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  1. Thank you but certainly not your fault. USPS should be compensating this.
  2. Thanks for the suggestion. The seller was 1hatman so I’m sure there won’t be any issues.
  3. I’m going to file a claim. We’ll see. to add insult to injury, the seller is less than an hour from me. The package went through Detroit however where many packages give their lives.
  4. On the plus side, I think I can save the box. It’ll do until I find another someday. The manual and overlays are ok. I’m pretty sure I already have an early cart that can go in it.
  5. Those are tire tracks. That’s the only thing that could have completely crushed the cartridge like it did. 🙁
  6. I was pretty darn excited to get my NBA Basketball FCTVVO that I’ve been looking for forever until…… sigh. First time for something like this for me. I guess my hunt continues.
  7. I tried 3 different carts with the same result. I see power to the led but gives no video output. I have to assume something wrong there. I would have tried a different video cord, except that the Arcadia one is dedicated. I wonder if I could open the unit up and maybe the cord simply unplugs inside?
  8. It’s a relisting and appears to have all the same details looking at the box.
  9. Obviously the winner didn’t feel like paying that much after all. It’s back up for auction.
  10. I had that opinion for years myself. Over time I’ve realized that let’s say 5k is a lot different to some folks than it is to myself. I would personally never consider that either, but for some the ratio might be like me spending $200 on a game. It doesn’t happen often, but I have spent that on a few occasions. Outside of a freak find, I know I’ll never have this one in my collection. Amazing things can happen though if you’re persistent. I just found something Ive been searching for for years at an amazing price. Waiting to say what it is until it’s actually in my hands though. 😳
  11. Rarity is what drives the desire here. Collectors hearts start racing at the sight of a piece of plastic with few known examples existing.
  12. It is in Texas. That’s where others have been found. I’m surprised they knew what it was though with no name on the title.
  13. Bump for some additions… fs list includes Colecovision, Emerson Arcadia, Virtual Boy, Coleco Telstar Arcade carts, OMNI Entertainment System tapes, & Commodore 64 Carts.
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