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  1. Got my Harmony cart yesterday. Plugged it in to a 7800 and it works like a charm. Really nice piece of hardware/firmware. It's nice to buy something that works straight out of the box. Thanks a lot.
  2. This cold start circuit works very good also. http://atrey.karlin.mff.cuni.cz/~pavel/atari/freezer.html
  3. Very sad news. He deserved better.
  4. Just found out where I got the manual from. http://www.atariage.com/forums/topic/75626-atr8000-documentation/ Redman
  5. Hello, I have a .pdf of the 72 page ATR8000 manual. It's 4.3 mb. Is this too big to upload here? Redman
  6. Hello all, I finally got going on this project and worked out the pin connections. Looking at the 10 pin mini-din connector on the back of the tv (the one that looks similar to an svideo connector) there are 3 rows of pins. Top row has 3, middle has 4, and bottom has 3. I'm defining a numbering system starting from left to right as follows: Top row pins 1,2,3. Middle row pins 4,5,6,7. Bottom row pins 8,9,10. Following are pin assignments: 1 - composite video, 2 - ground, 3 - left audio, 4 - chroma, 5 - ??, 6 - ??, 7 - ground, 8 - ground, 9 - luma, 10 - right audio. I hope that this will help someone who needs to use the svideo capability of the tv. Redman
  7. That's what made the show so great. Soap bubbles for a fungus, cheap costumes, and The Doctor ad-libbing whenever he wanted to.
  8. I'm 63. I put together a Sinclair ZX81 kit in 1982 and that hooked me on computers. It was also the first time that I got bit by price drops. I paid $100 for the computer + $100 for a 16K rampack. One month later the computer kit cost $80 and the rampack was $50. That was a $70 penalty for being too fast to buy. My first Atari experience was when we bought my father an 800 (don't remember what year that was) that came with a 410 recorder and the BASIC cartridge. That cost $200 also but was a lot better deal:) I also got him a Frogger tape. You should have seen his face when he saw all those sharp colors on his tv, it had a very nice picture even though it was hooked up to the modulator. I got an 800XL a few years later, and then all the other stuff that's down in the cellar.
  9. I'm not that lucky. The 4 pins are not in a matching position and the connector is shaped differently. As soon as I charge the batteries for my camera, I'll post a picture of the connector. Looks like the poke and hope method of feeding signals into random pins is the way to go. Thanks for the thought.
  10. This was my first thought but I hesitated because I'm afraid of smoking the thing up. I can feed the luma signal in until I see a picture and eliminate the composite vid in pin because there should be continuity between the existing RCA comp vid jack and one of the 10 pins. If I get my nerve up, I'll try it this weekend. Thanks for the response.
  11. Hello all, This may be a little off topic but..... I got a beautiful 9.6 inch Hannspree Chicago Cubs baseball shaped television (NTSC) from ebay, cheap. http://www.hannspree.com/global/product_detail.aspx?id=322&c=310 I want to use the lcd for a portable project replacing a 9 inch mono crt (very big improvement). When new, a 10 pin mini din cable is included (Hannspree calls it the "4-in-1" cable) for hooking up svideo, composite video, and stereo sound. The cable has a 10 pin proprietary connector (similar in size to a standard svideo connector) on one end. The other end has 3 RCA plugs (composite video,left & right audio) and a standard svideo connector. The tv that I got didn't have the cable. RCA jacks for composite video and audio inputs are available but I really want to use svideo. This will be hooked up to an 800XL mobo with the Super Video 2.0 & 2.1 mods. Hannspree won't give me any specs, they only want to sell a cable for 30 euros. A know that this is a longshot but, does anyone have the specs for this cable or does someone have a cable that they could check with an ohmmeter to give the proper pins for the svideo input? These tv's have a very nice picture but they are collectible so the prices are usually high. I got lucky and the person selling it advertised it as 6 inches instead of 9.6 inches so only me and another person bidded on it. I found a site with instructions on how to open up the case and remove the lcd and it's really very simple. The link above has pictures and the user manual. TIA. Redman
  12. Hello, I think that there's plenty of Pacman games around. How about doing Galaga? Thanks. Redman
  13. Can't wait til you start the torrents. I've never seen SoftSide so this will be great! Thanks a lot
  14. The Atari 1050 is a single sided drive and the head is located below the disk. When you close the drive door, a felt pressure pad pushes the disk against the head. A spring holds the pad down. I have a 1050 that had the felt pad fall off. I glued in a piece of felt and the drive now works perfectly. Look at the arm that moves when you turn the drive door handle and see if the pad is still there. Also, I guess that the spring could be broken. No guarantees here, just a few things to look at.
  15. WOW! Now that's just fantastic. Thanks for the super fast update and thanks for the best Atari site out there. Redman
  16. Hello, I can't find a link to the Caverns of Mars 16K cart dump anywhere. Can someone please help? Thanks a lot. Atarimania shows the cart icon but the zip file doesn't have it. Redman
  17. Yeah, it's for the fun of it. I love hardware projects. I've got an Atarimax flash cart and could never get it to work.
  18. That's just about what I'm going to do but I'm going to use 2 27C801's piggyback style to hold 128 images. The cartridge shell may have to be hacked though. I sent away for 2 of the cart boards that AtariAge sells with 28 pin sockets ready for 16K eproms. Can't wait til they arrive. Thanks for the input.
  19. Hello again, I see that the AtariAge store sells this board - (8-bit 8K/16K PCB $8.50). Has anyone bought and used one of these? Do you think that the 16K cart dumps that are available would work? I've attached a list of 16K dumps that I have accumulated through the years. TIA. Redman 16Kdumps.txt
  20. Here's the list of stuff that worked and didn't work. atariage.txt
  21. That's not what I meant. I don't think anyone is trying to convert 2600 dumps. I knew some of them were probably 2600 images and wouldn't work because of that. Others wouldn't work, like Star Raiders & River Raid, because they needed to be converted or modified because of the "Diagnostic cart" problem. I used the converted Star Raiders & River Raid images that I got here at AtariAge and they work perfectly. I just used 128 8K images that I had and I feel very lucky that about 80 of them worked.
  22. Hello all, I would like to make a cart that will hold a lot of 16K game images. Through the years, I've downloaded a lot of 16K cart dumps that I want to use. All the Atari 16K carts that I've looked at have 2 8K chips on the board so it looks like a straight replacement with a 16K file won't work. I have a Miner 2049er cart that I think is 16K and has the 2 chips socketed. My plan is to divide the 16K cart dump images in half and use 2 large eproms to hold each 8K high and low image. I would use double pole switches to simultaneously switch the 8K pieces. One eprom would hold all the high parts and the other the low parts. Does this sound like it will work? I think that it would be hard to stuff the 2 eproms and associated wiring with the pullup resistors etc. into the Miner cart so I would probably put the board from the Miner cart into a bigger box and run a ribbon cable to something like and old Basic cart that would be gutted just to use the contact fingers. What do you think? Thanks for listening. Redman
  23. I just opened my Basic Rev. C cart and the chip is soldered in. The board has room for 2 chips but only 1 is installed. Redman
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