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  1. Nahh. Dreadnaught has been a term in use for ages. Just a co-inky-dink
  2. I guess the question now is, what was the outcome of the appearance?
  3. Hmm. A Mortal Kombat spin off. Instead of Fatalities, you get "Announcements"
  4. Absolutely love this game myself. Out of all the 5200 titles, this makes the best use out of the non-centering joystick.
  5. There's been some speculation, but nothing solid.
  6. I now want to build a lifesized one to stick a Raspberry Pi in...
  7. Many more battle scenes will soon be available!
  8. "Who wrote the extremely famous phrase "a shark on whiskey is mighty risky; a shark on beer is a beer engineer?"

    1. Inky


      It was written by Dr. Worm!

  9. https://binged.it/2J8fSy3 Space Ghost: In the heat of conversation, Zorak, I may have said certain things that I don't believe to be true... Zorak: So... You lied. Space Ghost: The alleged lie that you might have heard.. me saying.. allegedly moments ago.. That's a parasite that lives in my neck. Adult Swim predicting the Atacobox?
  10. Oooh! THey have one of my favorites, Kentucky Nightmare! " So now there's a liquor store involved!" Actually, that would explain a LOT about the Atacobox
  11. Actually, that's from the spinoff, The Brak Show
  12. If you make a console, they'll move the goalposts. "Ohh. Nice console, but it's not a success like the VCS will be!" That's how cultists work. I once got into an argument with a user here who said that the arcade game Tempest wasn't a success. His argument? There was no arcade sequel. I provided stat after stat on units shipped, money made, critical consensus, but nope, this one held onto his belief that "No sequel, it's not a success."
  13. Just about 2 1/2 months until we the see Knight Rider 2600 thread pop up again!

    1. Flojomojo


      Don't know to laugh or cry

    2. GoldLeader


      I think perhaps we should all bombard Hard Work with PMs telling him to come back to AtariAge and say hello.

    3. Grig


      When was the last epic thread? It's been awhile ...

  14. The people behind the Amiga computer started by making Joysticks and games for the Atari 2600. It worked for them.
  15. Completely Ass Systems I survived the Great Console Wars of the early 80's. (circus) Charlie had me pinned down... We all had our system biases back then, but as we got older, we all got curious about those other systems we never had, and we enjoy them all now.They're all our children now.
  16. Inky


    The portables,easily.
  17. The Atari ACS- Air Circulating System
  18. Who's Tommy? she said, and laughed in her special way...
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