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  1. I replace the BASIC chip with a 27C801 1 mb that holds 128 8K images. It's hard and very time consuming to find a nice collection of 128 interesting programs. I've attached 2 more images. I found both of them on AtariOnline a while back. Beatka is something else! I wonder if all the flashing has to do with it being meant for PAL? More8K.zip
  2. Hello, I've been playing with BASIC replacement roms for quite a few years. Star Raiders and River Raid are diagnostic carts that have been fixed for XL machines. They are included in the .zip file that I attached that has 128 8K roms. I test the roms with Altirra and all these work with the emulator but Twin Pack Sinker + Teaser doesn't work in the BASIC slot?? Included is a link to an old discussion about BASIC replacements. http://atariage.com/forums/topic/110394-basic-rom-replacement-eproms/?hl=redman&do=findComment&comment=1338759 8kroms.zip Redman
  3. I can never remember this stuff either, so I put a label on my Percom setup. http://atariage.com/forums/topic/268677-percom-at88-s1pd-35drive-install-sd-x-read-fat12/page-2
  4. The Kaypro monitor was not compatible with composite video.
  5. I just realized that people on portable devices may not handle .zip files easily, so I'm posting everything that is in the previous .zip file. Kaypro Mod Project Specs.txt email.txt
  6. This was my project. I showed it at the Vintage Computer Fest East in 2009. A lot of people at the show liked it. I have attached pictures and doc files. pictures&docs.zip
  7. Hello, I'm looking for a good glue to piece together 2 cut up cartridges to make a wider cart on top. These are the old brown carts like Basic Ver A. I tried Duco plastic model cement and it didn't even stick. Has anyone found a good glue for this? redman
  8. I've never gotten a virus while using Norton. I've been using it forever. If they are a little overprotective, I'm willing to use a simple workaround for being sensitive to .exe files.
  9. I've been using Norton programs for many years with excellent results. My ISP is Comcast and they supply Norton Security Suite for free. When I compile programs written in Visual Basic 6 (.exe), Norton deletes them. Apparently when Norton sees that only a few people have a program, they assume that it's a virus. I googled the problem and found a solution. For NSS, go to Settings, Firewall, Program Control, then add the program name to the list. Now Norton should ignore finding it on your computer. Works good for me. Good luck. And I am using WinXP on a laptop. redman
  10. Please disregard all the comments and circuitry related to the switching between CTS and RTS. I was wrong about RTS being useful for handshaking. Another senior moment!
  11. I didn't know that. Thanks for the info.
  12. I got a cable on eBay for $6.26 - free shipping. I used a little project box that was laying around so I could mount a switch for changing handshaking options cable info: on eBay search on - "6P FTDI FT232RL USB to Serial adapter module USB TO TTL RS232 Cable F/Arduino 5v" It has these connections: Red wire: 5V Black wire: GND White wire: RXD Green wire: TXD Yellow wire: RTS Blue wire: CTS FTDI based USB to TTL Serial Cable are designed using the the standard FT232RL chipset. To connect to Atari: Pin on cable goes to Pin on Atari ------------ ------------ GND 4 or 6 RXD 5 TXD 3 CTS 7 Looking ahead, I switched command 7 between CTS and RTS thinking that maybe in the future some software will use RTS plus I have a lot of switches sitting around doing nothing:) Currently, RespeQt can use CTS but not RTS. Connect to a SPDT switch like this: RTS---+ +------ Atari command pin 7 CTS---+ --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The SIO connector pin-out looking at the pins on the computer: 1 1 2 4 6 8 0 2 ----------- /o o o o o o\ /o o o o o o o\ ----------------- 1 3 5 7 9 1 1 1 3 1 clock in (to computer) 2 clock out 3 data in 4 GND 5 data out 6 GND 7 command (active low) 8 cassette motor control 9 proceed (active low) 10 +5V/ready 11 audio in 12 +12V (400/800) 13 interrupt (active low)
  13. Got my father a 48K 800, 410, and Basic cart when that package went on sale for $200. Don't know what year that was. Also got a Frogger tape and he went nuts when he saw the sharp colors of the game.
  14. No. The cable is straight. First to avoid confusion, let's talk about floppy (PC type) drives and drive select numbers (DS). The drive select number is set by putting a jumper on 2 pins at the rear of the drive. Some drives are numbered DS1-DS4 while others are numbered D0-D3. Some only have 2 DS's. 1.44meg drives usually don't have any jumpers while some of them have 1 jumper. 720K drives usually have 4 DS's. So when I refer to the first drive, it may be jumpered D0 or D1 and the second may be D1 or D2 based on it's numbering system. IBM set all their drives to be the second drive. Then they put 2 connectors on the floppy cable with the cable twisted between them. The twisting changed the location of certain wires so the floppy controller saw the drive at the end of the cable (past the twist) as the first drive. The drive in the middle of the cable was seen as the second drive. Now when you put a new drive in your PC, you didn't have to deal with drive jumpers. The location on the cable determined whether it was Drive A or Drive B. A lot easier than playing with tiny jumpers that get lost very easy.
  15. I have 2 Percom AT88-S1PD drives. They both came with one 180K single sided drive. One now has 2 3.5" 720K drives and the other is empty. I took pictures so you can see what they are like. Once I got the 720K drives to fully format, I put a label on top of the drive because I surely would have forgotten how to do it again:) You can see from the screen shot, using MyDos 4.53 enables you to have 2867 free sectors after formatting. So yes, you can get 720K of usable space. I used 2 standard 720K DD drives from IBM pc's. They are a good choice because they have drive select jumpers. You can probably use a 1.44 drive, but their drive selects are set to 1. The first drive in a multi-drive setup has to be set to 0. Some 1.44 drives have selects and some can be modified to change drive numbers. To clarify this, if you use one 1.44 drive, it will show up as drive B not A. You also have to use 720K DD floppies, not 1.44's. There's a lot of discussion about 720 & 1.44 drive swapping out there. I don't know anything about playing with FAT12 on an Atari. Hope this helps. I just noticed that the drive on the left is wrongly marked 1/3. That was from a different project. redman
  16. This nice archive was uploaded by AHA. I don't want to steal his thunder!
  17. Hello panama800, Try this for starters. http://atariage.com/forums/index.php?app=core&module=attach&section=attach&attach_id=506591 It's a really nice collection of atr's. redman
  18. Hello, I just tested an 800XL with chroma output and one without chroma using a digital voltmeter. I measured the voltage between pin 5 of the video output connector and ground. I used a small wire to connect to pin 5 with the positive probe and I touched the negative probe to the outside of the tv output connector. The one without chroma measured .01 volts - probably should be 0 because nothing is connected to it. The one with the chroma mod measured 2.37 volts.
  19. Thank you The Doctor and MrFish
  20. Hello, I know there are a lot of sio2pc circuits floating around, but does anyone have a copy of what was at this link? TIA. redman
  21. Hello Craig, I don't remember my Percoms doing this. Reseat all the socketed chips, try it again, and wait for more help from Atariage. Here's a link to the manual. http://www.atarimania.com/documents/Percom_Data_At_88_Disk_Drive_manual.pdf Redman
  22. He's just using D as a numeric variable. The colon after D (D:) is used to put more than one statement on a line, so it's actually just READ D not the device D:
  23. Hello, I'm redoing an old project that replaces the Basic rom in an 800XL with a 27c801 eprom. It's very hard to find 128 8K cart images that work. I've run into a few problems. Carts that don't work that I would love to have fixed versions of: known diagnostic carts - Asteroids and Basketball Keystone Kapers, Twin Pack - Sinker+Teaser not sure why they don't work K-Razy Kritters, K-Star Patrol, Pool400, Monster Maze and Gorf - they need osb If you know of fixed versions please let know. Thanks a lot. Redman
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