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  1. I’ve never played the home brew game but I like your list. I did have fun playing space jockey when I was a kid. I always thought it was fairly unique that you could lay waste to some aggressive defenders like the jet and prop plane but could also destroy a couple celebrating their wedding in a romantic hot air balloon, blow up the environment by gunning down trees and laying waste to some poor soul and his family in his little red bricked home. Just a joke of course but that is a unique aspect of the game for the era.
  2. Really interesting reading. Funny that Starship is called by two names in the first ad. “Space Mission” and then Starship in the description of the game.
  3. Cool stuff shown here. I was an Atari kid, I wish I had a picture of it handy, but my mom ordered me a silver Atari jacket back around 1982 or so. I wore that thing all the time but then it was stolen from me in 1st grade or so from the jacket rack in my classroom. I had a Missile Command and Centipede shirt too back around the same time period.
  4. I felt pretty good about my $.99 buy of Space Cavern right after the crash. Those bins were great at Circus World and Kay Bee Toys!
  5. I always enjoyed both on the 2600, never had a 5200 so can't comment. I always liked the "Breakthru" variation on Breakout. I think that is the one where your ball continues through the wall instead of bouncing back to your paddle.
  6. It's not that hard of a game to find, but out of my original collection that I've had since childhood the only that completely quit working was Pitfall II. Still haven't replaced it.
  7. I have to second Dark Cavern (one of my all time favorites), Turmoil, Coconuts, and Solar Storm. All very nice games. I know it's dismissed quite a bit, but Word Zapper is a lot of fun. The advanced level variation (letter combinations but not words) with difficulty levels set to A can be pretty challenging. Of course I also liked Sneak N Peak so your mileage may vary.
  8. Combat was a favorite. I was so good at the biplanes that I would beat my brother regularly even using the 3 against 1 (big biplane, aka the Gotha bomber - I was an aviation nut even as a kid). I also enjoyed the twin jet fighters variation. Both players had twins. That was pretty fun. I really can't remember any others right off hand. Adventure game number 3 was always cool though. Both difficulty switches set to A. Made it pretty challenging even for an experienced player.
  9. Yeah there were still plenty of new Atari 2600 games floating around in the early 1990's at local toy stores. I remember seeing Xenophobe but not the others. Never bought it though, I didn't think the translation to a home console would be any good. I remember the plethora of black and white boxed Atari games though (re-releases of Breakout, etc.) that had the huge instruction booklets (thick) with multiple languages. I remember buying a few Imagic titles that were the blue label Activision style cartridges also, as well as the relabled old Coleco branded games like Venture. I mainly still bought the games because I always loved Atari 2600 games even though I had an Apple IIGS (and slightly later a PC) as well as an Atari Lynx. It was a cool time to buy those games because they were dirt cheap and come to find out had interesting label variations.
  10. I had Planet Patrol and Gangster Alley. Both were pretty fun games. Planet Patrol was kind of unique for having a "boss" and a rescue/refueling mission, plus night waves. The collision detection wasn't the greatest, and I lost some ships due to my wings apparently hitting a torpedo or drone (on difficult "A" the player's ship's wings extend further). I think they produced some good games.
  11. I'm torn, I gravitate towards both Atari and Sears sixers. I like the woodgrain on the Sears but like the font on the Atari sixers.
  12. Should have it tonight by the time I get home from evening classes. Something to look forward to after a long day...
  13. I think the only release I have with the black and white instruction manual is a blue label Demon Attack. I think this was after Activision took control of Imagic's games.
  14. I've had a II GS since it first came out. Neat computer, but interestingly most of the games I enjoy(ed) playing were the older Apple II games like Wings of Fury, GI Joe, Lode Runner, most of the Infocom games... I had Silpheed and Thexder which were fun but I could never even beat the 2nd stage of the Last Ninja. Really tough!
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