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  1. That's extremely likely.
  2. I was literally banned within minutes.
  3. I was banned from the AtariVCS Supporters group. Was it something I said?
  4. There's a new Facebook group called AtariVCS Supporters. Just throwing that out there.
  5. I've been banned from posting on the AtacoVCS page.
  6. Yep. AA will make a custom ALien Brigade cart for $30 https://atariage.com/store/index.php?l=product_detail&p=950
  7. This absolutely bizarre movie that I love has a great sequence on bitcoin, which I posted a great many pages back, but also has the Ouya as the bad guy...
  8. Has it really been since April when we last updated this thread? We're still alive and kicking. Episode 98 will be up before too long!
  9. I took the liberty of adapting the quote I posted last night, to make it more relevant...
  10. You forgot "Reveal of the packaging this vaporware may or may not come in"
  11. I'm currently reading through the book "The Skeptic's Guide to the Universe," and in chapter 41, about a presentation of 'free energy,' presented by one Dennis Lee, came this, and I immediately thought of fred... Change a few words, and you have the Atacobox kerfuffle in a nutshell.
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