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  1. I always assumed not. It wouldn’t make sense to have made an Indy 500 or Race hangman for the big boxes and I doubt they were still making them by the time they released the gatefold cart only. I have no knowledge either way, but that’s my assumption.
  2. Thank you! That was what I was hoping for having scoured the web and not finding a picture of a tele games driving controller box. I got the early box with hang tab but it has the regular race in it. I’ve already got a gatefold Race so I can sub it out. I’ll also have to replace with early edition driving controllers.
  3. I’ve got that book too. Guess I should have looked first. Thanks! If I’m reading that right it sounds like the driving controllers should come in their own box. I don’t have that box if that’s the case.
  4. Can someone confirm what’s supposed to be in the Original Sears big box Race? Is the inside boxed game supposed to be the gatefold version? I assume the racing controllers should be the Sears labeled version? Did the racing controllers come in a separate interior box or just packaged in the big box with the boxed cart? Just picked up a copy and I don’t think the contents are quite right. I’ll have to piece together the correct contents if it’s what I think it is.
  5. From what I’ve seen, everything about this Wata company stinks to high heaven. I don’t trust them or their process in the least.
  6. No thanks. Never had a fondness for the NES and glad I’m not actively collecting for it.
  7. Is it my imagination or have sealed games suddenly skyrocketed in price? I don’t search out sealed stuff so it really doesn’t impact me, but it seems like maybe over the last 2-3 months sealed commons (pac man, yars, missile command...) are suddenly selling for hundreds. It seems to coincide with a huge upswing in the amount of graded crap being listed out there as well. Are we looking at a new influx of money coming in and buying sealed no matter the cost so they can grade them and list them for thousands more?
  8. Can’t believe this didn’t sell for you at that price. This is a tough one to find. I would have happily paid that if I didn’t already have it.
  9. Agreed. When the market was flooded with these they could be found by the casefuls.
  10. Amazing to remember the days that these sold for $100 each. I recall being so happy when I bought my copy for $60.
  11. I’ve noticed that myself. A lot more money going in than I can afford. Unless I get really lucky (which I have for other rare items, so not impossible) I’ve pretty much written those boxes off.
  12. Nice to have a connection! You’ve brought to light some really cool things from her.
  13. I haven’t gone back to verify, but I’m guessing this is the same person that bought the one copy on eBay with the extra box. Was wondering when it be re-listed. Not being a little greedy are we?
  14. Love that poster with the patches!! Too bad that wasn’t a consumer release. At least I’ve never seen it before. Anyone else?
  15. I also snagged this one in a separate deal...
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