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  1. Hi Ivop, "You can also export to WAV so you can replay it at your PC to listen to the quality. Reexport as RAW when your done, or cut-off the first 44 bytes of your final WAV file." This is something i can do with AUDACITY ndary
  2. Hi Ivop, how you convert the WAV file to raw sample data? what too you use?
  3. Hi Guys, i am looking for a simple routine that can play wav (sample voice) sounds on the atari 8bit (with antic on) any one can direct me to information or the link to a previous thread discussing this issue. thanks ndary
  4. Hi Groundtrooper can you share your Concerto label please?
  5. 657104 Thank you for another Contest , Merry Christmas, AVG works on the EclaireXL..
  6. Please add me to the Pre-order list Dragonfly basic version...RED Color + YM2151 module - 100PLN / $27 Nir
  7. ndary


    in the old ATARI 800 if you do not close the LID you cant switch the ATARI ON, you can mod and disable that to allow leaving the LID open when you insert a cart. since AVG option to connect also to the SIO port, the discussion for leaving the LID open or closed is not relevant,
  8. i should have a spare paperclib dongle here somehwere
  9. wow.. such bad news, I spoke with him on FB not so log ago unbelievable
  10. thank you for the great video
  11. I got a VOICE BOX v1, and its not working on the ATARI 800, i replaced the SP chip from another working unit also check the SIO connection and voltages, did someone identify the logic chips used so i can try and replace them? thanks
  12. When will this be avalable,?
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