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  1. Anyone ever come across one of these? It’s a 5 page flip book on card stock that provides suggestions and help for retail sales on how to sell the product. 1982 date. You’d think they would have figured it out by then. Seemed pretty unique.
  2. It all depends on how bad a few people want something and if they have the funds at the time.
  3. Next thing you know they’ll be graded! 😝
  4. I was thinking they were pretty rare even in comparison to the KC. I had a CIB one at one time, but traded it years ago for quite a haul.
  5. Anyone ever come across one of these? Seems to be advice to dealers for how to market their product. Seemed pretty unique.
  6. Picked up an Astrocade title I’ve wanted for some time. Very well packed and shipped quickly.
  7. I think the 500xj is one you either love or hate. I love it. It’s my favorite stick. I’ve heard quite a few comments of people that hate it too.
  8. Great story! That shop’s only about 15 minutes from me. I didn’t realize anything that big went down around our sleepy area.
  9. I also got a few nice acrylic sets that should display really well. I believe my wife got these from a seller on Reddit? I really like them.
  10. A few Christmas gifts that I’m finally putting away. A couple cool new masks, the Fossil Asteroids watch (I’ve got the Breakout one too), and a really cool pac man ghost created from 30 mini Rubik’s cubes. Each has to be solved to a particular order to combine for the picture!
  11. I wouldn’t be too surprised to see it hit 4 figures if the right people get involved.
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