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  1. You live in Northern Ireland?! Is that where you originate? I'd love to see Ireland some day. :)

  2. Is that a joystick or are you happy to see me? ;)

  3. Hey, i haven't been here in awhile. just figured out how to publish my entries..... so if you read them, they are OLD. Right now, i'm just chillin here in Utah. Here are some new tidbits: My best friend is getting married in September. I've been frequenting way too many arcades. I just started painting with Acrylics. I've got a cold. I found an inflatable Ralph at BigLots. I love Burt's Bees LipBalm, it makes my day. Oh, and i'm on MySpace, so check it out. If you're interested. http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fusea...iendid=42738247
  4. so if I bring an item, could you guys look at it and see if we can fix it? I have a thingy that connects to the 2600 and plays multiple games with a button push, but it doesn't seem to work. thanks!
  5. That sounds awesome! I'll try to be there. I will let you know either way. finally a chance to meet some of you guys!
  6. AtariChick

    I still want to live

    Hey Kepone! how are things going in your life? sounds like you are quite busy! I decided to check out what is going on here at Atariage lately..... give me a email back and let me know how you are! -Brienne
  7. Cool! Thanks guys! I will definately check out wal mart and some pawn shops. so far i've checked ebay but they want a butt load for a stupid game. grrrrr, thanks!-
  8. d'oh, i haven't been here in a loooooooong time. thanks for the heads up.
  9. Hey guys, i finally got my childhood dream. my very own black and white gameboy.....are any of you looking to get rid of some games I could buy? thanks!
  10. Cool pics! I bet you had a radical time, too bad i didn't know about it in advance, or we could have carpooled! Maybe another time!
  11. How much is this worth? Does anybody know? It has the box and everything with it.
  12. Never mind....the power adapter I got has a switch to choose the voltage you want....i had it on 3 volts....*note to self* read package before freaking out...
  13. I finally found a power source....I plug it in...switch it on and it is just gray/black screen with a few lines....is this a wrong power source or something wrong with the system? help!!!!?!!!???
  14. Now that I've finally started seriously wanting to buy a NES, my thrift stores don't seem to have any! The ones on Ebay are way too expensive, so I hope that someone will get rid of one soon to my local thrift, so I can buy it. If you have any leads, cheap ones....let me know! I found my 2600 at the local thrift in GREAT condition for 2$. I cried from happiness.......sigh...
  15. ok, so i have my games just cleaned.....how do i clean my system? and if that's not it, what new cords do i need to get and where can i get them? I have it on an rf switch, can it be that the switch is bad?sometimes the game doesn't come up at all! wrong system i know, but i also need a 2600 power supply, is there a generic one i can get? like from radio shack? PLEASE HELP!!!!! thanks!
  16. Hey guys, i just BARELY found out that this was available for 7800....does anyone have a copy i can buy? I really would like to have one! thanks!!!!!!!
  17. Hey I bought this tonight....does anyone know anything about it? I kind of bought it as a joke for a friend......
  18. Thanks guys! that helps a lot. I think i'll get Yoshi Island......
  19. What are your fav games for this system......they have to be young adult compatible, since it's for my 11 year old sis. thanks!
  20. Ha ha, I love that episode.....and i just about jumped from the couch all the way to the computer to tell you guys when i saw it on! but then i got lazy.....hee hee
  21. Well, not really finished, hence the "", but I've gotten to the Yoshi part.....hee hee, oh that Yoshi...
  22. It's ok bro... That makes better sense now, thanks guys....so I guess I did get smarter.... as to the fact of the game being different, yeah, i don't like it as much, but it's my sis's gba, so i just play with it....
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