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  1. https://aloan.neocities.org/cliffall.html
  2. I have this on the Collectorvision Phoenix, and damned if I can't figure it out.
  3. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't scared. Depression + anxeity + a global pandemic is hurting me mentally.

    1. Random Terrain
    2. dj_convoy


      It's okay to feel that way, inky. None of this is normal, and it's okay to feel out of sorts about it.

  4. Apparently all state parks in Illinois are now closed.


    1. Random Terrain

      Random Terrain

      Trivia: My first step father, my mother and I lived in Forest Glen Preserve in a tent for two weeks in August of 1973.

  5. Does Stella emulate the Kid Vid module?
  6. I STILL cannot get past the platform screen!
  7. Old news. I played it over a year ago.
  8. Getting very discouraged looking for work.


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    2. GoldLeader


      I wish you the best Inky!


      This is just a shot in the dark,  but having heard your podcast, I think you've got a pretty good radio voice.  If there happens to be radio stations in your area that exist with actual DJs and Not Satellite playlists,  well maybe one is hiring?  Again,  shot in the dark.  Voiceover work is another shot in the dark.  But Don't give up hope.  Maybe just take something to get ya by at first.   I went quite a while with no job myself, then got 2 offers within 10 minutes of each other!...And now I sometimes get job offers while making deliveries on my current job,...Happened yesterday as a matter of fact.

    3. Keatah



      Or something unimportant. Just as long as you look good while screaming that unimportant babble.

    4. Joe C.

      Joe C.

      Lots of differnet jobs available. Good luck!

  9. Speaking of which, when is the Atacobox port of Big Rigs Over The Road Racing due to come out?
  10. Is there an issue with the 2600 core freezing when the roms are in multiple folders?
  11. I'll probably be asleep when new years hits Chicago, so HAPPY EARLY NEW YEAR!
  12. Im in a dungeon with fragile floors. There's one gem left to get, but the floor keeps collapsing on the only path to it. That's the best description I can give at the moment.
  13. Is there a manual for "Children of the Night" in text form somewhere? I've gotten to a point in the game that I just can't figure out. Oh, and LOVE Wizard of Wor! Awesome stuff!
  14. Eagerly awaiting more cores and the 2600 adapter! I can wait, however. Lord knows there's plenty of games to keep me busy in the meantime!
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