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  1. 9B 2038237 is mine. Finally got around to opening it tonight to verify.
  2. I have a brief cameo in the latest Kent Rollins youtube video.  But even the few here that have actually met me might not even spot it.

    1. GoldLeader


      Awesome!   Now,  I don't know who that is...At first speed read,  I thought it said Kenny Loggins, but then I read it again even quicker, and came up with Henry Rollins...So I read it regular speed instead of trying to get through it in .04 nanoseconds and thought Cool!  Who's Kent Rollins?   (heh)

    2. SlidellMan


      You're talking about that cowboy chef, right?

    3. thanatos


      @SlidellMan Yup!  His recipes always look amazing.  I got to meet him and his wife, and try the food in person.  They are the nicest people you could imagine.


  3. True, but a Goodwill store trying to run a scam? That wouldn't be great for business if they got caught.
  4. Wasn't that the PS2 version that was bad? Or is this also PS4?
  5. Haven't turned on my PS2 for about 3 years until tonight, and the clock had the right date and was only 30 minutes slow.

    And I bought it new.

    1. Charlie Cat

      Charlie Cat

      Such a fantastic unit the PS2 is thanatos. It's one of my favorite units of all time. 8^)

  6. Nice, I think that's one I would have bought at MGC 2019, but when I got to his booth they were sold out.
  7. Holy cow! I have one of those. As cool as the game is, once a cartridge starts getting that ridiculous in price, I debate keeping it. It's tough. I always hope the homebrew designers keep a couple to the side for the same exact reason, they deserve that profit more than anybody.
  8. Strangely enough, Super Star Wars. Saw it at a relatives house at a family gathering. I was so amazed by just the intro graphics and music that I had to have it. But I didn't even get one until 1994.
  9. I should probably clean out my office more often.  I just found a CompUSA corporate credit card, from a company I quit in 1999.

    1. Cebus Capucinis

      Cebus Capucinis

      At least it's not a Diner's Club card!

  10. I was in college when the first Quicktake was released, and my work-study job was in the computer lab. So over winter break, I got to check one out and take it home, along with a Powerbook - but only with a black and white screen. But my family was still kind of impressed at my nerd powers. "Look, I can take a picture and show it to you on this screen in minutes!" Sadly any pictures I took are long gone.
  11. With a 5+ year old blog post!
  12. Ah, I see. Just thought it was a cosmetic thing.
  13. Been watching this topic for a while, and the progress is amazing! My only comment so far is that the "loading sector" message would be kind of annoying to me. Just a personal opinion.
  14. The Astley Paradox: If you ask Rick Astley for a DVD of the movie “Up”, he will not give it to you because he is Never Gonna Give You Up. However by not giving you Up, even though you asked for it, he is letting you down.

    1. GoldLeader


      The science is sound.

    2. Keatah


      The sound of silence in preferable.

    3. Cebus Capucinis

      Cebus Capucinis

      He'll probably offer to compromise and watch it with you, since otherwise he'd desert you.

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  15. Hah, if I can't get the QR code to work, it will just remind me of the days where not a single attempt of taking an Activision high score game picture with my 110 camera would have the score after the film was developed. It would always end up being a band in the screen somewhere where the score was not. No patches for me ever. And if I ever make it back up to MN, I will bring a ton of beer to hang out in your basement!
  16. Not a "not buying" story, but more of a missed treasure trove that wasn't realized. 2004, my workplace had an abandoned lab upstairs, full of old PS2s and 486/586 era beige PCs, set up neatly on shelves, that hadn't been touched in years. My job didn't have anything to do with them, but the running servers I was in charge of were also up there in the pseudo server room. I thought it was all neat, but worthless at the time. Once in awhile I would power one up and see Windows 3.1 appear. "How neat! But glad I don't have to deal with this stuff anymore!" And then we had to move buildings, so we recycled them all. Because back then, even I was like "none of this stuff is useful!" If I had pictures of this lab, I think everyone here would flog me now. But trust me, I have many regrets! So many clicky keyboards and even monitors with BNC connectors. Ugh!
  17. It would be. However US law says if you get sent something, it's yours, even if by mistake. It is considered a gift. Circuit City sent me a second fat PS3 back in the day. That was nice of them.
  18. My VIP edition also arrived today. Haven't unboxed it yet, will do that later tonight.
  19. Got my tetanus shot today.  Looking forward to being able to step on rusty nails again.

  20. Can't comment on your second shipping notice, but you definitely got a sweet number!
  21. Hah, so this has been in the hands of 3 Atariage members at least... If I didn't already have a 5200, I'd probably make it as the fourth.
  22. Just got my tracking number a couple minutes ago, for VIP #49.
  23. Hah, I wouldn't call my MVS cart shelf "neat and well organized". But it is just across the room from the cab. Though thank you for the compliment! You are correct, it is a 2-slot. It has a Universe BIOS in it as well. Tonight after powering it up and playing Neo Mr. Do! I realized the board battery has died because my high scores were gone. I did the mod years ago shortly after I bought it to replace the factory one that leaks with a coin cell, so I just need to put another one in there.
  24. It's odd, I kinda feel like I am participating in another moment of Atari history, as lame as that might sound.
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