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  1. I think that this one should work. Reverse Standards Conversion - The Axon Legacy Thanks to Rybags for the fix!
  2. This is my first youtube upload. It works from my computer.
  3. That was funny! No, that was the funniest thing that I've seen in a long time. I laughed so hard I almost cried. Thanks Allan, this was a great way to start the day!
  4. Hello, In http://www.atarimania.com/mags/pdf/acacia-run-05.pdf just posted above, there's a circuit for a light pen. Has anyone ever tried this? Looks like an interesting project. Redman
  5. We all know about the fix to make the sdrive-max work with other drives. I haven't seen any info about how well the sio2sd, the original sdrive and the nuxx version work with others. Did they also have problems?
  6. Toys R Us also wasn't afraid to dump Atari stuff cheap.
  7. I met him at the VCF in New Jersey a few years ago. He had some good stories about the early days of Atari. Very sad news.
  8. Does anyone have the pinout for the parallel connector? I tested my at-d2 today and it still works.
  9. Didn't the Spartados Construction Set have a menu like this?
  10. I also found a few references to this. I was hoping that someone had the manual. When I set up a dot matrix printer, I guess I'll have to go through the 16 different combinations and see what happens.
  11. Hello, This has 4 dip switches and I'm looking for info on how to set them. TIA. redman
  12. The Indus GT drives came with software. One program was The Gt Data Manager. I never used it and I think it was written in BASIC so it may not meet your needs. Anyway, it's an option. http://retrobits.net/atari/indus.shtml http://www.atarimania.com/8bit/files/GT_Data_Manager.pdf
  13. If you're looking for an easy to build, strong bench, this is a basic guide to making your own design. I made one with 2 shelves underneath and a back board to use as a standup work bench. Change the sizes to suit your needs. You can easily change the front 2x4 design so you can get your feet underneath. I let home depot cut the wood to size. http://www.hammerzone.com/archives/workshop/bench/below20xl.html The lumber, after the cutting was done: The side "stretchers", 45" long. (3" less than the overall length.) - (4) each The legs, about 32" long. - (4) each The end stretchers, 26" long. - (4) each
  14. Just a little note on removing the capacitors. The 4700mfd 25volt caps on my 800 had 3 pins instead of the usual 2. Knowing this ahead of time may prevent removal problems.
  15. redman


  16. I mounted my Sdrive-Max in a 5 1/4 x 3 x 2 1/8 inch aluminum box. This gave room to add some switches. I have a SPDT power switch that connects the +5 volt connection on the Arduino to Pin 10 on the SIO or a socket for a 5 volt wall wart. I had to drill 2 holes in the screen board to securely mount the assembly. / / (A) pin 10 on SIO ------* * *------ wall wart connector (B) | | | +5 volt connection on Arduino So (A) connects the Sdrive-Max to Atari power and (B) to wall wart power. In the (B) position, I can use power from the other power connectors already on the Arduino if a wall wart is not plugged in. Since there has been so much discussion about if and when diodes are needed, I wired in both the Tx and Rx diodes with SPST switches across them. Now I can switch either of them in or out of the circuit. The pictures show how the box was machined. There is also a picture of my boy (Leonardo) getting ready for Santa.
  17. If you purchased a 32-in-1 from Steven, why don't you ask him for the login info for the configurator?
  18. You talked me into getting 2 of each.
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