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  1. Hello, as you know, I am into development of these Atari 8-bit games. I know many of you do enjoy them and I enjoy chatting with you guys about ideals and feed back about them. Now several times, when a game is almost complete or about to be released on Cartridge, I get people jumping in asking if the game will support the Indy 500 Driving Controller, or other devices like Trackball, or even can play it from the keyboard. Should my games support these other devices? Maybe other developers can see this and maybe they can support to their games. The default device remains to be the joystick. How many people really have devices other than the joystick? Will actually play the game with something other than the joystick? Indy 500 was a cartridge game on the 2600 that had its own custom controller. The Driving Controllers look like paddles, but have no stop, the input is read differently with something known as gray code. I usually avoid announcing my games too far in advance due to the history of certain members getting nasty developers on here. I wait until the game is done with programming and beta testing to say anything about the game. That is so I can make screen shots and YouTube videos that show the game play without any problems. I recently started experimenting with Work in Progress (WIP) YouTube videos to document the development of the game, show others, and get feedback on what they think. Now Tempest Elite will support the Driving Controller, along with Paddle, and Trackball. Megaoids supports the Driving Controller and Keyboard. I had incorrect information about reading the trackball with Gray Code at the time, but if the trackball has joystick mode, it still can be played. The games default back to the joystick at powerup, which most people enjoy playing the games with. I do have this 2600 Surround / Tron game in development. Maybe you seen it posted in other threads. This is several Surround like games in one cartridge. One of the surround type games I seen on another system was this four player game. I thought that was cool. How could I bring that to the 8-bit with the XL/XE with 2 joystick ports? What I did on the option screen, you can choose the 4 joysticks on the 400/800 if you have one, or another option is use the "MultiJoy8" interface. Working on support for driving controller. I have this as a flag/switch inside the program that the user can change when the title splash screen is up, each interface reads PORTA and PORTB differently.
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