Christmas present to the wrong place.  Tracking says "Left at leasing office".  We live in a house.

    1. Nathan Strum

      Nathan Strum

      But they did deliver it. So... job done! Merry Christmas! :roll: 

    2. joeatari1


      Thanks for the panties.  I've needed some new ones for a while now.

    3. SoundGammon


      Had a lady tell me the other day that she stayed home from work to get a FedEx package that she missed the day before, note said they'd try the next day. She saw the FedEx truck pull up and the driver got out with NO package and slapped another note on the door and took off!

  22. Just finished Legend of Zelda (1st quest) for the first time in 30+ years - buying the new Game and Watch gave me the urge to play it on an emulator all the way through.  How nostalgic!


    And of course I used all the online maps I could - I am not going to brute force all the secrets me and my friends forgot all those years ago! :)

    1. Rogerpoco



      Been about ten years for me.

      Me and my then 4 y/o Grandson got mebbe a good 1/3 of the way thru, a couple of years ago.

      I had confidence that my(original)battery wouldn't fail, short test runs had worked out fine.

      That was a disappointing day, for sure...

      Even worse-I have an Everdrive, just wanted to do it on the real thing...


      I've changed/evolved my tastes recently, but SNES Zelda was my "favorite game ever" for a couple decades.

    2. Cobra Kai

      Cobra Kai

      That game and watch sure is tempting, it looks amazing.

    3. thanatos


      It's neat, super small, but playable.  Feels a bit light, they could have added some heavier materials to make it seem less cheaply made.

      Also for the price I would think they could have at least included some maps and instructions.  The only included instructions is how to plug it into the charger, and then 4 pages of legalese in multiple languages.  Nothing on how to use it at all.




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  23. Spotted the new Zelda Game and Watch at Walmart today, so I picked one up.  My Amazon pre-order didn't even have a ship date yet, so that's kinda weird.  Guess I will have an extra one soon.


    Neat little gadget! (Didn't get the SMB one, so this is my first.)

    1. joeatari1


      I saw a whole rack of them at my local Wal*Mart.  I probably should have picked one up while I was there.

  24. I had tickets for the Packers/Lions game where it made their last 0-16 season official. But I didn't want to make the drive, so I missed out on history.
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