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  1. Not sure, but I've thought about using the Nintendo DS cases, as look great on the shelf and are plentiful as the DS has a huge amount of throw away titles which I can buy cheaply and use the cases from. Having time to do it is another story.
  2. Sorry, I installed it the day it arrived (before posting above), and didnt take photos, it was the translucent one, seemed to fit really well.
  3. Yeah I bet it did take some tries lining that up, but thank you for the efforts as it works perfectly. I think I got the new version, as my first screen didnt turn up, so Benn resent with the second round of purchases.
  4. I've finally got my BennVenn screen, and wow, what a difference a modern screen makes. Very pleased. The positioning bracket appears to be a must have. Put it exactly where it needed to be. Highly recommended.
  5. I couldnt select New Zealand to ship to, which is a shame, as these look cool.
  6. Hi, how much were you look for the above carts? And can you ship to New Zealand? cheers Aaron
  7. Hmmm, I suspect this may have been introduced by me due to a c0ck up. Andrew allow me to put the QB game online on the Holmes Atari Games website in March 1999. And I've just checked some of the games I put into images after this, 'Moon Lover Pinball' for one (Jan 2000), which has this structure. And Tosec has likely just grabbed these images and spread? I'm hoping someone comes up with another answer, but I suspect it may be down to me using a particular dos disk or some hack up job as was done in the early emulation days, prior to trying to get archive perfect copies. Sorry, but my memory is hazy and checking my archive of workings, doesn't immediately show the culprit. If I get time, I'll investigate further. That said, I don't have RealSports Tennis in any form in my collection, so maybe someone continued my cock up?
  8. Sounds cool, please put my name down for one. (Lynx II)
  9. All Japanese NTSC carts work fine on PAL systems, I have a large collection of these carts and they all work fine, and if I remember rightly, the reverse is true also, it's the actual hardware where the difference is. I'll dig out my Japanese NTSC SG-1000 II unit later tonight and do some tests for you. OK EDITED: I've have hooked up my NTSC SG-1000 II and played the 5 remaining PAL carts on it, and all played flawlessly, full colour, and wow, they play faster than if played on a PAL system, but that is the same as the NTSC carts. so to answer your question, Yes, they do work on a NTSC system.
  10. FS: Atari 8bit Rally Speedway Cart and Manual In good condition, tested working. My fave game on Atari finally selling.... $20
  11. Hi, didnt receive your message, please send again. :-)
  12. Hi ya Aaron, It's Paul from London...Are you trying to make a profit from those Atari Users I sent you Best of luck to you mate, nice to see you are still around.. Hey Paul, nice to hear from you. Fire me a PM with your current email, was looking for it a few weeks back to see how you were. I'm hoping someone who has time on their hands can scan the Atari Users to PDF, as storing all these mags isnt an option here any more.
  13. Am posting this here, as I'm selling off my Atari 8bit mags over in the marketplace, and this forum wouold be most interested in them. Atari User, Monitor (UK Atari Owners Club mags), Page 6, New Atari User. Atari 8bit mags
  14. Hi, I am selling off my remaining collection of Atari Magazines, see list below, prefer to sell together like all Page 6, or all Atari Users together, but if I get enough people wanting to pick a few issues of each, then I may consider splitting. Condition is generally very good across the lot, but there is one Page6 issue that has been hole punched, and two AU's are missing covers, and 2 other AU's may be missing some pages. Am looking for reasonable offers, payment accepted by PAYPAL, or can trade for Sega SC-3000 items (prefer mags and cassettes) For those that wish to check out my trading history, on ebay I trade as Holmesw. I have also done many trades and sales on AA over the last 7 years. A note, that I am and these are all in New Zealand. While postage from here is reasonable, the mags are very heavy, so it may cost a bit to send. Although we can use Economy Airmail to say some money. UK Atari Owners Club Official Mag [changed into Monitor] UK Atari Owners Club Issue.3 UK Atari Owners Club Issue.4 UK Atari Owners Club Issue.5 UK Atari Owners Club Issue.6 UK Atari Owners Club Issue.7 Monitor (Independent User Group) Issue.8 Monitor (Independent User Group) Issue.9 Monitor (Independent User Group) Issue.10 Monitor (Independent User Group) Issue.11 Monitor (Independent User Group) Issue.12 Monitor (Independent User Group) Issue.13 Monitor (Independent User Group) Issue.14 Monitor (Independent User Group) Issue.19 Monitor (Independent User Group) Issue.20 Monitor (Independent User Group) Issue.21 Atari User - Vol. Number Atari User May 85 Vol.1.1 Atari User Jun 85 Vol.1.2 Atari User Jul 85 Vol.1.3 Atari User Aug 85 Vol.1.4 Atari User Sep 85 Vol.1.5 Atari User Nov 85 Vol.1.7 Atari User Dec 85 Vol.1.8 Atari User Mar 86 Vol.1.11 Atari User May 86 Vol.2.1 Atari User Jun 86 Vol.2.2 Atari User Jul 86 Vol.2.3 Atari User Sep 86 Vol.2.5 Atari User Oct 86 Vol.2.6 Atari User Nov 86 Vol.2.7* Atari User Dec 86 Vol.2.8* Atari User Feb 87 Vol.2.10* Atari User Mar 87 Vol.2.11* Atari User Apr 87 Vol.2.12 Atari User May 87 Vol.3.1 Atari User Jun 87 Vol.3.2 Atari User Jul 87 Vol.3.3 Atari User Aug 87 Vol.3.4 Atari User Nov 87 Vol.3.7 Atari user Dec 87 Vol.3.8 Atari User Jan 88 Vol.3.9 Atari User Mar 88 Vol.3.11* Atari User Apr 88 Vol.3.12 Atari User May 88 Vol.4.1 Atari User Jun 88 Vol.4.2 Atari User Jul 88 Vol.4.3 Atari User Aug 88 Vol.4.4 Atari User Sep 88 Vol.4.5 Atari User Nov 88 Vol.4.7 PAGE 6 - issue Number Page 6 3 Page 6 4 Page 6 5 Page 6 7 Page 6 8 Page 6 9 Page 6 11 Page 6 12 Page 6 14 Page 6 17 Page 6 18 Page 6 18 Page 6 20 Page 6 21 Page 6 22 Page 6 Sep/Oct 86 23 Page 6 Nov/Dec 86 24 Page 6 Jan/Feb 87 25 Page 6 Mar/Apr 87 26 Page 6 May/Jun 87 27 Page 6 Sep/Oct 87 29 Page 6 Nov/Dec 87 30 Page 6 Jan/Feb 88 31 Page 6 Mar/Apr 88 32 Page 6 May/Jun 88 33 Page 6 Jul/Aug 88 34 Page 6 Dec/Jan 89 35 Page 6 Feb/Mar 89 36 Page 6 Apr/May 89 37 New Atari User Jun/Jul 89 38 New Atari User Aug/Sep 89 39 New Atari User Oct/Nov 89 40 New Atari User Dec/Jan 89/90 41 New Atari User Feb/Mar 90 42 New Atari User Apr/May 90 43 New Atari User Jun/Jul 90 44 New Atari User Aug/Sep 90 45 New Atari User Oct/Nov 90 46 New Atari User Dec/Jan 90/91 47 New Atari User Feb/Mar 91 48 New Atari User Apr/May 91 49 New Atari User Jun/Jul 91 50 New Atari User Aug/Sep 91 51 New Atari User Oct/Nov 91 52 New Atari User Dec/Jan 91/92 53 New Atari User Feb/Mar 92 54 New Atari User Jun/Jul 92 56 New Atari User Aug/Sep 92 57 New Atari User Oct/Nov 92 58 New Atari User Dec/Jan 92/93 59 New Atari User Feb/Mar 93 60 New Atari User Apr/May 93 61 New Atari User Jun/Jul 93 62 New Atari User Aug/Sep 93 63 New Atari User Oct/Nov 93 64 New Atari User Dec/Jan 93 65 New Atari User Feb/Mar 94 66 New Atari User Apr/May 94 67 New Atari User Oct/Nov 94 68 Okay, that's the lot for now. Any interest, pse send me a PM. cheers Aaron
  15. Have updated the prices and removed sold items. Any more takers?
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