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  1. Aren't XLs easy to come by? Are you purposely avoiding non 400/800 machines? Agree with other(s), all ataris are great, but the 400s keyboard would get on my nerves if I had to do a decent session at the kb.
  2. I know in a fully working drive if you boot with no disk it will keep printing "BOOT ERROR"
  3. The quality sounded good to me, and the tunes were good too. Thanks.
  4. A big improvement indeed! Well done, and thanks for preserving!
  5. AtariSociety, Peruchi, As far I know this is a cartridge. Also as far as I know this is a basic ethernet device with programs such as telnet and a text-based http browser.
  6. Disk Images - computer file representation of an atari 8 bit disk, *.atr is the most popular format Tape Images - computer file representation of an atari 8 bit cassette, *.cas Cartridge ROM Images - computer file representation of a rom cartridge, *.bin is one Executable Images - computer file representation of a binary executable, *.xex is one BASIC programs - these would most commonly be located on an *.atr For a simple setup that would be close to how I did basic as a kid would be: blank dos disks in *.atr format, old school simple would be dos 2.0S 1 basic rom or emulation of an atari with built-in basic load the disk(*.atr) in the emulator load basic rom(*.bin) or enable built in basic then you can write basic and SAVE "D:<filename>" etc. to find disk images or cart images, you will need to use google or similar, but they are out there. good luck
  7. 1. davidcalgary29 - 1 cart 2. xrbrevin - 1 cart 3. skriegel - 2 carts 4. Marius - 2 carts 5. brenski - 1 cart 6. AtariSociety - 1 cart 7. Mathy - 2 carts 8. Haightc - 1 cart 9. Markk - 1 cart 10. Sleepy - 2 carts 11. Nezgar - 1 cart 12. Gunstar - 1 cart 13. Chaosfaktor - 1 cart 14. Wadeford - 1 cart 15. sanny - 1 cart 16. DNA128k - 1 cart 17. Senor Rossie - 3 carts 18. KlasO - 2 carts 19. NML32 - 1 cart 20. CharlieChaplin - 1 cart. 21. slx - 1 cart 22. David_P - 1 cart 23. Rainier - 1 cart 24. AtariPortal - 2 carts 25. patjomki - 1 cart 26. Allan - 1 cart 27. Toddtmw 1 cart 28. TheNameOfTheGame 1 cart 29. adam242 1 cart 30. Stephen - 1 Cart 31. Jinroh - 1 Cart 32. Philsan - 1 Cart 33. Lastic - 1 Cart 34. invisible kid - 1 cart
  8. Symptom sounds similar to a common 1200xl problem where the keyboard connector ribbon would not make full contact when connected to the board. At least the pattern of keys not working would be similar. Not sure if this will help ya, but good luck.
  9. Here are text file dumps using hexdump -Cv. You can diff them with a diff tool to see what's different 1-dos.sys.hexdump.txt is from Master Diskette II (1980)(Atari)(US)[!].atr 2-dos.sys.hexdump.txt is from Master Diskette II (1980)(Atari)(US)[a].atr I also included screen shots of tkdiff of the 3 different areas. 1-dos.sys.hexdump.txt 2-dos.sys.hexdump.txt
  10. Sorry for steering you wrong. I remember that working with my sio2pc and xegs, but since I don't have that hooked up now I can't verify. I tested it via atari800 emulator with 800xl and 800xl os and the driver loads but then the atari crashes after. I changed the name back from autorun.sys to hisio.com and I am able to 'L' it through atari dos 2.0s and it loads and doesn't crash in the emulator. Unfortunately I cannot test with real hardware at the moment, but like I said atari800 emulator is happy with it. Here is the atr. Note that this version is for disk-loading only, if it works and you would like to create a rom, you would need to use hisior.com or hisiork.com. I never did that before, but that's what the README.txt says. I see you packed up the stuff for now(understandable heheh) but hopefully this will work if you are able to give it a shot. hipatch.atr
  11. Someone already posted a disk image, but here is one I had laying around with dos 2.0s with the patch renamed to autorun.sys so that will automatically load the patch when the disk is booted. After the patch is loaded you should see the dos 2.0s screen. hipatch.atr
  12. As you already stated, in the dithered black square ones it's easier to quickly tell the difference between the black and white pieces, where on the others it's harder to differentiate due to the pure inverse thing, but they do look sharper. Either way, looking real good!
  13. Might be Dancing Feats http://www.atarimania.com/game-atari-400-800-xl-xe-dancing-feats_18500.html
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