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  1. How cool is that???😮😮😮😮😮😮
  2. Not the way to ship a $150 game!!!! 😡. Fortunately no damage seemed to be done. Beyond surprised at that.
  3. Bump to remove sold items (ADAM, Astrocade, Top Load NES, O2 Voice Module, Boxed Colecovision, Virtual Boy) Pictures in second post. Items now for sale: FS list now includes Colecovision (working systems and expansion modules. Some tougher games) Arcadia 2001 (Sealed Space Mission) Coleco Telstar Arcade carts (Includes carts 1-4) OMNI Entertainment System tapes Commodore 64 carts Mattel Aquarius Computer Turbografx 16 Fairchild Channel F manuals Vectrex games Magnavox Odyssey 2 (includes Power Lords) Astrocade games Nintendo NES (Front Loader, Mike Tyson) Atari 5200 (2 port system, joysticks, games / boxes)
  4. Thanks for the heads up! Unfortunately I already own one of them. I’ll have to decide if the ending price is worth it for one or not.
  5. The Intellivision news are tough to find. I’m still looking for most of them myself.
  6. I don’t know what he’s doing. He’s changed the price at least twice now. ?????
  7. Glad to hear! I was just going to check my copies to see if I had a spare for you.
  8. Here’s what I selected after sending in a large lot of common 2600 titles to be used for shells. Very sweet looking titles.
  9. Does anyone know when these will be shipped? I haven’t seen any notice as of yet.
  10. I’ve finished 7800 but not all boxed. I could pick up the rest of the boxes I need fairly easy except for Kung Fu Master. That one may keep me from completing.
  11. Looks like someone side dealt the Burgertime. I won’t lie, I thought about that but trying to reduce spending.
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