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  1. Thanks for the fix. Please scroll to the link: "Megacarts_Hechos_con_Megacartstudio.zip"
  2. https://gamemasterquilpue.000webhostapp.com/Atari_Megacart.htm
  3. I built the cartridge. It works! http://spaceinvader.comuf.com/Multicartridge_Atari_con_CPLD.htm Thanks for sharing.
  4. Very good job, I 'm trying to build. The schematic is incomplete , missing the pins that go to the CPLD , there are 13 pins unidentified. Could you show complete schematic circuit? Eric
  5. fix3 is perfect! Finally, the american TV display the menu! Soon more info, thanks Alex
  6. Fix2 not work in my TOSHIBA CRT 21" NTSC Made in USA. We need another ntsc tester...
  7. Tests on real hardware. I made a wired multicart 64/128KB, and tried some roms. All ok, it works, change to the games, and the games run perfect, but the menu remains PAL, and does not work on a NTSC console and TV. Video: I put the NTSC mode properly, here it is the code: megacardmenu_v2_2_TEST_pal.asm megacardmenu_v2_2_TEST_ntsc.asm In Stella, works ok, but in actual hardware, no. Maybe someone can fix this ...
  8. Thanks to alex_79 and DrWho198 for your patience. The last code it seems PAL only, (strange colors), not work in NTSC. And, Mouse Trap not work at all. The bin:megacardmenu_v2_2fix+games PAL ONLY.bin This is, at the moment, the best code (for me ) : megacardmenu_15_games_4K_ntsc_test1.asm The problem is Mouse Trap corrupt. The rest is perfect.
  9. megacardmenu_v2_2.asm not work... menu is ok, but games don't run (yes, I add the games). Or, I'm doing something wrong...
  10. Thanks for the name generator, DrWho198. Now I 'm using DASM. I added Mousetrap to the menu... corrupt load. megacardmenu 15 games 4K _mousetrapbad.BIN Some games are going well , and others not. Alex , thanks for the rom NTSC , I'll try it soon
  11. Ok , my mistake, I used MDMCMenu.bin I can not easily change the games names with MegacardMenu v2-0.bin. Too much code for me...
  12. oops Sorry , not my file menu, I just modified . To change the titles , only replaced the TITLE 00000x by the name of the game , to obtain 8 games per screen. Indeed , Invaders, Keystone Kapers and Q * Bert games are bad. I'll try your solution. I look forward for someone to do a good menu, or fix the MegacardMenu v2-0.BIN .
  13. The Atari 2600 multicart is still alive ... Blinky , I am not Brazilian , I am from Chile No doubt this will build, meantime already made a small 64KB ROM for testing, with the menu "MegacardMenu V2-0", and 15 NTSC games. It works ok in Altirra . MDMCMenu_test_15 games 4K_ntsc_OK.BIN Regards.
  14. It is not a real monolithic binary. But works...
  15. Qb NTSC: http://www.4shared.com/file/4pVmhFn9/Qb_NTSC.html
  16. With the same software, I make my own S/XEGS SRAM cart, see my page: http://spaceinvader....ri_SRAMCART.htm
  17. This is my handwired Atari 2600 8 KB sramcart: More information soon in my website.
  18. It works! I use my 2600 SRAMCART. Big surprise, my 2600 clon have bidirectional controller ports!
  19. Hi Alex_79, I re- draw your Dumper circuit, please let me know if this correct: I'm going to build it soon...
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