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  1. Great work with those boxes! However, I have no idea what's going on with that othello box. How can it not have Pounce, the main character of the game, on the box? Instead some faceless guru? Big disappointment there. Also more name confusion: Isn't the name of the game "Lynx Othello"?
  2. I am interested in buying these. The full set. Artwork looks nice. Big improvement compared to the old boxes. But I think the "Lynx" logo should always be on top of everything, not half hidden like on that CyberVirus box. Also I see the "3D" was dropped from Remnant Planar Wars, and the "Vol.1" from MegaPak.
  3. Even with much of it's original content cut out. it's still a great game. And beacuse of all horrors still in the game it's the only Lynx game (except for the last two Atari releases Battle Zone 2000 and Super Asteroids / Missile Command) that had an age rating on the box : "Age 14-up"
  4. I hope this will NOT result in any re-releasing of already existing games. But a release of the hidden version of Battle Zone 2000 would be nice. It deserves to be relesed in it's own glory, of course with some nice box art and a fat instruction manual explaining the complexity of this game. Also I would be interesting to know if some code of the Dracula the Undead's missing parts still exists and is included in this deal ?
  5. Yes, the Lynx version of Loopz is excellent. It was made by Handmade Software, who was responsible for some of the best Atari Lynx games. Glad to see this release for the Jaguar!
  6. I predict you could easily sell 400-500 copies of this game (over a few years span of course). If Zaku can be manufactured and sold in 1000 copies, why would not the first JRPG for the Lynx sell at least half of that number
  7. Really? So what other colors they exist in besides orange? I know later batches of Pokermania and Sokomania came in white boxes.
  8. Given the hint on the last page in the Switchblade manual, I'm guessing Impossamole is coming to the Jaguar.
  9. I think Switchblade is a nice addition to the Jaguar library of games, and overall I'm happy with the quality of this release. But obviously a bit dissapointed with the high score screen error. Also I didn't recive any info about the refund and coupon. Was it not mailed out to everyone who preordered the game? Glad I found the info here.
  10. So it's limited to only one copy per customer? I was planning on getting a couple of copies at least. How many games will be produced in the first batch?
  11. Game looks fun, I may be interested in buying this. However it seem a bit unfortunate that there will be many different versions of the game in different stages of completion. Putting a game on cart / CD should obviously be the last thing you do, when the game is finished, not something you do while the game is still being developed. Why the rush? Do you work against a dead line here?
  12. I would like a finished/fixed version of SoulStar, yes. I would gladly pay £40 / maybe more. Would this be an "official" release with the blessing of Core Design (or whoever now holds the rights to the game) ?
  13. My suggestions: 1. Rampart 2. Rygar 3. Turbo Sub 4. Roadblasters
  14. Yes, also B & C ComputerVisions, Telegames (UK), Video Game Source and other retailers are selling Total Carnage. But it was licensed and released by Songbird.
  15. ANY other Atari ST game released in the same way as Xenon 2 would be great. Most desirable: The game would be brought over to the Jaguar with the blessing of the original developer/publiser. And perhaps with some Jaguar exclusive feature (like Xenon 2 - a new soundtrack).
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