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  1. Definitely a lucky pick up! No evidence of the pic label at all in the auction. The manual might have prompted me to bid up to 100, but I would have never assumed a pic label was attached. Nice gamble.
  2. Congrats! This is certainly one of the harder to find variations for the 2600. It really doesn’t come up for auction hardly ever so it’s difficult to estimate what one might be worth. It doesn’t seem like there are many of these around.
  3. This is a small set of the earliest titles only. This isn’t referring to the text on the bottom right, they also have the phrase printed in small text in either the top left or bottom left areas of the pictures. This confused me as well early in my collecting.
  4. It may be. Chances seem decent. Good luck. That’s the one I still need myself.
  5. I assume anyone interested would have already seen it but if not, I have a Sears Backgammon for sale on the FS board. Thanks
  6. I have a copy of the tough to find Intellivision Backgammon Sears version for sale. Tested and works fine. The box has a cover / side tape tear as seen below. Let me know if interested in finishing out your Sears subset. Looking for $80 & shipping within the US.
  7. That’s about right and that’s exactly what his is worth as well. I’m hoping for a day when people finally realize how stupid their grading frenzy has become. There may be things out there that deserve to be graded due to rarity, importance, etc, but this is most definitely not one of them.
  8. Nice! Even finding a copy of Super Series at any price is a pain. Sounds like a great pickup! I was lucky enough to grab an I.I. Backgammon CIB from eBay some time ago. I don’t think I’ve ever seen another CIB on eBay before or since.
  9. Finding a few of these titles from INTV and Intellivision Inc proved to be one of the biggest challenges I had. Finding Super Series Baseball and the I.I. version of Backgammon were extremely difficult. Why does it always seem to be Backgammon?
  10. I thought that too until the lure of the INTV set came calling..
  11. Depending upon how nice you want it, I may have 1 or 2 Backgammon laying around. Each have a bit of box issues.
  12. More evidence that the Sears price spike seems to be over.
  13. Thank you! I thought it would have been announced here. I just placed my order.
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