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  1. If you're looking for an easy to build, strong bench, this is a basic guide to making your own design.  I made one with 2 shelves underneath and a back board to use as a standup work bench.  Change the sizes to suit your needs.  You can easily change the front 2x4 design so you can get your feet underneath.   I let home depot cut the wood to size.





    The lumber, after the cutting was done:

    The side "stretchers", 45" long. (3" less than the overall length.) - (4) each
    The legs, about 32" long. - (4) each
    The end stretchers, 26" long. - (4) each



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  2. I mounted my Sdrive-Max in a 5 1/4 x 3 x 2 1/8 inch aluminum box. This gave room to add some switches.
    I have a SPDT power switch that connects the +5 volt connection on the Arduino to Pin 10 on the SIO or a socket for a 5 volt wall wart.
    I had to drill 2 holes in the screen board to securely mount the assembly.

    (A) pin 10 on SIO ------* * *------ wall wart connector (B)
    +5 volt connection on Arduino

    So (A) connects the Sdrive-Max to Atari power and (B) to wall wart power. In the (B) position, I can use power from the other power connectors
    already on the Arduino if a wall wart is not plugged in. Since there has been so much discussion about if and when diodes are needed, I wired in
    both the Tx and Rx diodes with SPST switches across them. Now I can switch either of them in or out of the circuit.

    The pictures show how the box was machined. There is also a picture of my boy (Leonardo) getting ready for Santa.











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  3. Hehe, sorry, I'm afraid not. ijor is a long-time contributor to our preservation project and the author of the ATX specification. I'd send it to him for free if I could - I just don't know how to easily get my hands on an SIO cable :-P


    Here are the parts I ordered for my last one and it worked fine:








    You talked me into getting 2 of each.

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