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  1. the Eclare was sold, thank you for anyone who asked for details
  2. here are some carts that I had in the past, enjoy...
  3. Hi Andreas.. Next time I will come to Abbuc meeting I will bring you a TIME PILOT cartridge 20 Years ago I converted bunch of games to XEGS cartridge format, Bruce Lee, Tapper, Pooyan, Blue Max 2001, Cavernia, Who dares wins II, Cohens Towers, Ghost Chaser, Swat, Vanguard... and many more.. all using same technique for copying the game date from the cartridge banks to RAM and executing the game... you can probably google them and find the rom images in one of the archivers
  4. Since I bough two Eclaire units I am selling one at the same price I paid for it. it has the latest firmware on it
  5. i am selling one of my eclaire XL complete boards with the acrylic mini itx case it has the latest firmware on it. https://youtu.be/ordWyp8HZZ8 price 250$ plus postage and fees if anyone interested let me know
  6. Did anyone manage to create and print a 3D case for the 1088XEL?
  7. Interested in the cart version.. How.do i order?
  8. I would go for the direction of bank switched cartridge and keep it under 48k ram (no OS swapping), so it can be ported to the ATARI 5200 later if needed.
  9. ndary


    Hi Larry.. These are 64k ram chip and an MMU
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