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  1. so most of you suggest i buy a Jag. CD instead of a NUON?
  2. i know that the Jaguar CD still has little,but does have games being produced by companies such as Songbird Productions...but is NUON still having games being made too?
  3. i was gonna get a Jaguar CD originally but ive recently heard of NUON DVD players,i already have an XBOX,but is it worth getting a NUON just for its games and stuff because i already have a DVD player(XBOX!).I can get a Toshiba SD-2300 NUON DVD-Video Player for $189.99,i can get the Jag.CD for $150.00(thats with ALOT of extras)...what one to get?!
  4. im wanted to know all the games that use the Team-Tap...
  5. AKIRA


    does the 7800 use an RFU(also,does it come with one?) PS:im still wondering what the best place to get a 7800 is!?!?!
  6. AKIRA


    i was wondering where i can get a (i prefer NEW)7800 for the best deal? PS:it is true it can play all 2600,5200,and 7800 games,right?
  7. AKIRA


    i recently just decided to look at the Atari 2600 games and saw they looked dated but pretty cool!!! so im wondering where the best place to get one(which i prefer NEW)is?(with games or no games...)
  8. AKIRA

    Tempest 2000

    the place i got it from was Game Trader...
  9. AKIRA

    Tempest 2000

    Last night,i went to the mall and bought Tempest 2000!!!is AWESOME!!! PS:thanks for the advice on it and also i bought Iron Soldier (Used...) but it seemed not to work even thought i cleaned it...oh well,i can it it NEW for $11!!!
  10. WAIT!do i also have to get the Memory Track for the Jaguar CD?!
  11. Dont worry,i KNOW what to get,im gonna get the Iron Soldier 2 package! PS:Avatar got REALLY boring... [ 04-25-2002: Message edited by: AKIRA ]
  12. Thanks Gunstar! ive ordered some games from Telegames and A GAME from Telegames UK but i just didnt see that deal... i should be ordering it in 3 weeks!
  13. i think $6 is a good deal! i also wanted to know what one of these i should get...AvP,Missile Command 3D,Iron Soldier,or Tempest 2000 and with your selection,please tell me the best place to get that game...ive decided to get my new Jaguar CD from http://www.best-electronics-ca.com for $99,i think its the best place for it...isnt it?!
  14. When Jaguar first came out,my Brother and I went to the mall down here and bought a "Jaguar Super Package!" that we saw in the paper for $50 all new for $49.95.It Included 5 games,2 controllers,and the with-system game CyberMorph.well,we played it for about 2 years then he took a trip to Califrnia for about a month and just lost interest in it and he made a special metal briefcase insolated inside for the Jaguar console only.So he put that and the box full of every thing else in the Closet in the attic which is always nice and cool.Today,i was at Walmart and i actually tripped on the wheel of a basket and as the woman helped me up,i saw an old magazine under the game isle.I got up and waited till the area cleared then looked under the rack and some reason pulled the dusty magazine out and saw the picture of a Jaguar and Jag.CD on the front.I then put it back under the shelf and remembered the fond memories of Jaguar...So i rushed out the store,took the short way home,and went up in the attic and it was PERFECT,just like i put it up the,it looks new again.I plugged in up,cleaned every part of it,every game,every accesory,EVERYTHING!!!i plugged it up just for a test play and some of the games were needing a little more of a cleaning so i moved the game in and out of the console a few time and they all worked fine...so im back into Jaguar!!!!!!!!so i need some info now,i have Cybermorph,Bubsy,UltraVortek,Supercross,and Pitfall...what to get next?!?!iwas thinkin mabey Iron Soldier or Alien VS Predator but i dont know,what do you think?And if the game you suggest is multiplayer,please tell me it is and how many players. PS:im gonna get a Jaguar CD in a couple of weeks or a month,what is the best place to get one?And sorry for this being sooooo long...and also hi,im new!
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