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  1. Can you add another way to input an atr file if you cannot drag-n-drop it?
  2. Seems cool! I don't use an integrated graphical environment in Linux, like gnome or kde, so the drag file mechanism doesn't work. I can bring up the tool ok, then I bring up a file directory containing the file in a separate window. Then I drag that file name to the tool, but it doesn't work. I use fluxbox as my window manager.
  3. As others have said you can write BASIC programs that use it, I think that's how I got the most fun out of mine.
  4. Is the 5A on the PSU from Amazon too much for the Atari?
  5. Just random tidbits that are somewhat related. Found a version of Rogue in cassette form from somewhere. Has a nice looking title screen, but when I tried to start a new game it seemingly hung, maybe it was generating a map or something and I just wasn't patient enough. I also came across Talisman from somewhere which is quite playable. I think I cheated on that one my modifying the code via the monitor. GAMES315.ATR is where I originally found TALISMAN.COM, but don't remember where I got it from. H, J, K, L to move, and other commands similar to Nethack (or other rogue-likes, I only really played nethack). This is one of those things that if you want to create a version, design conundrums arise, is it better to have smaller cells so more map can fit on a screen, which character mode is best for this, should I use color, or just use Graphics 0. One of the reasons character/text graphics were originally used is because either that's all there was or it was much more manageable resource-wise. Even in early (relative) versions of Nethack had graphical tile options. Not saying any approach is better than another, it's just one of those things where you just keep changing your mind trying to use best assets/traits of the Atari. Rogue.cas GAMES315.ATR TALISMAN.COM
  6. Ahhh, I'm not sure. This was one of the games my mother was great at! This and Apple Panic lol.
  7. So in the eighties I had a friend whose father worked for a software distributor, and at one point he gave me what he called a prototype of the game Oil's Well. I had it all these years and looked forward to dumping the roms and seeing if it was a unique version. It turned out it is byte-for-byte identical to the cart on Atarimania. So it was a bit of a letdown, but I wanted to post a pic of it in case it would be of interest to anyone.
  8. As others already stated it is not built in basic. When I would have a work disk I would put a directory program on there, like ones included with magazine disks. Either that or go to dos by "DOS", list the directory, then "B" back to basic, then forget again, and keep repeating the process. : D
  9. Personally, if it was my first foray into a new system, I would rather get something that comes with everything you need to start in, especially a power supply (non-ingot in this situation), but also some carts, or tape player & tapes, disk drive or disks. It's easy to get enticed by these diamond in the rough fix-me-ups, but it can lead to buyer remorse. But also you could be the type that will follow through and get it going! So, tough to give advice. Good luck!
  10. Thanks, I think I'll go for that one, it seems popular.
  11. Bah, it's over. One of the pin receptors in one of the PIA sockets wasn't taking the pin correctly and as I tried to fix it it just spiraled downward to a point that looks not worth trying to salvage. Thanks for trying to help! My main goal is to end up burning a 4-in-1 os, any recommendations for a burner? I didn't have much luck on Amazon, which is why I got this one.
  12. Inserting cart wasn't the smoothest, and it took a couple of attempts to get a good insert, but it appears 100% functional. Let me know if you have any further questions.
  13. Oh yeah, unfortunately I do not have a monitoring OS so I cannot step through the code, but I do have a logic analyzer. I've read that certain PIA chips won't work and that ones with Atari logo usually work, could that be the problem?
  14. When I check if an eprom is empty I get error $(FF), and when I try to read one I get I/O Error $(82). Any debugging help would be appreciated, not too concerned if it's broken, this is just fun/hobby for me.
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