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  1. Anyone low on cash that wants a portable device to run an Atari or Amiga emulator, at full speed, should get a Nokia N800 or N810 WiFi Internet Tablet. Works great, just no built-in phone (however you can use it with a phone, via bluetooth). The N810 has a built in keyboard, and the N800 can use either the onscreen keyboard, or you can plug any USB keyboard directly into the device. Atari800 runs great on my N800. It runs Linux, and you can run a shell, and compile any UNIX app. There are plenty of premade apps at the Maemo site. Now that Nokia is dropping their Linux-based devices (stupidly), the N800/N810 will likely be getting even more affordable. Even still, it's good at what it was designed to do, and you can pick them up from $60-150.00. The older 770 is also still good for many things, and can be found for less than $50.00... I plan on getting one cheaply & velcroing it to the fridge, ha. I modded my N800 with Leopard-patterned tape, so it doesn't look like a horrible silver AM radio from the 70s... lol... Came out really cool looking. all ready have a cheap tablet its called a nook flashed with gingerbread my g/f uses it all the time going to flash to honeycomb soon
  2. Runs awsome on my htc evo shift granted I have it overclocked undervolted from 800 mhz stock to 1.2 ghz lol my phone is a over clockers dream runs stable even at 1.5 ghz undervolted just wish i could undervolt when i run it at 1.8 it sucks down the battery fast at 1.8
  3. i have the master system and it looked alot less choppy on it
  4. child world was a toy store chain in New England i paid 89.99 december of 84 for a 800 xl
  5. program drove me nuts i am running windows xp and it crashed on all the songs i tried to convert and i did the correct usage vgmatr song.vgm song.xex song.sap i even tried running in command prompt on safe mode and it still crashed
  6. i thought all the games were pretty decent but i am most interested in seeing the sms music player but the link just gives a description of the programs
  7. the one i bought was at a department store they had a table full of them and it was just a plain cardboard box that said contains two atari joysticks and when i got home i was shocked to see the donkey kong cartridge in the box they must have been surplus atari inventory i had a atari 800xl so donkey kong did not go to waste
  8. back in like 1985 i bought donkey kong for the atari home computer and it included one or 2 atari joysticks i bet that was a pretty rare item i was like 12 at the time wish i never tossed out the box it came in
  9. i am so sorry to the mods in the atari 2600 forums that i offended that moved my topic to here didn't know you could not post anything in that forum that was funny just because it had ebay mentioned in it guess your not allowed to have a sense of humor there
  10. eBay Auction -- Item Number: 230481863700 Is this guy retarded ?
  11. damn have not played that game since 1984 and i still remember hey samurai and the samurai dude says "once again i cut another useless object " and the helicopter goes kabomb
  12. whoops forgot to add the list of games listofgames.txt
  13. for all the lazy people I put them all in one zip file http://www.megaupload.com/?d=0SGV53U0
  14. windex would probly be a very bad idea way to much water and if you use rubbing alcohol use the 91% Isopropyl Alcohol instead of the only 50% rubbing alcohol
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