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  1. Awesome, you got some nice stuff man. I like the crüe flag! Back in black is a great album.
  2. Chickybaby, for an awesome 8 track player, go to eBay and do a searck for an "Akai 8 Track" for a super nice, extremle heavy, and great sounding component 8 track deck... It records too so you can put your new music on 8 track. If you want an 8 track player with am/fm radio and a good amount of inputs for other components, look for the "Panasonic RA-6600" it too is a very clear sounding and very nice unit. And the FM reception is AMAZING. My main problem with 8 tracks is finding them. Most the time I see them they're all bands I never heard of, and when I do find a good classic rock lot, they are usually in bad shape. The last thing you wan to do is put a piece of junk tape into a nice player. Another note, those 8 tracks that have crappy music or you never heard of, make excellent recording carts (If they're in nice shape). Even if your not gonna buy an 8 track player anytime soon, search for the 2 I mentioned next time your on eBay. -Russ
  3. I do have a turntable, and some albums. i may have to take you up on that sometime. just let me know whats going on. you dont live very far away. i just gotta make sure im in town when your ready. Thanks!
  4. I know this is a little off topic here, but I was wondering if anyone has some 8 Track tapes laying around that they wish to get rid of. I'm looking for classic rock/metal albums. Typically stuff you would hear on a classic or hard rock radio station.
  5. This is funny for the following reasons. 1. Its not original because its a four switch. 2. Atari was available first in 78, not 80 3.you could get 100 sears heavy sixers for that price, let alone 1 four switch woody. i know everyone here is aware of this, but i just had to say it. im 19 years old and have been collecting for the atari for only a few years, and i can tell you that.
  6. Im looking for a copy of Beat Em & Eat Em. im looking to buy a loose copy. i can pay $30 for a loose copy, if someone has a complete one, all i can afford to spend is $45. i know it goes for more than that CIB, which is why im looking for a loose copy. if anyone has an extra copy, just PM ths paypal address to me. Thanks! -Russ
  7. Space Invaders! JK! Air Raid Pepsi Invaders Stronghold Atari Video Cube/Rubik's Cube
  8. The way I see it, its only a word. Calling some one a fuckin idiot is the same as calling them an idiot. Sayig shit is no worse than "shoot". Did you ever stop and thing why these are "bad words"
  9. Tengen Tetris is worth $1,000? Wow if anyone wants to offer me $100 shipped for mine, it's theirs.
  10. I hated school. I don't think I ever actually "did" a research paper. I was a jackass but at the same time, I was a nice person. My teachers all liked me, and I got along with my parents. We had our arguments, but we always got over them. I never got grounded or anything, they'd just give me the guilt trip. And they never cared about cursing (unless it was to them) in that case I'd get knocked out. But cursing over the net? Who cares. I dropped the f bomb all the time when I was with my friends, they did the same when they were kids. You can't get mad at someone for doing something when you did the same thing.
  11. Damn, I would love to by ROB off of you, but I crashed my car into a cement guardrail on Friday, so I have to use a lot of my money for repair, and a rental for the week
  12. Thank you Stitch! I'll have to look into that, mostly for the harder to find titles.
  13. I have to reccomend Taz Mania. One of my all time favorites. There was another game my sister had as a kid, I think it was crystals pony tales or something like that
  14. How would one go about doing this mod? Is it a program that needs to be installed in the system itself, or do I have to do actual work to the system?
  15. I hear the original xbox can be used as an emulator for classic systems like the NES, 2600, and the genesis. With that being said, can it be don with the PS2 or a PSP (don't have one of these but they can't be that expensive used especially if it can't read games on a disc)
  16. Hmm... If I didn't know any better, I'd say were on to something?
  17. Didn't the colecovision come with controller extensions?
  18. I'm not exactly capable of hacking a game myself, although, I'd like to learn sometime. Where should I start?
  19. Venture 3 has all the levels. Looks like I'll have to talk to CPUWIZ in a few days to see about getting it on cart form
  20. Cool. I'll go and check out the ROMs
  21. Air Raid is a great game (though, not worth $2000) Sneak N Peek ain't that bad either with a friend or alone after a few beers Video Pinball is fun as well.
  22. This is something that I think should be done. It's kind of like what was done to Warlords. If Warlords can be hacked to make Medieval Mayhem, then Venture should be able to be redone to be identicle to the colecovision port, which is a great game. The most noticible things are the inventory chart that tells you what treasures you got, and that there are only 2 levels that just repeat themselves (and the coleco version had a name for all the rooms) in the 2600 port and the coleco version had a lot more. Also the 2 player option is abscent from the game. The final thing isn't THAT big of a deal but it's an honorable mention, when one of the rooms is completed, the room gets filled in making it obvious that it's complete, but in the 2600 port, it looks the same, you won't know until you try to enter the room weather or not you already did it. Don't get me wrong the 2600 version isn't a bad game, but it's nowhere near as kick ass as the coleco version. But that's ok, it doesn't stop me from liking the 2600 console better than the CV. Any thoughts?
  23. I would sell the rates separate and the commons in a lot. Or better yet, keep them.... Or give them all to me
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