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  1. Finally completed the Starpath collection and now just 1 issue from finishing my Odyssey Adventure run.
  2. You’re exactly right there. My Sears hex disc I found stuck to the top of a Sears unit I bought on eBay.
  3. I’ve got 1 Sears and 1 Atari stick with the hex discs. I feel lucky to even have that!
  4. Very nice with the hex discs. You never see that.
  5. I got one for Christmas and haven’t had a lot of chance to play yet but from what I’ve seen it’s pretty cool. I got the Vader game and it’s been pretty impressive so far.
  6. Mail call from the weekend. A few tougher 2600 variations, a needed 7800 box and Astrocade Sea Devil. Still a little surprised I lucked into that one. Thought I’d be outbid for sure.
  7. I don’t know. I’ve been watching this guy for a while now and his stuff seems to go strangely high for everything he sells. Something doesn’t sit right to me.
  8. Thanks. No worries. Glad it went to someone on here if I couldn’t get it. Already have the Sears one. This is pretty much my only one left to get.
  9. So you’re the one... congratulations I guess. 👍
  10. Yeah, nobody had a chance to take this from the person who won. They also won another from the same seller with a few more protos.
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