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  1. My copy of Halloween is also jiggly so you're not alone!
  2. Alice is cools but I would definitely recommend Escape for the Jag, from what I've played it controls really well.
  3. I may have misread your response to Lost Dragon when he was speaking about opinions on ST games being ported to Jaguar in comments.
  4. In this instance though.. the guy porting ST to Jag is also making original content.. not that there would be anything wrong with someone wanting to spend their time and passion on just learning to port code between machines.
  5. Hey guys, the PS4 version of Mystik Belle is getting a release this friday through Limited Run Games, says it'll be available for pre-order until January 31st: https://limitedrungames.com/collections/neo-frontpage/products/limited-run-321-mystik-belle-ps4 If you're still lurkin' about, may I ask if you looked any further into one day bringing something over to the Jaguar darkfalzx?
  6. That definitely sounds like the Jaguar alright.. no room for anything but the very best.
  7. Thanks for the heads up Anthony, sounds like a place I shouldn't support then.
  8. Obviously there is this "This product is not officially licensed, approved or endorsed by SNK." listed on the site, but I'm not familiar enough to know if there were ever more "official" AES releases of these titles or just MVS.
  9. Hey guys, unsure if this has been brought up in the thread's past before, but, how legit are these AES games available from PixelHeart? Are they just unofficial or are they bootlegs of more official copies? https://www.pixelheart.eu/shop/neo-geo-aes/
  10. The most recent pic of my Jaguar stuff the way I have it set up for now. I do have the boxes and inserts for my system / cd unit and a few other things stashed.
  11. For a few years the Jaguar's been the main system I collect for, but it's definitely not my only system, or even the system I play the most. I decided to collect for the Jaguar since it was one of the quirkiest systems I had growing up, I vaguely remember the commercials and got to experience a Jaguar kiosk with my friend at one of our local stores showing off AvP which looked awesome at the time. It has some, if anything, interesting system exclusives and I do like the look / design of the base system (without the CD unit attached) and actually like the controller.
  12. Email finally sent on my end, thanks for the effort in offering these up for us Jag nerds.
  13. Awesome, definitely putting in for these when I can. Sorry for this question taking the thread off topic but are any of the past games that have been available as far back as 2016 revised in any way or are they the same roms being put to cart? Just wondering if Bubble Bobble has been tweaked at all. Thanks for any response. = )
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