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  1. Damn. Just, damn. He will be missed.
  2. I don't remember the name, but I do remember that it was created by Alan Neely from Utah.
  3. Inky

    Movie Cart

    Tomorrow is 4/1. Just saying.
  4. It's good to know that the Rampage issue is the rom, and not the concerto.
  5. Has anyone been able to get Rampage to run? It loads up fine, takes one to the character select screen, but then just goes back to the character select screen. I don't know if it matters, but I'm also using a classic Genesis controller on a Seagull 78 adapter
  6. This is unbelievably amazing!
  7. Received mine, and of course, windows isn't detecting it. Grrrr EDIT: Windows DID detect it, tried to install drivers, and the LTO software never detected it
  8. I somehow missed the US reseller part. I can wait a few more days.
  9. Ugh. Zelle won't take my debit card, and you couldn't pay me to open an account with the scammers at chase.
  10. It occurs to me that this thread will be 20 years old in just a couple years.... And happy new year from nowhere, Illinois!
  11. KFC just had a romance film on Lifetime "Recipe for Seduction.". I wouldn't put this past them. Really, their weirdness in recent years got people talking about them. In that regard, things like the console are genius marketing.
  12. I've been away too long. Get well soon! You've been good to me Over the years.
  13. Oh. Basic with Pokey One
  14. Around. Working second shift these days, and no motivation to do much else than sleep otherwise
  15. I'd like to get on the list.
  16. I'd like to get on this list. Oops. I replied to the wrong thread. I'd still like one though.
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