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  1. Yeah, I wanted to previously. But I couldn't swallow the $450 dollar investment for it. And now, I think its time to move on. After some advice from several people, including Kid Fenris... I think I have it figured out. I am going to split off two games and sell the console as described plus Magician for $550 + shipping. This was a recommendation from some people on here that a lot of people were not going to be willing to commit to the whole thing. Then, I will sell Crossed Swords and King of Monsters separately. I appreciate the advise of everyone here. I am going to wait till Friday to put it up on eBay. So, if anyone wants to message me with interest they can.
  2. Not modded. In great Condition. Would say B or B+. As a lot, hopefully. But, as I mentioned to someone else... I am aware that what the games go for separately I cannot expect to get grouped.
  3. Yes. RF not Composite. But, it looks great with RGB. It is the priciest of console hobbies for sure. I have had mine for 20 years. Even then it was pricey. And I had way less money.
  4. It has come time for me to finally commit to selling my NeoGeo. I don't want to... but, its wasting away. I haven't played it (more than a couple minutes for testing and pictures) in a year+. I would rather someone else spend time actually using it and enjoying it, instead of it sitting around gathering dust. Its a low serial, US, includes two original joysticks, the manual, and warranty sheet. Plus 3 games: Crossed Swords, Magician, and King of Monsters. The original power supply, and composite cable.. plus a mini-DIN to Euroscart for RGB out on a framemeister. I just tested it... and it worked great (RGB only... can't test composite). I cannot figure out what to sell it for because almost all the eBay ones are Japanese models, don't have 3 games, don't have two original joysticks, and don't have manuals (or RGB out... but that is minor). Someone help me price this thing. And if you are interested before it goes on eBay... let me know. We can talk. Here is an imgur album and I attached a single picture of it as well. https://imgur.com/a/33fOU4t Thanks for the advice in advance.
  5. I know its not what you asked for. But, I have a brand new C64c case that was part of a kickstarter a couple years ago. I was always planning on using it for a project but have never got it. Classic. If you are interested I could sell it to you. If not, its cool. Just thought I would offer. https://i.imgur.com/psLyvYf.jpg?2
  6. Swamp, If you make another one exactly like this... just PM me directly before posting. I will definitely scoop it up.
  7. Are you still offering your services? Do you offer discounts for multiple services? I am looking into a PAC-S10 recap and possibly a Nomad recap and lcd. Maybe a AES bios.
  8. Its been a tough choice. But, it is one of the few in my collection that just is not played as much as it should. I will INCLUDE shipping costs in all these. So, these prices are WITH SHIPPING. THIS IS US ONLY. IF you want me to ship ANYWHERE else shipping is additional. PLEASE LOOK AT THE PICTURES for quality of items. Unless noted the games come with their sleeves + manual/inserts. I will also consider trades. My list is at the bottom. Price for the entire thing is $310 w/ shipping included. I assume I will have to split it all up though. Nobody buys in bulk anymore. CDi 450 w/ Mpeg Cart. Comes with power supply and a CDi2Serial adapter w/ one Serial PC Gamepad + Light Gun (No Mad Dog, sorry) + Exploring Our Solar System + National Parks Tour + Dinosaurs! - $115 The Console door doesn't popup on its own but... works fine. So, there seems to be an issue with the timekeeper ram chip. It will have to be replaced before I can trade/sell it. I still have the games... so I will most likely just sell them off in the meantime. Zelda: Wand of Gamelon - $68 Link: Faces of Evil - $110 Hotel Mario (no sleeve but don't think it had one) - $42 Burn:Cycle - $12 Exploring Our Solar System - SEALED - $15 NFL Football Trivia Challenge - SEALED - $20 I also have a copy of Older Games Publishing "GO!" it was sold through Good Deal Games and they have been sold out for years. I don't know its true worth... if someone wants to let me know or make an offer. My WANT list: TurboGrafx Console Pier Solar for Genesis (I only want the edition that comes with the Enhanced Audio CD) NeoGeo AES games Mega EverDrive v2 So, thats it. See pictures.
  9. Keep in mind that there are a couple different drives. Thompson, Samsung and Philips. There are even a couple Hitachi floating around. They are different abilities and perform differently. Some do not work with all models and revisions of Xboxes. Just something to keep in mind.
  10. Of course we are interested. Depending on price and availability. WOuld you link the the NintendoAge post at least? So we can see the general pricing?
  11. Man, I wish I could afford to offer you a reasonable amount. I have wanted one since release day... but, I am pretty poor.
  12. I would like to add that though I am under the impression that you can sell to whomever you desire... I would, MYSELF, give priority to first PM. If someone wants something but doesn't have access to their PAYPAL till later, as mentioned above, I feel they should PM anyway and state such. I think most of us are pretty nice and "humanly" (Not real word) type people and would understand such things. But, ultimately if someone wants to entice with more than asking... I would feel no guilt in accepting such. And as stated prior, I would not encourage bidding wars. I am not a fan of those myself.
  13. I am not in anyway a representative of AtariAge, but I am under the impression that you can accept whomever your little heart desires. No one would know otherwise, most likely anyway.
  14. I just recently had mine stop reading discs. I have tried to diagnosis it... to no avail. I am pretty sure it needs a new laser. So, I am looking to just replace it. I am looking for a Sega CD Model 2 in decent condition. I do not need the adapter plate, or power, or the genesis. I want one in good working condition and without a lot of scratches. Yes, I have looked through eBay. I do not like the ones going for normal prices and I am not going to pay stupid prices for one. Thanks.
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