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  1. Thanks for responding. Comcast is my ISP and they must have blocked your email. When I get the sdrive running, I'll post a picture of my sloppy work I'm making a few more changes to the 800XL.
  2. Hello ctirad, I received the sdrive and I have been emailing you with a question about the board for a few days. I would like to drill 2 small holes in it for 4-40 screws to mount the sdrive inside of an 800XL. The attached picture shows where I would like to drill the holes. I'm not sure if the pc board has multiple layers so I don't want to ruin it. Thanks a lot. redman
  3. I just happened to have the case off of a Percom AT88-S1PD . The rom is a 2732 and has 0073 & 1.01 printed on top. Here's the dump. PERCOM.ROM
  4. I got the teledisk images from Don Maslin many years ago. He told me that they probably wouldn't work. He was right.
  5. Smartdos also has a speed checker. http://www.retrogames.cl/descargas/smartdos.atr
  6. What scares me from this deal is that he attempted to fix a 1200XL keyboard and took apart a 130XE to check a memory problem, but didn't plug in 800s and 800XLs for any testing at all. Doesn't sound logical to me. Redman
  7. Pixels Past appears to be out of business for quite a while now and their website is gone. Grand Idea Studio just supplies the info that was originally on the Pixels Past site. They don't make boards. A quote from the Grand Idea Studio site: "Pixels Past PCBs are custom printed circuit boards for the Atari 2600, Atari 5200, Atari 8-bit computer, and ColecoVision consoles that allow hobbyists to build their own homebrew video game cartridges. Originally manufactured and distributed by AtariAge. No technical support will be provided for the information herein." If you can make printed circuit boards and follow schematics, you can make your own homemade carts. It would be nice to find someone who can make professional quality cart boards for a reasonable price. They could make a board to use a 27C801 eprom that would hold 128 8K images or 64 16K images.
  8. All the info needed to make your own 8K & 16K cartridge boards is located here. The Atariage store use to sell these. You can modify these to use bigger eproms
  9. Hello Jay, Just wondering if you ever found the time to scan the AT88-S1 manual. Thanks. Redman
  10. We had power out for about 15 hours and the heavy rain that was predicted didn't come so we feel very lucky. Gasoline is a problem and you can only get gas on odd/even days based on your license plate number. I'm 65 years old and I've never seen so many trees and power lines down. The Jersey shore is a complete mess. This is going to take a really long time to fix. Money can't replace what a lot of New Jerseyans have lost.
  11. There are instructions for some models on Candle's website, below are 2 I know about. 800XL 130XE Thanx for the link. Is anyone else constructing instructions on lessons learned during install? I see a few posts with good tidbits. In my own interest 800XL. You would probably sense this when you look at the size of the screws, but on this page http://spiflash.org/block/21.html it says to use a 1/4" drill which is wrong. 3.2 mm is about 1/8" Redman
  12. Hello again, Thanks to all of you nice people who replied. I really needed the individual game instructions and I got them from a very nice lady named Maggie at Jakks. Bomberpunk's link did the trick. Thanks again. redman
  13. Hello all, This may be a little off topic but I don't know where else to look. I have one of those little joystick sized Jakks 5 in1 games that has Mappy, Pole Position, Ms. Pacman, Galaga and Xevious. I'm looking for the original instruction sheet so I can give this to someone who is not familiar with video games. Does someone have a link to this info? www.jakkstvgames.com is dead, and I can't find this anywhere. Thanks a lot. Redman
  14. Candle, I got a package from Poland today. That's pretty fast shipping to New Jersey. Thanks a lot Candle. Redman
  15. I second the motion for Phoenix! I always thought that it was the best 2600 game.
  16. Candle, Please count me in for 1 of these boards for an NTSC 800XL. Thanks a lot. Redman
  17. This site is also useful. http://www.pipeline.com/~jhardie/roms.html
  18. On a cheerier note, I use SIO2PC running on an old Windows98 laptop as a file server and the 16MB atr's run perfectly. Great collection of games. Thanks a lot.
  19. Is there a chance that you could scan the AT88-S1 manual? I've got one but no manual. TIA
  20. I'm wondering if w1k bit his tongue off when he found out that it was a fake:)
  21. 64, Fairfield, N.J. USA. Got my father an 800 when the price for an 800, 410 cassette player, and BASIC cart package dropped to $200. I got an 800XL soon after that to answer all his questions
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