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  1. There's a lot of good games missing on that list. And, I don't even know how much I'm going to want to play them since they've reported that: "Unfortunately, saved game data and premium downloads will not be transferable from Xbox to Xbox 360." I'm gonna wait and see what this is like. Backwards compatibility is not a huge issue to me, but I'd still like to be able to pop in Burnout 3 or whatever every once in a while.
  2. I think that they dropped the ball by adding the ability to "check" traffic. It's not only utterly unrealistic, it just kills the tension of the game. I also hate the red rewind, and the fact that they actually took out features, such as a replay of your crash in crash mode. Add in the bugginess (combustion engine, not spontaneously combustable cars), and I think that the game definitely has its flaws.
  3. My vote also goes to the Vectrex Protector. I just love it and it feels like the arcade controls with the four buttons. The only thing that I don't like about the game is playing it on a vertical screen is really tough as the guys are on you quick.
  4. I know that there were a couple of interesting releases this week, but I think this one's worth checking out, especially if you like the genre. The game was developed by Rockstar Toronto, and it is based off of the cult-classic movie. It's a beat-em up with co-op play, nice combos, and some other interesting aspects of the game, such as tagging, picking locks, looting and stealing. It follows the King of the Monsters style for splitting the screen. When you are together, it uses one screen, but you can easily run off the screen where it will immediately change to the split (vertically). The game uses the original voice actors and is fairly faithful to the movie. As expected from Rockstar, it carries the Mature label. I've only rented it so far, but it is worth checking out. It's out for PS2 and Xbox.
  5. Hey all, Here's my auction for a Japanese PS2 and a large bunch of games: EBay Auction Thanks for looking.
  6. Just go to Digitpress.com and then choose the forum from the sidebar on the right. If you try to go to the forums directly, you'll get a 404 error. I'm sure it's just temporary as they're still fixing things up.
  7. I'm sure that there will be an American release... it's just early still, so you hear the customary "there are no plans for a North American release". I'm sure that it will arrive here sooner or later. It also looks like Tokurou Fujiwara, the director of the orignal game is involved, so it shouldn't be a bastard child. BTW, there are some pics floating around the net. Some can be found at PSPUpdates.com
  8. New Ghouls N Ghosts News Link Here's a summary: Capcom is making an all-new (not a port or remake), 2D Ghouls 'n Ghosts game for PSP. It's titled Goku Makaimura (Extreme Ghouls 'N Ghosts in English). Extreme will look and play similar to past GNG titles, but there are some new features. GNG is a side-scrolling platformer that has lots of nasty enemies and even nastier jumps to master. As you progress through Extreme, you'll be able to earn new abilities, such as double jumping, flying, and various magic spells, as well as new weapons. Another feature new to the series is open-endedness. In previous titles, there was one set path you had to take. Extreme will have multiple branches you can take throughout the levels, as well as warp points which can take you back to previous levels, so that you can get items previously inaccessible to you (think Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, but not quite as open-ended). I'm hoping Capcom doesn't mess this one up.
  9. An alpha's been released for this now: You can get the files HERE The author says: "Although the emu is missing any form of finesse, it does run pretty well -- for many or most games, it'll run full speed with no frameskip (which is good since I didn't implement frameskip yet During 'heavy math' operations it'll run slower, so unpacking Dungeon Master takes a good minute or two probably.. but running Xenon 2: Megablast and it'll run a little too fast until I add speed throttling."
  10. Yea, AFAIK, this is the only different cart that Japan got. It's still a mystery as to why Japan would have modded the rom and put it in this special cart. Klax is the only one that got a complete overhaul of box, manual, cart and (it seems) ROM. Most of the other games had Japanese manuals that were modified, but that's it otherwise. Here's a picture of a Japanese auction that shows some of the manuals. Blue Lightning seems to have gotten two manuals, a black and white one and the one in this picture.
  11. Great news. There are still some games that I want to get from Mark.
  12. It seems to be worth rental at least. I only messed around with it for about an hour or so last night before going to bed. But, the voice acting is good and the characters and all make quite an enjoyable experience so far. I can imagine things like the locked views, and the gathering of all the DNA to accumulate new powerups to get a bit tedious after a while. Plus, I'm sure that there will be a couple of seriously annoying missions. Either way, I'm happy with it as a rental, and it sounds like you'd at least get that much out of it too. The game's got personality. Personality goes a long way these days.
  13. I love the look of the Sears Super Video Arcade! Those giant buttons on the console are awesome. I also love the look of the original INTV I. I think that they complement each other well. I like the joysticks of the Sears better than the original INTV I's. I like what Sears did to the Intellivison much better than what they did to the 2600.
  14. I could see Samsung entering the market someday. At least in Korea. There are two reasons why I could see this happening: a) the company is big enough and already in the home consumer market b) the korean market alone might be attractive enough to get them interested. I didn't say it would happen, but there one of the few companies that I could see doing it.
  15. Thanks for the shot at winning Alex! I already own YASI/Protector, but I would have loved to own one of the limited edition Protectors. Congrats 8bitclassics!
  16. Thankfully, Mark from VectrexCarts.com has been making these for the average user (no overlay). But, it's such an awesome game that really every Vectrex owner needs to have. Obviously that hasn't done anything to hurt demand for the game.
  17. I remember the one just over a year ago that had the box and everything. This was the discussion we had of it then: Old Discussion Thread It was a weird auction, but it only went for $1700!
  18. It definitely looks interesting. I hope that they can ship them out in September. The last thing I'd want to see is Nintendo stepping in and stopping them or something. But, the machine looks very nice!
  19. Thanks. I remember playing with some wacky PC controllers back in the old King's Quest I and JET days, but just wasn't sure if they were "officially" analog.
  20. Yea, I thought that the 5200 created the analog sticks in response to Intellivision's 16-way controller. I don't really remember where I read that, but I definitely don't remember the Vectrex being credited for revolutionizing console's controllers. Does anyone know when analog sticks were used in PCs? Was it before or after the 5200?
  21. Those controllers look brutal! I like the look of the system though. Where's a good Wico stick when you need one?
  22. Very Very nice find! I hope that you will allow the carts to be dumped so that they can be shared among the community. You have a very unique find there.
  23. I don't know for sure, but check out the INTVFunhouse link here: http://intvfunhouse.com/games/spkr.php#labels Here's the description from the link: "Large label, square corners; large VOLLEYBALL text, using the 'Super Pro' font, which is unique among INTV Corp. titles; only observed in the 'baggy' version of the game, which didn't ship with a box" Of course, it doesn't mean that someone still didn't pirate it.
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