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  1. Well.. just commenting as someone who drops by to read up on Jag stuff now and then, this thread usually leaves me irritated attempting to skim through it. I wish you the best in what you're doing VladR, but as a Jaguar fan that just plays games and doesn't create them, I usually have no idea what you're saying and I'm not connecting with what you're putting out there. I'll be hanging at PRGE this year, though I don't feel I'll be actively looking for Jag stuff like I have been the past few years. If you do make an appearance, like I said, I wish you the best in showing what you have to show.
  2. Who originally put these together and distributed them? I don't know anything about the Falcon Jag controllers.
  3. Sent them an email about Knight's Chance, thanks for the heads up Anthony!
  4. Been checkin' out progress of concept and ideas for a while and I'm definitely excited to see this come along. Best of luck to you along the way Clint and, of course, if you wanna bounce any ideas around, feel free to keep shootin' me messages!
  5. Some of the most rare items in my gaming collection that saw an official release would probably be: CIB Atari Jaguar CD (still working) CIB Halloween for Atari 2600 (with label) NTSC cart only copy of X-Man for Atari 2600 Cart only copy of Fortune Hunter for Atari 8-bit CIB NeuroDancer for 3DO Twinkle Knights for 3DO (missing spine card) CIB Ninja Commando DogTag for Neo Geo AES (seems to be the most difficult of the DogTags to acquire, currently only missing World Heroes 2 Jet before having a complete DogTag set)
  6. This is probably a dumb question but, living in the US I can't order directly from SNK's official online shop can I?
  7. Awesome man, I'll be at PRGE so I'm sure I'll spot the booth at some point! I'm perfectly fine with waiting on my copy of this as well, I know most traveling to and from PRGE love to save as much space as they can.
  8. I have a Skunk, honestly unsure if it's 1 or 2+, it's that half-shelled one from sellmyretro lol.. But I intend to get SainT's JagSD.
  9. Ordered, happy to show support for Songbird and thank you for continuing to make things available for the Jaguar.
  10. Glad he's at least marking the boxes on the back / UPC area letting you know it's a reproduction box. Although it's a bit easy to tell with the inside of the flaps looking as they do.
  11. Thank you SainT for the heads up and any assistance you can give. = )
  12. I'll be picking up a JagSD cart if they're available around the end of the year, thank you very much for the work put into this! My issue, strangely enough, is that I can't seem to register for the site with my email, it says to 'Please enter a valid email address.' .. And thinking that I may have already registered, I requested a password reset a few times but no emails show up in my inbox.
  13. lol Nice, that's exactly the card I picked up for my MegaSG and would probably get for the JagSD
  14. Received invoice and paid, thank you!
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