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  1. Hah, I also use Alpine - for my Gmail account!
  2. ____ reaction to ____ videos.  Just stop it.

    1. GoldLeader


      Vocal Coach reacts to Iron Maiden Videos.

    2. Cebus Capucinis

      Cebus Capucinis

      STOP reaction to YOUTUBE videos

  3. Anyone here an expert on IIS SSL bindings?  Google has been useless for my issue.

    1. Reaperman


      Actually maybe. Though I broadened out of the specialty in 2013, it's still in my general area. What's wrong with the binding?

    2. thanatos


      PM sent!  Though in 2013, you might not have even run into this issue yet.

    3. x=usr(1536)


      Shoot me a PM.  I'm no longer in tech, but may something useful that can be dredged out of my brain.

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  4. He just has negative things to say about them all, hence his username.
  5. I think I remember @Trade-N-Games posting about this in the past - not sure if he will see my reference, but as a used store, he has had to deal with this before. I think he isolates them in bags for awhile.
  6. I asked a friend from England how his July 4th was today.  It was all in good fun of course.

    1. doctorclu


      Hey what was the most popular dance for Americans in 1776?



    2. Jamtex


      It was a normal sunday. How was 'George Washington Traitor' day for you? :P

  7. Should hold me over for the rest of the summer.


  8. Ah! Sent to another country for "recycling". So it was cheaper to ship it out, rather than to deal with trying to send it to the dump and paying all the appropriate fees.
  9. Garfield sucks.  Heathcliff is way better.  See video.


    1. Cebus Capucinis

      Cebus Capucinis

      Is there not room in your heart for two orange tabbies? 😢


    2. Charlie Cat

      Charlie Cat

      @thanatos I like Heathcliff a lot. In fact, one of my favorite books of all time was a Christmas edition regarding him that I still treasure for years called, "Heathcliff's Night Before Christmas". :)

       Heathcliff's Night Before Christmas: 9780816715596: Amazon.com: Books

  10. Well, it's the only one I found with an identical looking form factor.
  11. I think I found the projector. $80. https://www.amazon.com/AZEUS-Projector-1920x1080-Compatible-Portable/dp/B07Y2RCVBM
  12. But just look how excited everyone is, even thought the player is still on the first level!
  13. You think Star Trek: The Motion Picture was bad in the theater?  Try being 10 years old and being brought to Dune at 8PM.

    1. IntelliMission


      The only I-shouldn't-be-watching-this-movie moment in my childhood was when my mom brought me to Batman in 1989 (PG13, I was 9). The violence was not much more than the DC comic books I was reading at the time, but seeing it on the screen was different. I vividly remember "the taste of cool violence" when the Joker was killing people for fun.


      Dune is kind of scary even for some adults and I found it disturbing the times I watched it on the TV as a kid, so watching it at 10 years old on the big screen must have been a traumatic experience.


      As a kid, I don't think my parents ever brought me to a movie that was too complex or without enough action. In retrospective, it would have been cool.

    2. thanatos


      Oh, I don't mean trauma or scariness, that stuff I thought was neat.  Most of the movie was so slowly paced I slept for at least half of it.

    3. doctorclu


      Didn't see Dune in the theaters.  Hope to remedy that with the next Dune movie.  :D

  14. Years ago, at a Dave & Busters, my wife had spent all but 1000 of her tickets.

    "Anything else?"

    And then she said "I would like 100 rubber snakes."

    They had to go back and get another box, and count them out.  It was hilarious.

  15. Sounded the same to me as being asked to buy gift cards and reading the numbers off to the scammer on the phone.
  16. Ever need a 'Come to Jesus meeting' of plastic lids to matching containers because half of each are missing?  Yeah, first world problems.


    I just wanted to put some leftovers in the fridge and it took 3 tries.

    1. GoldLeader


      Hehaa!  All the time!     Seems like something that would be easy huh?

    2. carlsson


      Ah, the story about how Jesus fed 5000 people with five loafs of bread and two fishes, and had plastic containers ready to put away the leftovers.

  17. After seeing the Tempest and Centipede Replicades for $399 and $599 at Vintage Stock last weekend, I just checked eBay, and glad I got me a Tempest. Neat!
  18. Guess I never read the descriptions well enough to notice the 2nd game! Well, Amazon has the Zelda one up for pre-order already, so, yeah...
  19. I will probably get the Zelda one since it has 3 games, so I'll play them. The SMB one with just the one game isn't enough as just a novelty, I don't really collect stuff like that.
  20. Correct, it's the same one as in the photos Crazy Climber posted.
  21. A status symbol amongst game collectors. Yeah, not a group I'm really concerned about impressing.
  22. 9B 2038237 is mine. Finally got around to opening it tonight to verify.
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