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  1. It was six years ago, but if I recall correctly I tracked down a different power supply and that ended up fixing it.
  2. You sure you don't want the game? I'll probably throw it in anyway --what am I gonna do with it? $40 sounds great. I'll clean the system up (haven't yet) and snap some photos tonight or tomorrow. I'll PM you.
  3. I really have no idea. Digitpress says it's worth around $40 complete. This is loose with controllers. Star Control II is listed at $35 complete, this one's loose. Wanna make me an offer under those prices (plus shipping)?
  4. What model is it? FZ-1 or FZ-10? I've been looking for a 3DO for a while now and have had absolutely 0 luck. It's this one:
  5. I picked up a 3do at Goodwill the other day. Panasonic. Two controllers, no video cable (but it's not proprietary). No games, but when I powered it on there was a copy of Star Control II in the drive. I have no idea what I'm going to do with it; it'll probably sit on the shelf with my other unused "because they were there" system purchases. If anyone wants it, I'll accept a reasonable offer.
  6. The problem could have been with the 7800. My 2600 that's hooked up through an "autotuning" VCR (with its own quirks, like how since it doesn't actually have an antenna, it doesn't think there are any channels to tune to) and occasionally the picture will be snowy. I powercycle the 2600 and it often clears up.
  7. If dentists pursue a smiler technique to whiten there patients teeth, then surely that would make the console brighter instead of reversing the UV damage? I mean, is it really a chemical reaction that can be undone? Is the next step to be removing the effects of a burned object? Did you look at the pictures? It seems to work ok.
  8. Could you cite us a link please? I'm quite interested. My SNES has yellowed somewhat. Here's the story on Lifehacker.
  9. You all are probably going to kill me for this one but... I passed on a TI99/4A with a dust cover (a plastic case thing with a lid), two controllers and around 8 games this weekend. It was marked at $30 and didn't have a power supply or A/V cable. I really wanted it, but I've never seen one in the wild before and wasn't sure I'd be able to score the additional cables.
  10. I have one of those. I never play it because the sound effects are so obnoxious. It constantly goes "BEEOOOO BEEOOOO BEEOOOO" while playing. Is that normal for these things? To be super obnoxious like that?
  11. Heh, multimeter work is a little beyond my usual "clean and pray" skillset for console repair. Besides, it turns out it pulls right even when there's no controller plugged in, so I think you're right, something's fried. But thanks for the info, everyone!
  12. I scored a box of Colecovision stuff at a tag sale yesterday: Colecovision (two controllers, power, video) Expansion Module #1 2 Amiga Power Sticks for 2600 The Coleco appears to be a bit fried but I haven't given up on it. The good news is that my previous thought-fried Coleco apparently works with the hookups for this one, so maybe my old one just needed a new power brick. Anyone know the rarity on the Amiga Power Sticks? They're pretty awesome.
  13. Hi, I scored a Colecovision at a tag-sale today, got it home, powered it on, and it works! But in all games right-direction behaves as though it's held down; the character moves to the right constantly. I tried both controllers that came with this system, and two controllers that I had from a DOA Coleco I'd gotten last year, all with the same result. I haven't yet tried whether the problem exists for player2. So my question is this: what should I try? How might I fix this issue?
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